The long awaited Bimbo Package (30 days of bimbotization- $200) is ready to be shoved into each of your holes.

Turn the volume up to max and let your mind melt away until its PINK.

I will be releasing one audio like this as a nice little sample gift for EVERY SINGLE ONE OF MY FOLLOWERS to go with each different package I offer. It will be your job to listen to them each day based on the package you have signed up for (contract). 

My hypnos and videos will be moving to Patreon soon.¬

Since the bimbo package won in my recent vote, I will be making sure that it gets full attention in terms of developing each step.¬

The first step for all good bimbos is to reblog this hotness and cum like your life depended on it for cock.¬


Beautiful ‚̧


Sissy hypnos are good for the sissy soul