How to Backup your Tumblr

I was just semi-complaining that I was still looking for a decent way to backup my +4k posts without having to use paid services or even just wordpress (which has an import from tumblr tool that asks for permission to access your blog and also make posts), when I decided to actually put some effort into my google search. 

Results were positive: I have successfully backed up my blog

*By which I mean: everything that I have ever posted
Not included: drafts, queue, likes, followers, following, comments, notes, chat. 

I followed this method (word by word), and now have a 450 MB folder on my computer with the name of my blog on it containing: 

1. Folder “Archive” (contains .html files listed by month)
2. Folder Media” (contains gifs and images, mine has +1k files in it; might contain also audios but I have no way of confirming that because I’ve never reblogged an audio post from this blog)
3. Fo
lder “Posts” (contains single .html files, each one a post; I have +4k files in it)
4. Folder “Theme” (contains only my avatar, but it might be a matter of if you have personalized themes or not)
5. .html file “Index” (by opening it it will give you the archive of your blog organized by month; clicking on a month will open up the archive for that month, and you’ll be able to read all the posts for that month as if you were on your blog**, except sans your theme graphic, with each page containing 50 posts)

**I can see gifs, links, embedded videos, tags, number of notes (but I can’t open up the notes, clearly), text is also correctly formatted. 

So yeah, in case anyone wants a very quick way to back up their blog, it took me less than 10 minutes. 

P.S. I didn’t have any issue, but to be on the safe side always check for spyware and virus threats before and after downloading anything. 


There is also TumbleThree, a standalone program, if you prefer a GUI over command-line. Also seems to have more options, such as downloading your liked posts.


Haven’t tried it myself so I can only vouch for my OP, but I’ll reblog for the alternative. 


According to Tumblr themselves, starting December 17th, NSFW material will no longer be allowed on their site at all (saw that coming since Yahoo bought them out, I’m positive they’ve just been waiting for an excuse). This includes any NSFW photos, videos, graphics, gifs, etc. They say it won’t include erotica text but honestly the former is just a step toward the latter, check our receipts for the purge and livejournal strikethrough. And since it’s an algorithm not a human coming after NSFW content, they’re using a “take down first, reconsider on appeal” method- just like LJ did, and content that IS SFW can be flagged and taken down without a human checking it first. I’ve had photos of my birds taken down because of this, so don’t assume you’re safe from this absolute nonsense because you don’t post NSFW content.

I’ve used the above method personally and can affirm it worked fine for me. I would absolutely recommend you do it, too, and sooner rather than later.

Storm’s coming folks. Time to get to safety. Grab the contact info of whoever you want to stay in contact with now. If you’re a content creator of NSFW material, get setup someplace else even if it’s only temporary, and tell your followers where to find you.

Stay safe, friends. I hope to see you on the other side.