I have been on so many tinder dates I'm beginning to lose track, but I'm not going to stop anytime soon. You see, I don't actually go on the dates to find love, instead I go on it to improve the tinder pool for others in the area.

I purposely match with guys who are on the lower scale of attractiveness, to put it politely. Take Gareth here, not even a few minutes ago he was a small and frail boy, with a face covered in acne and a large nose that took up a large proportion of his body. He was so unconfirmed, I had to use my magic to force him here as he wasn't going to show up otherwise.

Anyway, the first thing I changed was the face, I made him more attractive, gave him a good jaw line and a beard, although I quickly removed that as it didn't suit what I was going for.

I tidied up his messy and greasy hair, and shortened it slightly, he was looking good so far. I smiled as I looked him over. God he was so skinny, adding some muscle to his frame I could see them growing under his ill fitting shirt. It was hard to see the actual growth, so I quickly swapped out his shirt for a vest top.

Much better, his muscles were slightly larger than I had intended, but he looked good. He looked uncomfortable wearing just the vest. Duh, I had given him muscles and a face any guy would kill to have, but not the confidence and cockiness to go with it.

That soon changed and he was soon flexing his muscles for me, showing them off at every angle. I was about to call it quits and break him in, but a guy on the other corner of the restaurant gave me an idea.

I added a whole muscle sleeve to him left are and a chest piece before finally calling it quits, I was happy, I mean it was my first time adding tattoos onto someone but I think it worked out alright... no, let's see what his new body is like in the bedroom so I can make some adjustments to other areas as well.