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    See many uncensored pics in our free samples and past updates section at:


    THANK YOU!  To the 25,000 followers these past few years.   Some of my past posting have not been censored Go directly to my tumblr page to see those images.

    My websites don’t make a lot of money, and mostly support the costs of attending the events I shoot.   For the rest of December I’m offering a Tumblr NSFW ban SALE of 50% off Flash4Us membership prices.  You can choose $5 (monthly) or $12.50 (3 month) recurring memberships where this price will hold as long as your credit card is good, or 18.50 (six months) or $25.00 (full year) non-recurring memberships.   This will be good for at least the rest of December.  First, check out my samples and past update links from the url’s above, then if you want to join for ½ price follow the CCBill link below:



    So, who’s all on bdsmlr now? I just joined.


    I’m on as torontopup


    Me! I’m on there as fetchthewhippingboy


    Me. Cnyspanky.


    Yeah, I am now on BDSMLR and trying to increase the amount of punished male bottoms on there so I don’t have to see womens’ bits


    Looks like critical mass? Let’s get the show on the road!





    I joined there 3 months ago, but never posted anything there, and had only 1 follower. At the beginning of Tumblr Armageddon Week , I made a couple posts, and the migration has acquired me over 400 followers, so far. From  26000 to 400…but its a start. Good site that is having to grow and accommodate quickly.  Bound-Indulgence.bdsmlr.com   Hope to see you all there!


    Nakedhumiliation there




    On bdsmlr as JaneSpyder

    We have an exciting announcement!

    Yesterday’s Tumblr Purge hurt all of us. To help us in moving forward, we decided to create a feature where you can use the same username that you were before—perhaps for years. Verified Tumblr users will be able to reserve the same username on MojoFire. What does this mean for you?

  • Your name is reserved for you and no one else can use it
  • You will be easily found by your community
  • You can easily find your friends again
  • As soon as this feature is ready, you’ll be the first to know.

    Thanks again for your continued support while we’re building our new home. We’re happy to have you.

    MojoFire Staff - http://mojofire.com

    MojoFire’s Discord Dev and Design Group



    Hey Tumblr–

    A couple of weeks ago we announced an update to our Community Guidelines regarding adult content, and we’ve received a lot of questions and feedback from you. First and foremost, we are sorry that this has not been an easy transition and we know we can do a better job of explaining what we’re doing. We knew this wasn’t going to be an easy task and we appreciate your patience as we work through the challenges and limitations of correctly flagging tens of billions of GIFs, videos, and photos.

    Today, December 17th, our policy begins to take effect. This means that we will start hiding not deleting – posts that contain GIFs, videos, and photos from public view that are in violation of our policy. Again, this is a complex problem, and over the coming weeks we will gradually, and carefully, flag more adult content. (Yes, we will still make mistakes, but hopefully fewer and fewer.)

    More importantly, we want to clarify the things that you, as a community, have asked about the most.

    Tumblr will always be a place to explore your identity. Tumblr has always been home to marginalized communities and always will be. We fully recognize Tumblr’s special obligation to these communities and are committed to ensuring that our new policy on adult content does not silence the vital conversations that take place here every day. LGBTQ+ conversations, exploration of sexuality and gender, efforts to document the lives and challenges of those in the sex worker industry, and posts with pictures, videos, and GIFs of gender-confirmation surgery are all examples of content that is not only permitted on Tumblr but actively encouraged.

    We also want to reiterate some important information from our Support post:

    Your content will not be deleted. If your post(s) are flagged under the new policy, they will be hidden from public view and will only be visible to you. You can appeal these flags if you feel your content was erroneously marked as adult content. Upcoming feature changes will also make appeals more manageable for those of you with multiple flagged posts. Your blog won’t be deleted if you’ve posted adult content in the past, and there is nothing you need to do if you have interacted with adult content up until now–it will just be flagged and not publicly viewable. Don’t forget too that you can download your content. It’s yours after all, and we don’t take that lightly.


    What is still permitted? We’ve heard a lot of concern about what the policy does not permit, but we want to make sure that you also know what is still permitted:

    Written content such as erotica, nudity related to political or newsworthy speech, and nudity found in art, specifically sculptures and illustrations, is also stuff that can be freely posted on Tumblr. Although, photorealistic imagery or photography – images, videos, or GIFs – with real humans that include exposed genitals or female-presenting (yeah, we know you hate this term) nipples or depict sex acts is not allowed per our guidelines. 

    Examples of exceptions that are still permitted but that you may need to appeal if they are misclassified are: exposed female-presenting nipples in connection with breastfeeding, birth or after-birth moments, and health-related situations, such as post-mastectomy or gender confirmation surgery.

    The automated tools will improve. Having a post mistakenly flagged as adult totally sucks; we understand and agree that there have been too many wrongfully flagged posts since we announced the policy change. With tens of billions of GIFs, videos, and photos to review and millions of new posts every day, we really need your help to get it right.

    The more you help by reporting content that’s not permitted and by appealing content that you believe was flagged incorrectly, the better our automated tools will get at classifying your posts correctly. The more content these tools review, the more they will learn the difference between what’s permitted and what’s not. Most importantly, your content won’t be deleted if erroneously flagged and all appeals will be sent to a real, live human who can make the appropriate call. 

    We love Tumblr and the communities that call Tumblr home. You are Tumblr. This place has always been a reflection of the voices and communities that thrive here. As you’ve always done, help us continue to shape Tumblr into the community you want it to be.



    We are helping shape Tumblr into what we want. You simply aren’t listening. 


    BDsmlr is the new Tumblr...

    Reblog with your bdsmlr name…reblog! let’s all find each other over where it REALLY FEELS LIKE HOME!!! Find me….Babygirl-1972 (shocker) I have already sprinkled some glitter but the place really needs more, and Unicorns! Come on over, it’s safe!




    Brighton One 🖤






    Same as here.. Sinful English Gent




    its basically a tumblr clone and the staff is very open about the updates they are making, so if you’re happy with the tumblr interface this is the place for you.







    Student of cfnm



    I think that is it. The blog is exactly the same as on Tumblr and don’t be surprised to find out that Tumblr owns it now orrrrrrrrr buys it in the future. Amusement is all around.



    That’s the place for tumblr refugees!! Meet me there with : Femdomtrainee.


    Done!  ps - femdomtrainee - still love your avatar






    WELCOME BACK! For those who logged off, this is what you missed.

    1. @staff made a post pretty much saying “Your stuff isn’t getting deleted, just hidden from everyone but you” and “Yeah we know you hate the term “female presenting nipples” but we ain’t gonna stop saying it”

    2. If a blog has a pixelated icon that means they got hit by the ban, you cannot view that blog outside the sidebar. You cannot even view their archive. Allegedly if you follow the advice in this post it’ll be fixed but only if it was an accidental flag (aka a real sfw blog)

    3. The post Staff made including examples of what was ok to post. It got flagged.

    4. Yes, the bots are still here. Yes they are still stealing posts and putting porn links on them. Yes there are still ads with stuff more sexual than they allow in posts. Yes innocent things are still getting flagged.

    5. So yes, the site is still here and staff are still morons.


    Just an update on the site! As you can see, the ban did nothing but make it harder for blogs to share their content and get views. Porn bots are still running rampant. The flagging system is still broken.

    Stay tuned for Phase 2 of the Log Off Protest. Things have got to change. 


    How to Backup your Tumblr

    I was just semi-complaining that I was still looking for a decent way to backup my +4k posts without having to use paid services or even just wordpress (which has an import from tumblr tool that asks for permission to access your blog and also make posts), when I decided to actually put some effort into my google search. 

    Results were positive: I have successfully backed up my blog

    *By which I mean: everything that I have ever posted
    Not included: drafts, queue, likes, followers, following, comments, notes, chat. 

    I followed this method (word by word), and now have a 450 MB folder on my computer with the name of my blog on it containing: 

    1. Folder “Archive” (contains .html files listed by month)
    2. Folder Media” (contains gifs and images, mine has +1k files in it; might contain also audios but I have no way of confirming that because I’ve never reblogged an audio post from this blog)
    3. Fo
    lder “Posts” (contains single .html files, each one a post; I have +4k files in it)
    4. Folder “Theme” (contains only my avatar, but it might be a matter of if you have personalized themes or not)
    5. .html file “Index” (by opening it it will give you the archive of your blog organized by month; clicking on a month will open up the archive for that month, and you’ll be able to read all the posts for that month as if you were on your blog**, except sans your theme graphic, with each page containing 50 posts)

    **I can see gifs, links, embedded videos, tags, number of notes (but I can’t open up the notes, clearly), text is also correctly formatted. 

    So yeah, in case anyone wants a very quick way to back up their blog, it took me less than 10 minutes. 

    P.S. I didn’t have any issue, but to be on the safe side always check for spyware and virus threats before and after downloading anything. 


    There is also TumbleThree, a standalone program, if you prefer a GUI over command-line. Also seems to have more options, such as downloading your liked posts.


    Haven’t tried it myself so I can only vouch for my OP, but I’ll reblog for the alternative. 


    According to Tumblr themselves, starting December 17th, NSFW material will no longer be allowed on their site at all (saw that coming since Yahoo bought them out, I’m positive they’ve just been waiting for an excuse). This includes any NSFW photos, videos, graphics, gifs, etc. They say it won’t include erotica text but honestly the former is just a step toward the latter, check our receipts for the ff.net purge and livejournal strikethrough. And since it’s an algorithm not a human coming after NSFW content, they’re using a “take down first, reconsider on appeal” method- just like LJ did, and content that IS SFW can be flagged and taken down without a human checking it first. I’ve had photos of my birds taken down because of this, so don’t assume you’re safe from this absolute nonsense because you don’t post NSFW content.

    I’ve used the above method personally and can affirm it worked fine for me. I would absolutely recommend you do it, too, and sooner rather than later.

    Storm’s coming folks. Time to get to safety. Grab the contact info of whoever you want to stay in contact with now. If you’re a content creator of NSFW material, get setup someplace else even if it’s only temporary, and tell your followers where to find you.

    Stay safe, friends. I hope to see you on the other side.

    Don’t Panic!

    The eve of the Tumblr deadline of December 17th is upon us. Here are some steps you can take to lessen the pain and anguish…

    Back up your blog if you can. Here is a great tutorial on how to do that via Tumblr:


    If you are running windows and are handy at scripting, you can try TumblThree:


    There is also TumblRipper that runs on the .NET framework:


    Even if you have to use Chrome and save each of your webpages as a web archive, do it. Every little bit helps.

    Most download rates for people trying to rescue their blogs directly from Tumblr is 40-50 KB/sec. It is pathetic. If that wasn’t enough, there may be evidence that Tumblr is banning IP addresses. Another thing you might want to try is a VPN. Here is a good link to get you started:


    Lastly, signup for MojoFire.

    MojoFire is the new micro-blogging platform for both users and communities to post their favorite media and creativity. We’re the online home for everyone to connect and share.


    It is gonna be OK.


    Dear Tumblr @staff

    I am not just a variable in your algorithm. I am not merely a number in the statistics that you used to first sell yourself to Yahoo in 2013 for $1.1 Billion and thereafter gave a stated value of $618 Million when Yahoo sold its complete portfolio of holdings to Verizon in 2016. 

    I am not a pornbot. I am not a spambot. I am not a purveyor of child pornography nor am I one who promotes racist, fascist, or other hate fueled speech (although these latter content categories appears to be saved from your culling). I am not a computer generated program to infiltrate your platform for any nefarious purpose. 

    I am a person.  I am an individual. I have been one of your consumers for nearly five years. 

    Like many I have never cared about my actual statistics, but at present I have 5,480 followers all of whom are real, actual individuals as I carefully did what you would not or could not do, i.e., weed out bots from my followers and block them (sometimes as many as 20 a day).

    I presently follow 1,296 blogs, all of which are also real, actual individuals as I did not blindly follow any blog that appeared on my feed or followed me, but only those with the evident personalized creative content of its owners whether that be original content or expressed through reblogs of others original content to create an individualized expression.

    I am both what is reported to be among the 1% of your total users who created this content and the 22% of your total users who consumed this content; content which was reported to comprise (at least in 2013) 11% of your top 200,000 blogs; and content that is reported to be your “top driver of traffic to Tumblr” which accounted for your largest content category at 20.53% of total clicks (as compared to the next largest category “books and literature” at 7.61%).

    I am just one of those open and upfront about my desired content.  I will not “out” them, but you might be surprised to discover how many adults followers of mine do not have any such content on their own Tumblr. Beyond those that expressly follow, my feed contains not infrequent and often repeated visits by many who make evident their enjoyment of the content that does not appear on their own Tumblrs.  I am willing to bet that you have not made any accounting for how your decision may impact their future consumption. I’ll certainly be watching your next valuation.

    You determined to take what had been exalted as a home for marginalized individuals and have chosen to minimize them.  

    You have chosen to devalue me.

    But I know who I am. I know my value.

    I am just one.     

    Yet, I am one of many.

    I am one that when joined with others creates multitudes.

    And it is this multitude who have contributed mightily to your platform. We are the ones who are among the “generation of artists, writers, creators, curators, and crusaders to redefine our culture and to help empower individuality” that you boasted your platform contained.

    Enjoy your defined version of “a better, more positive Tumblr” that seeks to foster “diversity of expression” while restraining the expression of “sex positivity, your relationships, your sexuality, and your personal journey.”

    And I am one, hopefully of many, that will purposefully close their account on December 18, 2018 so that I will no longer be counted among your consumers as you shop for purchasers, advertisers, and financial supporters in the future. I will be one, hopefully of many, that will terminate my account on December 18, 2018 so there is no question whatsoever as to the reason for my departure.


    On a personal note. To those here whom I have met, conversed, shared, or simply liked or reblogged content, Thank you. I can truly say my life has been enriched by the interaction with you. May you be well. May you never accept being marginalized in any environment or by any individual or group. 

    May you be free. 

    May you find comfort. 

    May you find acceptance. 

    May you and I, again one day, find each other.










    This just needs to be continuously REBLOGGED

    Perfectly said @libertinedreaming


    Please REBLOG…..perfect ☝🏻


    Reblogging again for a brilliant piece @libertinedreaming


    If I can get an adult version of something kinda like Tumblr up and running, would you guys be interested?

    Mostly same features but with extra features like…

    No bullying.

    No kids.

    No one under 18.

    Stronger blocking tools.

    All the female associated nipples you can handle.

    Please let me know and PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD!!!


    We have come a long way in 11 days. Coders, designers, writers and other volunteers from around the world are working day and night to get this done by the 17th.

    We have a base site up and running in a sandbox. Today we are working on the GUI for the dash and some small items on the to-do list. 

    Visit MojoFire.com to get signed up!