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    therapist: the semihemidemisemiquaver isn’t real, it can’t hurt you

    the semihemidemisemiquaver:


    Can someone who speaks sheet music translate for me?


    I’m sorry but every time I see this post I’ve wanted to add this video and I can’t hold back anymore


    That video was hilarious while also making me realize that after having a few years of being taught how to play the piano as a kid and being in band for all 3 years of middle school (first year flute, other 2 years were alto sax), I have no fucking idea how to properly read sheet music.


    wanted to share my favorite tiktok


    this has a very Vine energy and I like it


    [Video ID:

    There is a poster on a store wall that says ‘Halloween is here,’ but there is a line break separating ‘Halloween’ to ‘Hallo’ and ‘Ween.’

    Man behind camera: Hallo! Ween is here!

    The camera pans to another man who strums a small string instrument.

    Other man: I am Ween

    End ID]


    from the bottom of my heart: read real books


    not fanfiction


    dante’s inferno and paradise lost are fanfics homie


    no they are not. read real books.


    dante’s inferno is a self insert theres nothing you can do about it


    idk how to explain to you that an epic poem that pretty much created the entire concept of hell as we now understand it is not the same as larry stylinson mpreg on ao3 just bc it happens to include a self-insert character


    That is because you are comparing different generas, and I think what you mean to say is "resd a genera other than romance" because I dont think you would be happy if people read published romance novels, either.


    I used to hate “wildlife” explanations for cryptids like calling Mothman a Barred owl etc., because I truly couldn’t comprehend a person mistaking something like an owl for a red-eyed human sized monster, but I worked as a park naturalist for a year and this isn’t hyperbole or a joke. I absolutely get it now and based on public accounts of wildlife I had to take down I literaly actually could believe Bigfoot has been an opossum this entire time.


    Don’t get me WRONG Bigfoot is REAL it’s just probably most people haven’t really seen him and that’s my professional opinion


    that period in the mid-20th century where the middle class suddenly had access to unprecedented food variety but no idea what to do with it and ended up inventing hundreds of doomed dishes like lime cheese jello salad or ham and banana hollandaise is thematically akin to the cambrian explosion


    The end of this post punched me in the face but you’re not wrong