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    ive had this conversation a couple times at least (mostly with my family members) and theyre definitely trying to compliment me or something and its just like. can you not


    [Image description: A comic with four vertical panels on a white background. The art style is slightly sketchy and is simple, with flat colours and no backgrounds, and the people are stylised humanoid figures without much detail.

    The first three panels have a flat tan-beige colour as the background, and the fourth panel has a pale green background. In all four panels the main character is coloured is a slightly deeper tan-beige, and the silhouetted people are shaded black. In the first panel, a silhouetted person is addressing the main character of the comic. A speech bubble coming from the silhouetted person says, “But you’re so high functioning!” while the main character looks on with a very confused and quizzical expression on their face.

    In the second panel, a silhouetted person is speaking to the main character, who has turned away in a defensive posture. The silhouetted person’s speech bubble says, “You don’t even look autistic!” and the main character’s expression is frustrated.

    In the third panel, a silhouetted person says to the main character, “It’s like you’re basically normal! btw have you heard of Autism Speaks?”. The main character is turned away from the other person and presses hand into their face in an expression of frustration and fatigue, and their facial expression is angry.

    The last panel has a green background, contrasting with the previous three beige panels. Red words at the top of the panel read “minutes ago”. Below that is the main character, sitting with their knees pulled into their chest, staring into the distance, and stimming by arm flapping wildly.]


    Baby’s First OTP Feels: a Tale of Regret

    Ahahah oh man an amazing thing that actually happened???  NO Baby girl you are too young for this life and pain.

    Her mom thinks it’s hilarious and gave me permission to make a comic out of it? It’s awesome that she has all the Disney movies at her house, and they didn’t know about Miyazaki before! Now they do and watch it with her! I let her watch Totoro weeks after that! She got really into it too!


    This is just so pure and wholesome omgosh <3


    she saw characters her own age experience and articulate emotions she herself is still coming to grips with. so yes, baby’s first otp, but also baby’s first “i saw the depth and complexity of my own experiences represented in a loving way.”


    Guys I’m going to make a hot take


    The whole “I wish I could be with a woman, but instead I’m stuck with my stupid, gross husband/boyfriend” sentiment I see repeated in bi circles is just the “progressive” queer version of the boomer “I hate my wife” jokes


    if he’s stupid and gross you should leave him and if he isn’t you’re just being cruel for internet points and he should leave you


    People in the notes QUAKING


    If you hate dating men so much just stop. If you hate your boyfriend so much just leave him.

    Your attraction to men may not be a choice but actively dating them and engaging in relationships with them sure is.


    Now that we’re approaching 20,000 notes I want to share what I’ve learned since this post first gained traction.

    It is increasingly apparent that only a select minority of certain communities are willing to listen to this post and accept that bisexuality’s inclusivity and definition are not up for debate, and that this definition and inclusivity are not new to our community.

    It is equally difficult to get through to people who have chosen Latin meanings over history, a hypocritical stance they don’t take up with words like gay or lesbian.

    I’ve had more people deny this post’s truth than recognize it as history. I’ve spent hours having to reply to people who do not care about bisexuals than I have talking to people this post helped.

    This post is not my opinion, it is a collection of sourced quotes. Despite this being stated over and over again, the content of this post is treated as discourse that is original and unique to my blog.


    This all is okay as long as you don't use it against other minor identities.

    If you respect bi people and you use this post to pay that respect, good for you and well done.

    If you use this post to erase, harass and bully poly- and pan folks, you are a piece of shit and deserve to have a sharpened broom handle stained in hydrochloric acid shoved up your ass before you're sat upon a trampoline inside a moving elevator.


    what is it with inclus always wishing severe sexual violence on others


    "i'm not wishing sexual violence on them, i'm just wishing them a slow painful death (that happens to be sexually invasive)"


    Honey, the fact that you derailed a post on bisexuality to talk about harassing poly/pan people, which no one was doing, and harass bisexual people instead and talk in weirdly explicit detail the harm we might “deserve” (because, what, we have concerns with our label being belittled and our community split along inappropriate/misleading lines, which only serves to contribute to more biphobia?) is WILD clown behavior


    Why is half of the lgbt community wildly biphobic. Wah wah someone likes chicks and dicks. Cry.