37 year-old Serena hates being forced to wear NAPPIES. Getting nappy-changes at 37, like a baby, makes Serena feel totally humiliated, even before she wets her nappy !

And Serena’s nappy humiliation increased when her cousin found out that Serena was still kept in NAPPIES at 37, and sent a pair of plastic pants for nappied Serena to wear !

Even worse, her spiteful cousin was also coming to visit, so that she could see Serena wearing NAPPIES, and because she wanted to nappy-change poor Serena like a baby !

Infact not only would she be changing Serena’s wet nappy, but she was also going to be soundly SPANKING Serena !

Despite being 37 years old, Serena would get a slippering & then put into NAPPIES by her spiteful younger cousin, who SLIPPERED Serena to tears, before scolding Serena and calling her a baby whilst putting her into her NAPPY !