I’m a fat guy looking to get fatter

SW:170lb/77kg| CW:286/129kg| W:325lb/150kg

Dm me if you want to help me to get to my goal

And thank for reading this and from Australia (18)

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2021-06-17 09:05:48

    When I was 12 years old, I want to a middle school and some of the students really bullied me a lot, same as Instagram and other media...

    Then a lot of people thinks I steal art and bully a lot people because I’m autistic and had a Interest of Chubby men because They think it’s a fetish and is disgusting.

    People Think it’s creepy when I’m into fat men in character, I was so Afraid that I’ll fat shamed on purpose and hurt other feelings.

    3 years later, My cat Raph Died Due the heart attack of Obesity. People doesn’t give a shit about My Cat’s Passing and Everything torn into a nightmare.

    I feel like an idiot, an Asshole and a disgrace friend who is mean and Not empathetic, People said horrible thinks like I should kill myself and delete my account because it’s Shitty....

    Same as Roleplaying, It’s also Shitty, Everyone Hates my Style and I tried Everything to Be happy, But All I do is Fake smiles and Cry like a bitch-Ass like baby.

    It’s the same as Fat Thor, they hate it so much that I’m actually [Not] Fetishized The god of thunder!

    I really Hate life, it’s full of bullshit.


    Could you do something with someone getting Very weak and out of shape? 👀

    What about you getting weak and out of shape? 

    Your Journey Out of Shape

    You used to be active as a kid. Loved to explore outside and run around with friends. Even try sports, if just to have fun and meet new people.

    You weren’t always a slave to your stomach, like you are now. Life happened to you, and you don’t explore outside anymore or run around or play sports. You spend most of your time in chairs and in bed. You know you overeat to numb unpleasant emotions, but you don’t really try to stop yourself. You never have. 

    Despite how active you were as a child, you grew quite plump in your pre-teen years. Plump enough to cause insecurities to kick in and strengthen your urge to eat your feelings. Then, as a teenager, you got distressingly chubby distressingly fast, unable to keep your weight down no matter what silly, immaturely researched diets you tried. 

    If you weren’t overweight by the time you entered college, you definitely stepped over that line then. Your body filled up soft and overweight so easily you barely even noticed, swamped in schoolwork as you were. You wore comfy, large clothes all the time, and grew into them a little more everyday. You liked to stay in your dorm alone or with friends, and you never so much as thought of the gym. Busy and distracted, you softened out and out, wider and heavier. Only when you drove home to visit family did you feel fat, knowing your weight gain was on everyone’s mind. Only when you tried on old outfits you hadn’t brought to college did you realize how damn big you’d grown.

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    I am pleased to announce the beta release of Sonftboiz Tummy Text Adventure Game!

    “This is a branching path text game where you select different choices to gain different outcomes. While some choices may lead to the same ending, each choice has unique dialogue attached to it! In this beta version, there are two routes available: Brad, the demon bro, and Fey, the magical girlfriend. The game features text narration as well as an illustration for each end outcome.”

    This was a random project I thought up in my free time. I’m interested in writing more character routes someday, but so far there are only two available characters with a few outcomes for each. I’ve decided to release this early version of the game under a “pay what you want” model: the suggested donation is set to $5 (consider pushing “Support This Game” and contributing if you’d like to support the development of more routes) but you can play the game for free! After entering your preferred donation amount, you should be able to launch it in-browser. You can find detailed gameplay instructions in the itch.io bio and on the game’s title screen.