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    Chapter 5 – Truth

    Exhausted, Amos laid on the bed right after he was done showering. Wearing only his white boxer briefs, Amos slowly drifted into sleep.  

    Ping. Ping. Ping.  

    Amos woke up to the notification from his phone. Waking up grumpy, Amos was cursing and swearing at whoever sent that message.  

    “Hi Amos, Lta Le Yang here, how are you feeling? Better?”  

    The anger in Amos dissipates at an instant.  

    “Yes sir. I am feeling better.” Amos replied.  

    Rubbing his eyes and stretched to freshen himself, Amos realised other than the message from Le Yang, there were 16 missed calls and close to 50 messages from his girlfriend. Amos was supposed to pick his girlfriend 1 hour ago for dinner. He jumped off his bed, got dressed and bolted out of the house.  

    While in the private hire care heading to the bistro bar where the date is happening; the last message from his girlfriend says that she was already there, Amos tried calling and messaging his girlfriend to no avail. Upon reaching the destination, Amos did not even wait for the car to stop completely and opened the door and dashed to the bar. Stopping outside the bar, before he reached the door, he saw a scene. A scene that make him stood outside the bar dumbfounded. Amos is witnessing his girlfriend sitting on a guy’s lap, kissing him passionately. A guy he knew for sure was not any of their acquaintance. In his mind, Amos was thinking of all the possibilities why this could be happening.  

    “Maybe they are drunk? Maybe they are just chatting, and the guy is too enthusiastic. Maybe that’s actually not my girlfriend!”  

    Amos pushed opened the door, walk right towards the direction of his girlfriend, ignoring the waiter who asked him if he had made a reservation.  

    “Claire?” Amos stood right beside the table called out his girlfriend name and pray that this is not true;  

    it is not his girlfriend.  

    Breaking off from the kiss, his girlfriend turned around.  

    “Amos? I thought you are not coming anymore. I thought we are not in contact anymore.” Claire got up from that stranger’s lap and have no tint of remorse or sorry for getting caught kissing with another guy.  

    Amos heart sank. His prayers were not answered.  

    “What are you doing, Claire? What are you doing to my girlfriend?!” Amos lost his temper and raised his voice at that stranger.  

    “You know what? Since this is already happening, let set it out straight. I’m done with you. I’m tired of always waiting for you. Waiting for your replies, waiting for you to show up, waiting for you to show some concern and love when I need it.”  

    At this moment, Amos mind was just filled with so many things. All the memories that they had, all the wrong doings that he had done, all the things that he want to say.  

    “You are right.” Chocking on his tears, “I’m sorry. I didn’t know what I was doing. And about your grandma, I already explained to you why I wasn’t there and you told me you were fine. Even if you are really angry, how could you sit on some random guy’s lap and kiss him?”  

    “He is not some random guy. He is Chris. I thought you were not coming anymore and it would be a waste to cancel this reservation, especially when I’m already here, so I called him.” Claire paused “We have been dating for almost 6 months. Let us end here.” Without giving much attention to Amos, Claire turned around and sat back down.  

    Almost 6 months  

    This phrase echoed in Amos’ head. Claire and him have been dating for 3 years.  

    6 months  

    Counting back, Claire has been cheating on him just after he entered BMT.  

    Amos could not hold his emotion back anymore. He burst into tears. With a deadly stare, he charged towards that guy and wanted to beat him up for coming into their relationship.  

    Just before he could reach that guy, someone grabbed him from the back and dragged him out of the bar. Amos struggle all the way, but he could not see who that was. Mostly because that person didn’t allow Amos to turn back, but also because his tears were blurring up his vision. Finally, Amos was dropped by the stairs that would lead him down to Singapore river. He was able to take a good look at that person. It was Le Yang.  

    Right when Le Yang sat by his side, Amos hugged him and started crying, letting his emotions pour. Whatever hierarchy that they have in camp or however awkward that it seems, Amos just needed someone at that moment. Le Yang was rather taken aback, but hugged Amos anyways and patted on his head, telling him that he is right here for him.  

    Reaching Amos’ cheek, Le Yang wiped off a drip of mucus with his thumb. “One thing I learnt from being heartbroken so many times, is to develop less affection for people, and also go to a place where there is river or sea, where there is breeze and sit there to let all your unhappiness be gone with the wind and water. Of course, you need to have alcohol as well”  

    Amos squeezed a smiled. With the tears, it definitely didn’t look good and that was what made Le Yang laughed.  

    “Stay here. I will go get something to drink” Le Yang stood up and left.  

    Not knowing why, or when, or how, Amos started to like this person. The very same person he hated just 1 day ago. He could now feel a different vibe and see a different side of Le Yang. He was cold, irritating and quiet. But now, Le Yang is caring, warm and calming.  

    Not too long after, Le Yang came back with cans of beer in his hands. He sets them down and popped open one for Amos.  

    Taking one mouthful of beer, laying back and propped himself with one hand, Le Yang stared forward, observing the people walking by and enjoying the breeze. Amos realised how attractive Le Yang looks. The suave hair, sharp face features and jock body built.  

    “Erm…sir, I just remember that you actually rushed me out of the bar and left your friends there.” Amos said apologetically.  

    “You are right. I’d better get back before they unfriend me. Are you okay being alone?” Le Yang checked his phone to see if there are any missed calls or messages.  

    “Yes, I will be fine.” Amos assured Le Yang “I will finish these up and go home soon. How much are these by the way?”  

    “My treat" Le Yang stood up “give me a text when you reach home" Giving Amos a pat, Le Yang turned and left.  

    “Thank you, Sir!”  

    Le Yang turned back.  

    “Just call me Le Yang when we are not in camp.”  

    Despite going through a heart shattering moment with his girlfriend earlier on, Amos felt like he has been downed with sugar after spending time with Le Yang.  


    Chapter 3 – Releasing

    He was not joking when he said he was going to soap himself up and glide his hands up and down his body. Being a horny 22 years old, Amos never hold his cum for more than 3 days, but the army has helped him to break the record time and time again. Knowing that he is the last to enter the cubicle, he knew he could take his time and enjoy the moment as long as he wants, or rather, can last.  

    The cold water splashing down from the top made his balls shrinks. After giving himself a good bath, he pumped a handful of soap and start to rub on himself. The amount of soap was more than enough for his 5-inch long dick. Though he doesn’t have an extremely long dick, his girth is amazing; his middle finger and thumb could never meet as he wraps his hand around it.

    When he noticed that all the water tap, except for his, has stopped running for some time, Amos’ strokes gets more intense. 

    Finally, with one squeeze, the 5 days’ worth of cum shoots out. 

    Amos felt a wave of chills going through his body as he squeezes the last drop out of his body. Feeling satisfied, he holds the intension of going for the second round but suddenly stopped. He stood in the cubicle shocked with the cum smell getting stronger.  

    “what. The. Hell.” he muttered to himself.  

    “I cummed to a guy’s face?”  

    Amos stood in the cubicle for a good 5 minutes. Unable to comprehend and feeling disgusted, he dried himself, changed and left the shower room feeling absurd.  

    The following day  

    “I’m going to walk to the train station. See you guys tomorrow.” Amos bade goodbye to his platoon mates and walks down the long stretch of road outside SAFTI MI with a huge duffle bag slinging on his shoulder. Walking under the hot sun with a white crisp long sleeve shirt and black pants made him sweat a lot and uncomfortable. Probably because he was all excited to book out, the last time Amos drank anything was at 6 am in the morning. He walked towards the railing and grabbed the railing that barricades the canal as he starts to feel a little dizzy.  

    Honk honk  

    Amos was startled, but too sick to react physically to the honk. From the corner of his eyes, he sees a sleek red R8 approaches and stopped by the roadside.  

    “Amos, you okay?”  

    He slowly lifts his head up and was surprised to see Le Yang.  

    “You are swaying left and right while walking.” Le Yang asked concernedly.  

    “Yes, I am sir” Amos paused as he tries to fight the giddiness.  

    “Actually, no. I feel a little lightheaded. Probably dehydration.”  

    “Come, get in my car first.” Le Yang gestured.  

    Amos mustered all his strength to stand up and walk towards the car.  Not sure why, but he felt that he needs to put up a strong front before Le Yang and not ask for help.  

    Le Yang picked up his bag to free up the seat for Amos and reached into it to grab his bottle.  

    “If you don’t mind sharing my saliva.” Le Yang commented while uncapping the bottle and bring it to Amos’ mouth.  

    “Well, beggars can’t be choosers.” Amos said sheepishly.  

    “Thank you, Sir.”  

    “Where do you stay?”  

    “Erm…Bedok" Amos hesitated. Probably because he was too sick, he didn’t understand why Le Yang asked that question.

    “I will give you a ride home. I don’t feel easy leaving you like that.”  

    Le Yang released the handbrake and drove off before Amos even had the chance to accept or decline the offer.  

    “Thank you, sir, for the ride, and saving me from dying by the roadside"  

    It took Amos 5 minutes to say this as he tries to come up with a conversation to kill that awkwardness.  

    Le Yang didn’t say anything but smiled.  

    “I didn’t ask where you are going. Is it convenient to drive me home? You can drop me off somewhere convenient.” Amos asked.  

    “No worries, I am heading home as well. Just around your vicinity.”  

    The distance between Amos and Le Yang was even closer than the day before. Amos could, once again, see the well-defined face structure. The left profile of LTA Le Yang shines as the sunlight hits his face, making him glow.  

    “Sir, actually you have a very nice smile, but how come you don’t smile often and always act like a dick?”    

    After finishing the sentence, Amos was shocked that those words actually came out of his mouth. Although they are not in camp, but Le Yang is still his superior and saviour for the day. Is this a question that he should be asking? Should he be using the word “dick"?  

    Amos immediately wanted to apologise for his choice of words but got cut off by Le Yang’s laughter.  

    “Well, you are not the first one to say that.” Le Yang paused. “I guess it’s just my protective barrier?” Le Yang’s laughter became a smile, and slowly the smile fades away before he continued.  

    “Make myself unfriendly so that people won’t approach me. Less people, less trouble.”  

    Amos does not know how to reply to that. Sensing that the mood is not right, he quickly brought up all the jokes and silly things he or the platoon mates did or say while instructors were not looking. Naturally, Le Yang shared his fair share while he was a cadet. They both were cracking up. Soon, they arrived at Amos’ place.  

    “Here we are. Go get a good rest and drink plenty of water. The weather is not going to be good for the rest of the week. Rest your body well and prepare for the upcoming week.”  

    This is a simple and generic advice, but probably the way Le Yang said it, his tone or even the lack of words in camp, makes it sound so sweet and caring.  

    “I will sir. Really appreciate this. Thank you.”  

    As he walks towards the lift lobby, Amos turns around. He had no idea why, but he felt like he just need to see Le Yang’s face.  


    Chapter 1 – Realisation

    “Bring your stuff over here. I need to talk to you while you clean your rifle.” Le Yang commanded as he sit on the bench placed few metres away from the group.  

    As Amos stood up, he gave the “oh shit!” face to his buddy. His buddy gestured and drew a cross across his body while the rest giggled.  

    Not knowing what is coming, Amos sat down cautiously, looking at Le Yang expecting a blast from him. Without giving much attention to Amos, Le Yang started talking and gave feedback to him regarding his performance as the exercise platoon commander.  

    Still in shock by the appearance of Le Yang, Amos could not focus on what he was saying, and this was noticed by Le Yang.  

    “Hello! Are you listening?” Le Yang snaps his finger right before Amos’ face.  

    “You thought I want to scold you for making that comment about me is it?” Knowing what is in Amos’ mind.  

    “Sorry sir, I was just…” Amos was cut off before he could finish.  

    “Fuck! I am not so petty. Everyone is entitled to have opinion, as long as it is true. Now, I am giving you my opinion on your performance, so listen up.”  

    Amos listened attentively, and occasionally penned down important points. As the rest of the platoon left to eat dinner at the other end of the building, Amos found himself alone with Le Yang and 2 packets of out ration.  

    Amos felt like there was something off about Le Yang. He can’t pinpoint what it is.

    “Ah!” He thought to himself, “Why is it LTA Le Yang is speaking so gently, the tone and gaze are soft. And he is giving actual constructive feedback?! So not like the usual him.”

    “Alright, that is all from me.” Le Yang finally finishes after more than 30 minutes.  

    “Your expression now, is telling me that you don’t understand what I said, or you are still scared what I am going to do after this because of the comment you made?”  

    “No! No sir, I understood everything”  

    “Okay, good” Le Yang grinned at the panic expression of Amos and nodded while he hands one packet of out-ration to Amos.  

    It suddenly struck Amos as he never saw Le Yang smiled with true joy. He also realised this is the first time he is so up close with Le Yang. Never did Amos noticed the smooth and flawless skin, a pair perfect almond-shaped eyes with deep double eyelid, a prominent jawline and a sharp nose of Le Yang. The perfectly curved and full-bodied lips with the natural rose red colour; absolutely kissable lips.  

    “What are you looking at?” Le Yang raised his brows.  

    Amos quickly snapped out and was confused of that feeling he had while he stared at Le Yang’s face with an expression similar to a fan girl ogling her idol.

    Amos look down at his feet, thinking about what Le Yang had just said. When Amos lift his head up, Le Yang already stood up and left while the rest of the platoon started coming back from their dinner break. Amos couldn’t understand why but he felt sorry as he stares at the back view of Le Yang walking further and further, the seemingly broad shoulders and tall figure but giving off a tired and helpless vibe. It felt like the short conversation has caused a leaked on the well-kept emotions Le Yang have.  

    After 4 hours, having dinner in between, the cadets finally sent their arms and did the last parade. In a flash, all the cadets are gone, dashing to their bunk, dropping everything and picked up their toiletries, fresh clothes and ran to the shower room as they fight to be the first to bathe.  

    “Eh! Alexi! So fast ah!” Greeted the line of naked Officer Cadets Trainees (OCT) as Alexi steps out of the cubicle naked as well.  

    To save time, the OCTs would strip or wear their clothes outside the cubicle.  

    “Can’t wait to talk to your boyfriend, right?” Amos asked cheekily as he stands last in line.

    Giving a helpless and irritated look before smirking, Alexi picked up his toiletries and left the shower room in his red OCS PT singlet and a black brief.  

    It was not uncommon to see OCTs wearing skimpy like this along the corridor on level 2 and above, especially when Alexi’s platoon is on level 4. The rule was as long as they cover their body and bottom with something.  


    Will you be there? - Pre-Chapter

    This is a short intro chapter. The whole series will be exploring how an Officer Cadet Trainee (OCT) fell in love with his instructor, how he will accept his identity as a gay and how they will manage their relationship when there seems to be so many hurdles to cross.

    The story will also explore a little on another couple. More story of this couple will be revealed in another series.

    The series will include exclusive content, plots or erotic, and will only be available if you pledge to my Patreon! For the first 2 chapters, the pledge will be set at $1. Meaning, you will get to see both chapters’ exclusive content and also read chapter 2 earlier than the rest. For subsequent chapters, it will be $2 per chapter.

    I hope you guys will like this series. If you have any comments, please do feel free to pm me!

    Enjoy reading!

    “Alright. Any questions? If not, all of you will start cleaning your rifle. I expect 100% cleaned before you all send in the arms, otherwise, you can forget getting yourself cleaned and don’t even think about book out.” Le Yang debriefs the cadets after they comes back from a 5-day exercise in Tekong.  

    “Yes sir!” The cadets replied.  

    Le Yang is a lieutenant that holds the role of an assistant commander (APC) of platoon 3, Indigo wing, OCS. He is not very well like by his cadets due to his arrogance and incapability to give proper instructions but end up screwing the cadets for not delivering. From the chats gathered from other instructors, Le Yang is also not well-liked by them.  

    After the tiring and torturous exercises, rifle cleaning is the last thing the cadets had to do for the exercise, it is also time when they talk shit, laugh and make fun of everything to kill the fatigue. Before they send arms, they are not allowed to return to their bunk, or go anywhere except for the toilet to pee.  

    “Wah…this is the part I hate the most! POST EXERCISE ADMIN!” exclaimed Amos as everyone finds a comfortable spot to sit, wearing standard army admin attire with ruined camo all over their face.  

    “I need to bathe now! My whole body is itching like crazy after spending 5 days in the jungle and we smell like…”  

    “Shut up larh!” Alexi interrupted “you are training to be an officer but still whine like a pussy. This smell we have is man okay. If I shove your face to my crotch and make you sniff hard confirm make you horny. And, didn’t we shower every day in the jungle.”  

    “Fuck! That was 5 days of shower of rain! I want a nice bathe with soap so that I can glide my hands up and down my body smoothly. Especially my dick, can’t wait to beat the shit out of it and make it explode!”  

    “You want me to help you?” Alexi asked with a smirk and a raised eyebrow “I will make you smooth everywhere. Especially your asshole, then I will stuff the whole bottle of soap in your ass!”  

    Giving the surprised yet naughty and sarcastic look, and slowly running his index finger up and down along Alexi’s left arm, Amos replied.  

    “Ohh…you like to play rough. Sounds painful, but I wouldn’t mind if you do it to me with that big muscle of yours.”  

    “Fuck off!” Alexi exclaimed as he pushed Amos’ hand away.  

    The exchange between Amos and Alexi made the whole platoon chuckled.  

    “Eh, do you all know, LTA Le Yang is the same age as some of us, 22, yet he already owns an Audi R8!” One of the platoon mates said.  

    “Serious? Confirm come from rich family. I think that also explains his attitude.” Amos blabbed not even knowing who he was replying to as he has his back against the voice while he put his rifle down and sat on the floor.  

    Needless to say, Amos never liked LTA Le Yang. Other than his attitude, Amos felt that LTA Le Yang always picked on him.  

    “I wonder how he even became an officer and then APC. And how could he say that our performance was not satisfactory? He wasn’t even there most of the time. Just because he…”  


    Before Amos could finish his sentence, he was interrupted by a familiar voice. At that moment, he knew he screwed up.  


    Lights out

    Last night, I accidentally posted two stories instead of one, because I was doing it on my phone in the lift up to someone’s place, a guy I picked up off one of the apps. I like to have sex with the lights on, so I can see the other person, but he wanted to do it in the dark, and true enough, I could see that the flat was in darkness when he opened the door to let me in.

    Not that he had a reason to hide: he was hot for sure. He was wearing nothing but a pair of well-worn checkered boxers with a bulge (or a tent) straining at the single button fly a smooth and fit mid-thirties guy who obviously hit the gym fairly regularly. Maybe even the pool, too, because he had a light tan, and a swimmer’s body - broad across the shoulders, tapering down to a smaller waist, with muscular legs, fairly large thighs.

    He smiled at me and welcomed me in. That got me a little bit aroused. He was a serious-looking Chinese guy, narrow rectangular face, but when he smiled, a light came into his eyes and his face changed completely. I liked that. I took off my shoes and followed him in.

    He asked me if I needed anything, a drink, but I declined: I’d had an energy drink on the way over, and had left the bottle in my car downstairs. He walked ahead of me - the place wasn’t completely dark, because it was on a low floor, low enough that light came in from the lighted public areas on the ground outside the windows.

    He appeared to have a nice ass, not too big, not to small, but fleshy enough to hold up his boxers nicely and muscular enough to move a little as he walked to the master bedroom. He opened the door - and there was light!

    A tall two-headed lamp stood on the floor next to the bed, on the side away from the window. The main light that would illuminate the whole room was off, and only the small reading light was on, pointed to the floor, leaving the room only very dimly lit. It was refreshingly cool inside, because the air conditioning was on, and there was a hint of a fresh scent in the air - maybe from the bedsheets, or from some kind of air-freshener.

    I stopped just inside the door to scope out the place, and he moved around the room, at one point adjusting the air-conditioning. The king-sized bed dominated the room, placed close to the window. A desk and chair doubled as a vanity (a large mirror propped up on it) and a wardrobe ran along one wall, leaving a open space between the bedroom door and the bed. I noticed that that he had laid out condoms and lube next to the two pillows that were piled up one atop the other on the bed. Prepared, I like that.

    “Let me get you more comfortable,” he said, stepping back to me. It was still fairly dark, as he lifted up my t-shirt and helped me take it off. He hung it on the back of the chair, and turned back to me. He moved in, gave me a tentative kiss, and then when I put my arms around him, we kissed more earnestly. His arms snaked around me too, but it was almost romantic how we stood there holding each other and kissing.

    That spell was broken when we disengaged. He lifted my right arm, and planted his face in my armpit, taking a deep sniff. Maybe low lighting wasn’t his only presence.

    “So manly,” he almost sighed. When we’d messaged, I’d asked if he preferred me to shower before leaving home, or if I could shower at his place, and he told me I didn’t need to - now I knew why. He took another deep breath.

    I figured he needed a little encouragement, so I put my left hand on the back of his head and pushed him into my arm pit. He rubbed his face against it, and let out a soft moan.

    “Want to lick it?” I said, and he shook his head, no. I’m not one to force (unless it’s agreed in advance) so I let him enjoy the sweaty smell of my smooth armpit for a while. When he straightened back up, I thought he was done, but instead he lifted my other arm, and sniffed that armpit instead.

    With my right hand, I groped his boxers - and as I expected, he’d gotten hard enough that his dick was sticking out from the slit in the front of them. I unbuttoned the lone button, and traced the shape of his hardness with my hand. Average size, probably, uncut, curved slightly to one side, thick in the middle with a narrower base and head. His moaning got louder - my fault for stimulating him, but I wasn’t complaining. I was getting harder, too.

    “Maybe I need to do some pushups, first,” I said. He immediately looked up at me, a shine in his eyes. He moved back a little, giving me room, got into pumping position and dropped a quick ten. I heard him move as I was doing the pushups, and heard a beep.

    He’d turned the air-conditioning off.

    I did another ten, heard his heavy breathing. I didn’t want to see what he was doing (not yet) so I did a slow twenty. I got to my knees from the push-up position. I was definitely starting to sweat, although my heart rate hadn’t increased. He had his hand on his cock, and I guessed from his face that he was resisting jerking off.

    “Take off, la,” I said, and he bashfully dropped his boxers. He put them on the seat of the chair. He was very hard.

    I thought another series of large muscle exercises would probably get me to sweat profusely, so I got him to help me - faced him, put my hands on his shoulders and did some basic squats to failure, using him for balance. I was dripping with sweat, and panting when I finished.

    The glazed look in his eyes told me that I’d hit some kind of nerve. I pulled up his arm, and put my face in his armpit, and licked, once, gently, and I felt his entire body shudder. I straightened back up, and put my hands behind my head, and without prompting he was head first in my pits, first one side and then the other, licking and sniffing like a dog looking for a treat.

    I let him clean the sweat out of my pits, and when he was about to move to licking off the rest of me, I gently pushed him off my body. He looked at me like I’d taken away his ice cream.

    “Imagine what my dick smells like,” I whispered, and he immediately smiled at me, a shine in his eyes.

    “Should I get into bed?” I said, “I’m worried that the sweat will get on the sheets and you’ll be smelling me the whole night.”

    Clearly that was the right thing to say, because he almost pushed me on the bed. I lay with his pillows propping me upright, and he went straight to my shorts, pulling them a little ways down and sniffing my crotch. I got a bit hard, and he noticed. He pulled down my shorts first, and then my underwear - put the shorts aside, but gave the crotch of my underwear a good sniff before he put my cock in his mouth, all the way in, and buried his nose in my trimmed pubes. He sucked me, moving up and down till I got hard in his mouth, and then he took his mouth off, took another sniff of my briefs and tossed them aside.

    “Fuck me,” he said simply, and when I nodded, he got a condom and rolled it on me, and lubed me up, and then lubed up his ass. He straddled me, and then lowered himself slowly on my cock, using his hand to guide me in. Grunting and moaning, he finally managed to get all the way on, and then he bent forward. I had an idea of what he wanted, and lifted an arm, for him to put his face in my armpit. He moaned softly as he rode me, and used his hand to tweak and rub my chest and nipple.

    It was oddly arousing, and so after a while when he said that he was close to cumming, I realised that I was, too. He sighed and moaned and sniffed and then I felt him tighten around me and I felt a warm wetness spread from where I could feel his cock pressed between our bodies.

    He sat up, and I could see that both our bellies were wet - he managed to squirt out quite a big load. He got into more of a squat, and then bounced up and down on me, playing with my nipples the whole time - didn’t take long for me to cum, too, this time it was me moaning. He milked me with his ass, bouncing a few more times, and then climbed off.

    “Stay where you are,” he said, and retrieved his boxers from the chair. He wiped the sweat and cum off my body with it. He carefully pulled off my rubber and emptied it into the pair of boxers he was holding, and then wiped down his own torso. I got up, and he wiped me down, drying me and capturing my sweat with his shorts. He handed me my undies and shorts, and after that got me my t-shirt. He put his boxers on the chair, opened the bedroom door and walked me to the front door.

    I left, but I imagine he might have jacked off a couple more times after I left, smelling my sweat and cum on his boxers and sheets.


    It’s not a big secret, only a little one. Guys love getting their cock sucked, and these days, a lot of straight guys aren’t so straight that they’ll turn down an offer to get their cocks sucked.

    It helps if you’re a straight-acting in-shape early-thirties Straits-born Chinese guy with a slightly above average looks, I guess. I’m pretty brave when it comes to asking to give a guy a blowjob, especially when I’m horny.

    Oh, sure, I’m careful - keep a smile on my face, don’t get crazy with touching him, stay nice and casual, and walk away if it doesn’t work out.

    I got lucky tonight. Changing trains in the west, on the way home from a late client meeting, and decided to stop for a meal at Jurong East. Was crossing from Jem to Westgate on the ground floor afterwards and spotted this hot Malay hunk, pretty fair, having a smoke in the space in between. He was fucking hot stuff, broad shoulders, small waist, tight black tee that showed off his huge arms as he held his motorcycle helmet.

    Sat next to him on a bench, got talking and asked if he wanted a blow. He didn’t even hesitate and we made our way to a quiet staircase on the far side of Big Box. I let him put down his helmet and undo his jeans, and watched his dick flop out.

    Beautiful clean cut cock, great light brown color with a light pink head. Not big, not huge, just average. I squatted on the ground, resting my knees on the bottom step, and he was up one step. I opened my mouth, and took in his soft cock. It stiffened, slowly, as I sucked gently on it. I could smell him, a strong but not unpleasant manly musky smell, mostly from his pubes. I guess it was a long day.

    I felt him stiffen and grow as I sucked on him. I leaned back to unzip my pants so I could free my own rod, and noticed that he’d pulled off his tight black tee and hung it on the stair rail. Shit, he had a hot bod. What made it hotter (and made me even harder) was that he was fondling his nipples - large brown discs on his big pecs.

    I leaned forward and pushed down the elastic of his undies. I licked his balls once I had got them out, and he half-grunted, half-moaned. I moved up to swallow his cock again - it was now a decent size, blunt head red, exactly as thick as the shaft. I bobbed my head up and down on his cock, faster and faster. Just as I was going to stop to give him a break, I felt his hand on the back of my head, pushing me down till I was all the way down on his manhood.

    I felt it pushing at the back of my mouth, against the opening of my throat. I didn’t gag on it, but having him force me to take it was a turn on. I jacked myself faster, from the excitement, and then his cock pulsed in my mouth and he pumped his warm load straight down my throat. I couldn’t do anything except swallow swallow and keep swallowing as he unloaded. Such a thrill that I also came at the same time.

    He let go of my head, and I slowly withdrew, pausing to suck on his head and taste the last dribble of his man juice as it released on my tongue. I let his cock go, and it was still hard as he tucked it back into his jeans and zipped up. I stayed in position and watched him pull his tee back on, then he took his helmet, stepped past me and left. I tidied myself up, and when I opened the staircase door, there was no sight of him.

    Blow n Go

    I’d gotten home from the gym and lunch on Saturday when I got a message from JW (not his real name). He said he was nearby and had some time to kill - asked what I was up to. He said he could use a drink and some company.

    I was feeling cute (haha, might delete later) mainly because I was pumped up from the gym, so I asked him to come over. He said ok, so I busied myself tidying up the house (my clean laundry needed to be folded). I had How I Met Your Mother on my big screen tv when the intercom sounded. I buzzed him in, and opened the front door and gate, and put my folded clothes away.

    You’ll remember this guy, the 24-year-old army regular from Starting Slow. He says he’s bi, which is fine with me, since we still manage to have fun together. I call him Sergeant, since that’s what his men call him. He’s very fit because of his job (which includes some kind of physical training) and he’s so horny and active that he makes me feel like an old man, even though I’m only a few years older.

    I enjoy having sex with him because he’s enthusiastic and because he’s flex. Not that I always need to get a dick in my ass, but it’s good to have the option. He also sometimes takes charge, and that’s a good change for me. I think I’m only a distraction until he gets a girlfriend, which is good since I don’t want any attachments anyway.

    He was casually dressed when he came to the door, a navy gym tank top with big scoops at the neck and arms and some words on the front, over baggy basketball shorts. No sign of a tent in his shorts, but I could be patient. I got a couple glimpses of his pecs. He stepped out of his flip flops and into the house.

    His short-cropped hair looked a little wet. His eyes crinkled as he smiled, shining from behind his round glasses. and I saw some sweat beading on his forehead and his exposed (and muscular) shoulders. He was perfectly tanned, whether from work or on his own I wasn’t sure, not too dark, an almost-golden brown.

    “Beer me!” he said, so we went to the kitchen after I shut and locked the door. I didn’t have anything special in the fridge, and he wiped the sweat off his forehead with the back of his hand before taking the can of Carlsberg from me. He threw it back, draining the whole can in one swig.

    “Hot outside, huh?” I said. I got him another beer; and we plonked ourselves down on the sofa - the comedy was still going. Sergeant leaned against me: so warm, good thing I had the aircon going. He slipped his hand down to my crotch, and massaged my soft dick through my shorts, and when I turned my head to face him, he kissed me on the lips, no tongue, just a soft peck.

    “C‘mon man, I want some fun,” he said.

    “What’s the rush?”

    “I gotta be somewhere later,” he said.

    “Hot date?”

    “Maybe,” he said, and looked a bit shy.

    “Dirty fucker,” I said, “Play with me first then go see some girl.”

    “No, lah - going to help my junior with some project.”

    “Oh, so you won’t get anything from her so you come here.” I couldn’t help teasing him.

    Sergeant stood up, put down his beer, fished his wallet and car keys out of his pockets, took off his glasses and came back to kneel next to me on the sofa. He lifted his shirt, showing off his smooth chest, and pulled it off over the top of his head.

    He has a tattoo across the top, a word, but the best part for me are the darker brown discs in the middle of his mounded pecs. Big nipples, but not big nubs, and his were fully erect.

    He grabbed his junk, so it was outlined in the fabric of his shorts. He wasn’t fully hard, but as he wagged it up and down with his hand I could see his dick flopping inside the cloth.

    “How about a quick blowjob?” he said.

    I cupped my own cock and balls, not as aroused as him but well on the way.

    “Sure, if I get one first,” I said.

    “Ok, can,” he said, letting go of his crotch and bending over, “But fast one, ok?”

    I hooked my thumb in the waistband of my shorts, and pulled it down, exposing my genitalia. I tucked it behind and under my balls, and the elastic pushed up my nuts and cock.

    My balls were still fairly loose, and Sergeant wrapped his hand around them, so that they were on top of his grip, my two eggs stretching the skin of my ball sack smooth. He licked them a couple of times, then pulled his fist away from my body, stretching me out. It ached, but felt good, and my cock twitched.

    “You like that, huh?” he said.

    He engulfed my cock in his mouth, going all the way down till his lips were brushing my trimmed pubes. He sucked, and tugged my balls - I could feel myself getting harder in his soft, wet, warm mouth. I was breathing heavily, and when he used his other hand to push up my t-shirt and finger my nipple, I gave an involuntary gasp.

    He moved his head up and down, playing with my chest at the same time, and I reached out with the hand closest to him and returned the favour, fingering his tit. My other hand was busy playing with my other pec, so I was really getting turned on: both my nipples sending me sensations, a warm mouth stimulating my cock, and a gentle dull ache from the tension on my nuts.

    He let them go, and the relief almost made me cum. I pushed his head gently off my dick, and he turned to me with a questioning look on his face.

    “Too close, Sergeant,” I said, “Permission to suck you?”

    He grinned. I took that as a yes.

    My t-shirt was already halfway up my body from when he had played with my nipples, and he pulled it and together we got it off over my head. I motioned to take off my shorts, but he stopped me. He put his hands on my shoulders, and pushed me - obviously had something in mind. I let him.

    He climbed off the sofa, dropped his own long shorts (he was going commando, I noticed) and got me to lie down along the sofa, considerately taking care to put my head on the padded arm. Then he straddled my head, his knees on either side of my neck, his dick and his balls right above me.

    His junk was the fairest part of him. I could see the few thin long hairs on his nutsack, which was pink and pulled up, and the a few curly hairs of his sparse pubic bush stuck out over his hard rod. He was, I think, fully hard, his foreskin retracted a bit, a drop of clear precum already forming at the slit. He’s about seven inches - bigger than me. His cock is almost military - an pale colour, perfectly straight and evenly thick from base to tip, and even the flange of his cockhead was almost the same width as his shaft.

    “Ready to suck?” he said, pushing his dick down from its upward erect position until it rested on my bottom lip. The precum dripped down to where my lips met, and I darted out my tongue to taste it, and then opened my mouth. He put his cock on my tongue; I felt his foreskin retract over the head as he pushed ever so slowly into my mouth.

    He was in, all the way, and his balls sort of at my chin. I was enjoying this mouthful of man. I could smell him, too - not unpleasant, but definitely a bit of sweat and man musk. I sucked on him, although I’m not sure what effect it had - his head was lodged at the back of my throat, stretching it. I was doing my best to control my gag reflex, and it’s a good thing I had lots of practice.

    I looked up and he was looking down at me, with a small half-smile.

    “I want to fuck your face,” he said. I wasn’t sure he was asking for permission, but I did my best to nod, with the tip of his hard rod pressing against my throat. He leaned forward, and I felt my mouth empty. Not all the way: I did my best to keep his dick in my mouth. He adjusted his position, one hand on the armrest of the sofa by my head, and then he started thrusting, into and out of my mouth using his hips.. I couldn't move my head away, because it was pressed against the armrest, and I concentrated on keeping up a steady suction. Sergeant was kind - he was thrusting hard, but not too deeply. I concentrated on breathing evenly, and also found that I was producing a lot of saliva, a trail of drool going down my chin. Above my head, I could hear him quietly grunting, as he ploughed my face. I couldn't see him and as far as I knew, I was only a warm hole for him to fuck.

    I put my hands up, and found his legs. I felt the muscles in his thighs, and slid my hands up, till I could feel his firm ass as it moved. I could hear and feel him becoming more intense - his grunts got louder and faster, mirroring the increasing pace of his dick in my mouth. On a whim, I slipped a finger in his crack and fingered his asshole. I don't think he was expecting that, because he suddenly stopped moving, let out a moan of release, and then I felt and tasted his cum as he unloaded in the back of my mouth. My own cock was hard and quivering. Being used was surprisingly arousing.

    Sergeant got his dick out of my mouth, climbed off and I sat up. He came up to me and spontaneously kissed me on the mouth. I reached up to cup his pecs.

    “That was damn good!” he said, “Did you swallow? Sorry, I didn’t …” and then he seemed to notice that he was babbling. I didn’t mind - I liked how excited and enthusiastic he was. He also seemed to notice that I was fondling his chest.

    “Hey, you really like my -“ he paused mid-sentence as a soft moan rose from the back of his throat. My fingers circling his nipples must have had some effect. His hand wandered down between my legs and grabbed my dick. I didn’t want his hand down there - I wanted his mouth. (Ok, actually I wanted to fuck him, but I try not to pressure people who’ve made it clear what they want.)

    I put my hand behind his head and pulled it toward my crotch, and that did the trick. I was kneeling on the sofa, on one side, facing the centre, and he sat facing me, one leg curled under him, and bent down to give my dick some attention. He held my balls (which were pulled up tighter now) and used them to guide my dick into his mouth. He gave me an intense slobbery blow job, pumping his head up and down on my cockhead and shaft with nearly the same speed and intensity that he’d fucked my face earlier. I guess I was more turned on than I thought, and it didn’t take long to bring me to the edge.

    “I’m gonna cum,” I said, giving him time to react if he didn’t want to swallow, but he didn’t stop, made some satisfied mmmm-ing sounds and brought me to a solid orgasm, my hips bucking involuntarily a couple of times as I emptied my balls. He sucked me a little more after that (feels so good, my dick is so sensitive after cumming) and then sat up, giving me another smile. He snuck out his tongue to lick a little glob of jizz that had escaped to the corner of his mouth.

    “Hey, ok if I shower before going off?” Sergeant said. No problem there, my guest bathroom is always ready with spare towels and soap and toiletries. He went off while I cleaned up the sofa - quick spray and wipe with disinfectant and another with furniture spray and I was good. I also tidied up, threw away the empty beer cans. When I finished, he came out of the shower, and pulled on his shorts and singlet.

    Cheeky fucker actually gave my half-hard cock a couple of tugs when I turned to him, and then I got a peck on the lips before he grabbed his wallet and car keys, put on his glasses and headed out the door.

    New Account, Follow now!

    Dear readers, 

    I am sadden to announce that my former account, nottiboyjc has been terminated by Tumblr on the 15th of February 2019. I apologise if the termination of my former account had caused you any distress, especially those who had supported my Premium Stories. I will be more than willing to assist you guys if you need any help. Just drop me a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

    Next, I would also like to take this opportunity to address some stuff. It has come to my attention that another writer has openly made an accusation on me and my readers, during my absent. 

    I quote, “In the first place, it was Nottiboyjc who replicated my operandi modus in managing his blog and ‘premium stories’.”

    Firstly, I am pretty sure he is not the first guy to run a similar site like his. There are plenty of writers who are sharing/selling erotica novels online. Therefore, he definitely does not have the rights to accuse others of “replicating” his site. Just like how he justify his reasons for selling his stories, I too wanted to earn some extra pocket money through my stories. I thought as a fellow writer he would understand. This is also not the first time he made such accusations on me. When he confronted me the first time, I’ve already explained clearly to him that I have no intention of stealing his readers or potential patrons. We have different writing style and there is no need to worry that he will lose his readers because of my existence. I thought I’ve made things clear back then and I never expected that he would made such accusation again.

    Next, he also mentioned something about receiving slanderous accusations from my supporters regarding the termination of my former blog. I would like to thank those who’ve stood up for me, however I do not encourage such behaviour. I would like to urge my supporters to refrain from doing so.

    Moving on, I hope that this will be the last time I have to address such accusations from that writer again. Tumblr is an open place for anyone to share their stuff on, there are bound to be similarities here and there. I hope we can coexist harmoniously from now on. 

    Can I seek the help of everyone to reblog and share this post out  to allow my readers to connect back with me. 

    New stories will be published soon!

    ps: I would like to thank a reader of mine (doesn’t wish to be named) for helping me set up a new Tumblr page and reaching out to my fellow readers while I was away. I would also like to thank those who’ve dropped me words of encouragement in my mailbox over the past few days. I am really grateful for all of your support!



    ‘Room 608 … this must be it.’ Josh thought to himself as he knocks on the door.

    A few seconds later the door was opened and Josh was greeted by a lady.

    “Hi, I am Ethan’s friend.” Josh said.

    “Ethan?” The lady replied with surprise look on her face.

    “Yeah, I am here for his sister’s birthday party.” Josh replied.

    “Birthday party?” The lady replied with much astonishment.

    Josh took a quick glance into the room, it doesn’t looked like any celebration was going on.

    “Oh… I’m sorry, I might have gotten the wrong room.” Josh apologized as he left blushing from embarrassment.

    He took out his phone and started calling Ethan.

    “Hello bro, what’s your room number again?” Josh asked.

    “Room 608.” Ethan replied on the other side of the phone.

    “I just came from room 608, there’s only a lady in the room.” Josh said.

    Ethan remained silent.

    “Bro, you there ?” Josh asked.

    “Yeah…. HAHA HAHA!” Ethan burst into laughter.

    “Got you bro! There’s no celebration at all!” Ethan chucked.

    “Nice one la bro, you made me come here for nothing. You wait and see, I will get back on you!” Josh exclaimed as he ended the call and returned home to plan for his revenge on Ethan.

    This was just one of the many pranks the boys pulled on each other.

    Ethan and Josh have been the best of pals since JC year one. They are both members of the school’s health and fitness club, probably the only few members of this fading CCA. They trained together daily after school and have achieved great physique for someone of their age

    After a round of researching online, Josh finally found the perfect prank to pull on Ethan.

    ‘This Ethan is gonna be so embarrassed!’ Josh thought to himself as he let out a sinister smile on his face, thinking about how his plan will unfold on Ethan.

    Josh went on to purchase the items he needed.

    The next day, the boys met as usual after school in the school’s gym.

    “Eh Josh, how does it feel to crash into stranger’s room ?” Ethan laughed.

    “Haha fuck you, very funny. You wait and see!” Josh replied.

    “Sure! I’ll be waiting!” Ethan teased.

    “What are you training today?” Josh asked.

    “The usual lor.” Ethan replied.

    “I see, I am going to refill my bottle. You want me to help you ?” Josh asked.

    “Wah someone so nice today ah? I shall not turn you down then.” Ethan said.

    ‘Just wait and see!’ Josh smirked as he thought to himself. He took Ethan’s bottle and went to the water-cooler nearby.

    Josh twisted Ethan’s bottle open, and took out a bottle of pills from his pocket. He looked around, making sure that Ethan wasn’t watching before putting a few pills into Ethan’s bottle. He filled the bottle with water and started shaking it till the pills dissolved completely.

    Josh smirked as he thought about will happen to Ethan soon. Josh had drugged Ethan’s bottle with sex enhancement pills that will cause Ethan to feel really horny. His purpose was to make Ethan walk around the school with a visible erection.

    Josh returned back to the gym after he’s done refilling. To aid Josh’s plan to success, the aircon in the school’s gym broke down and it was so humid in there. Ethan was in need of some cold water as he took his bottle from Josh and drank up eagerly.

    Josh watches as Ethan glurped down the spiked drink.

    The boys went on with their usual training. Throughout the training, Josh started some provocative sexual conversation to help Ethan get into the mood.

    An hour passed and Josh was waiting in anticipation for the effects of the pills to kicked in. He noticed Ethan behaving rather unusual, shifting his shorts every now and then. Ethan was sweating profusely, not just from the workout he was doing, but his entire body was feeling rather warm. He could feel adrenaline rushing through his blood.

    “Eh Josh, I think that’s all for today. It’s dam hot, I cannot take it already. I’ll go and shower first, see you later.” Ethan said.

    “Ok, I’ll join you once I am done.” Josh replied while suppressing his laughter. He knew exactly what was going on.

    Ethan left the school’s gym and headed to the toilet at the top floor. The boys like to shower there after their workout as the ground floor toilet is always packed with boys from other CCA.

    Ethan rushed into the toilet and placed his bag on the bench and proceeds to take out his shower equipment.

    He entered a cubicle and started stripping, placing his clothes over at the cubicle door. Ethan could feel his body heat emitting, he needed a cold shower to cool himself down. He went straight for the shower tap and turned on the shower. He felt a sense of relive as the cold water touches his warm body.

    Josh on the other hand was secretly following Ethan. He quietly walked into the toilet and tiptoed towards the cubicle Ethan was in. He saw Ethan’s clothes hanging on the cubicle door. He took a closer look; Ethan’s shorts, t-shit and underwear was all there. Josh quietly removed the clothes from the cubicle door, leaving behind only a towel for Ethan.

    Ethan was more than relieved to be standing under the cold running water however the water did not seems to help eased the inner fire in him. Ethan felt really weird as his raging hormones started taking over his body. His dick was coming to life and soon it grew into 7inch long and was rock hard. He knew he needed relief as he started jerking himself.

    Josh was half way changing and waiting impatiently outside, Ethan was taking way too long in the cubicle. He decided to speed things up.

    “Eh! Ethan, I didn’t know your underwear is size XS! Must be dick small right!” Josh shouted from outside.

    Ethan was caught off guard as he thought he was the only one in the toilet. He took a look over at the cubicle door and realized that his clothes were gone.

    “Fuck.” Ethan let out a soft curse as he turn off the shower tap and quickly wrapped himself with his towel. His hardon was not dying off anytime soon, but he could not be bothered by it. He unlocks the cubicle door and rushed out.

    “Josh Ng! You better give me back my clothes!” Ethan screamed.

    Josh immediately saw the noticeable tent underneath Ethan’s towel and started laughing.

    “Or else what? You are gonna chase me around the school with your boner sticking out?” Josh laughed.

    Ethan took a glance down at his crotch, he didn’t knew that his erection was that obvious. Ethan was about to rush over to Josh and grab his clothes back when he found his attention helplessly drawn towards Josh’s body.

    The boys have seen each other shirtless countless of times before, but this time Josh looked extremely seductive. He’s barrel-chested chest looks so huge that it curves outwards. The two pinkish nipples on it teased Ethan further more. His trimmed pubes made his skin looks smooth and inviting. Ethan took another look at Josh.

    Josh’s jaw was prominent and it curved gracefully around and the strength of his neck showed in the twining cords of muscle that shaped his entire body. From his strong arms, bold thighs and calves, a firm chest and solid abdomen. He was an Adonis among the other boys in school.

    ‘Fuck, since when is he so hot!’ Ethan remained still and started admiring Josh’s body. He was starting to have sexual desire for his best friend.

    Unknown to Josh, Ethan is closeted bisexual. It’s a well kept secret that only Ethan knows.

    Ethan felt heat traveling through his veins warming him, pulse after pulse of adrenaline rushed down to his crotch as his dick starts to get even bigger and harder.

    “Come and chase me if you want your clothes back!” Josh said as he started making his way out of the toilet. His plan was to make Ethan chase him around the school with his visible boner.

    “Get back here!” Ethan yelled as he started getting aggressive. He managed to stop Josh just in time before he could leave the toilet.

    “Give it back!” Ethan shouted as he got really aggressive, snatching back his clothes.

    Josh struggled to keep the clothes away from Ethan but Ethan managed to overpower him.

    “Ok! Ok! You win!” Josh surrendered after a few rounds of struggling. He surrendered the clothes back to Ethan.

    All of the struggling made Ethan extremely horny, as he was having up close body contact with Josh and in the midst of it he was rubbing his erected shaft on Josh causing him to be even more turned on.

    Ethan grabbed his clothes from Josh and threw them aside. Getting his clothes back wasn’t of his interest now, All Ethan wanted now is Josh. He got closer towards Josh and started grabbing his body, pulling him closer.

    “Eh, I already give you back your clothes. What are you doing!” Josh exclaimed as he was shocked by Ethan’s moves.

    Ethan moved his head closer towards Josh’s. He went silent and was staring straight at Josh. It made Josh felt uneasy, having his best friend looking at him that way. However the effect of those pills were kicking in, Ethan was full of raging hormones causing him to be overtly sexual. He was admiring Josh, boyish good looks. His stylish undercut hair and pearly black eyes. Standing this close to Josh, Ethan couldn’t help but notice for the first time just how good looking he is, and how lush his lips looked. He let his gaze slip lower, to the rest of Josh’s body.

    Josh stood frozen, he was uncertain what Ethan was up to.

    “Eh… E..than.. what are you doing…” Josh stuttered.

    Ethan remained silent and leaned in a little closer with his forehead touching against Josh’s. He could smell Josh’s scent emitting though his body heat.

    “Ethan…” Josh words were disrupted as Ethan slammed his lips on his. Josh hardly had a moment to react as Ethan delved inside his mouth. Josh started pushing Ethan away and turned his head away from Ethan’s. The swirls of emotion made Josh gasp. However, before he could ponder about it further, Ethan yanked Josh forward and covered his mouth with his in a hungry kiss. Their lips crushed together, sending shivers down each of their back,

    The intoxicating boyish smell from Josh’s sweat was driving Ethan insane. Lust completely took over him, he was like an animal out of the cage, increasing pressure against Josh’s lips grabbing him desperately. Josh was struggling to push Ethan away from him, however Ethan got extremely aggressive and pushed Josh onto the floor.

    “Fuck! What are you doing?” Josh exclaimed as he landed on the floor.

    Ethan got on top of him and used his body weight to pin Josh down to the ground. Ethan was so horny that he wasn’t thinking straight, he yanked off the towel that was wrapped around his waist and tied them to Josh hands. His 7inch shaft was made fully visible to Josh. Ethan was leaking badly as a thick layer of precum could be seen at the tips of his shaft.

    Ethan tied the other end of the towel at the water pipes on the wall. He tied a really tight dead knot making sure that it kept Josh restrained.

    Josh was struggling to break free throughout, but he was easily overpowered by the extremely aggressive Ethan.

    Ethan reached out to the waistband of Josh shorts, he grabbed onto both Josh’s shorts and underwear and yanked them down away from Josh. Josh was lying down, fully naked in front of Ethan.

    “What the fuck are you doing! Let me go!” Josh started screaming as he struggles to break free from the bound.

    Ethan took Josh’s underwear in his hand. He went forward to Josh and stuffed Josh’s underwear into his mouth. He pushed the underwear deep into Josh’s mouth gagging him shut, making sure that he won’t be able to spit the underwear out.

    Ethan took a look at Josh, he was lying on the floor naked, with both his hands tied and his mouth gagged with his own underwear. Looking at the sight of Josh made Ethan even more concupiscent, he can’t wait have his best friend.

    Ethan went down and grabbed hold onto both of Josh’s legs and started pushing them forward towards Josh’s body, exposing his naked bare ass.

    Ethan kneeled in front of Josh and started grabbing onto Josh’s  ass, he spread Josh’s butt crack apart. Josh’s boyhole was in full view for Ethan. Ethan wasted no time and delved straight into Josh’s ass. Ethan could smell the sweaty and musky smell emitting out from Josh’s boyhole. He wanted to have a taste of that ass so badly. Ethan took a deep sniff, breathing in all of Josh musky scent and started rimming Josh. He used his tongue to swirled around Josh’s boyhole. He was exploring Josh’s ass with his tongue as he moves around Josh’s butt crack sending shivers all around Josh’s body and tasting every bit of Josh’s ass.

    Josh felt the warm sensation around his butt crack. It felt warm and wet, causing his body to twitch uncontrollably. Josh could tell that the Ethan’s face was very near his ass as he could feel Ethan exhaling, it was then that Josh figured out Ethan was rimming him. He can’t believe that his best friend is rimming his ass as he continues to struggle.

    Shortly after Ethan replaced his tongue with his finger. Ethan managed to locate Josh’s boyhole with his finger and started inserting his finger into it. Josh’s boyhole felt extremely tight and warm.

    Josh felt something poking his boyhole, forcing its way into his hole. He started screaming out loud to protest but was only muffled by his underwear. He ended up tasting his sweat from his underwear and smelling his urine scent.

    Ethan spat on to his other hand and rubbed his shaft, coating it with his saliva. Once he’s done, he grabbed hold onto both of Josh’s legs and lifted them up. He placed both of Josh’s legs on his shoulders. Josh’s boyhole was fully exposed in front of Ethan.

    Josh was too familiar with this position, he had seen it countless of times in porn before. He knew he was about to get fucked by his best friend. Josh started panicking as his jerked his hands forward, in an attempt to break free from the bound but the dead knots Ethan made was too tight to break free. Josh could only lay there helplessly as his ass was about to get fucked.

    Ethan was ready and without much hesitation he jammed his 7inch shaft into Josh’s boyhole. Josh screamed out loud in pain as he felt his boyhole tearing apart, Ethan’s 7inch dick proved too much for this virgin boy to handle.

    Tears started flowing down Josh’s face as he laid there hoping that it will be over soon but Ethan has no intention to stop. Thrust after thrusts he penetrated deep into Josh’s virgin boyhole making sure to go as deep as possible.

    Ethan was like an animal. The built up raging hormones started taking control of him while he fucked the shit out of Josh. A few mins later Ethan increased his pace he jammed his dick deeper and harder into Josh’s hole sending shivers down his spine.

    Josh was clenching his boyhole tight, forcing Ethan out but that only gave Ethan more pleasure.

    The overwhelming tightness is driving Ethan insane. Lust took over his mind as he thrusted harder and deeper into Josh’s boyhole. Fucking him like a beast. Ethan could feel his boycum gathering at the tip of his shaft as he gathered all his strength and pushed all the way into Josh’s hole, before letting out a moan…. “ahhh…”

    Shots after shots, Ethan ejaculated his entire load into Josh’s boyhole. Josh’s hole was flooded with warm shots of Ethan’s boycum and it started squirting out. Ethan pulled his dick out and shot his reaming boycum all over Josh’s body.

    Josh remained on the floor, with his hands tied to the waterpipes. His mouth gaged by his underwear. His boyhole fucked and breed by his best friend, it was still leaking cum. He remained there feeling used as he watches the last few drop of boycum dripping out from Ethan’s shaft.

    Be careful who’s drink you spiked next time, because you will never know what will happen next.­

    © nottiboyjc

    This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any organization, actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. Image used are sourced from the net and have no relation to the story. If the above image belongs to you and you want it to be removed, kindly message me to do so.



    The Basketball Court


    Brandon had just finished his basketball training in school. He was feeling disappointed with his performance lately. The recent exams preparation took up so much of Brandon’s time and he didn’t had time to train. As a result, this vice-captain of the school’s basketball team did not perform as well as he could before.

    Unsatisfied with his performance, Brandon decided to continue training alone. He left the school and made his way to a basketball court nearby.

    Upon reaching the court, Brandon saw a bunch of teenagers around his age, playing. Brandon noticed the basketball jersey that the boys were wearing and realized that they were from a nearby school. The school which Brandon’s team trashed badly during the A division match a while ago.

    They seem to be only using half the court. Brandon was glad that he could have the other half of the court all to himself. He placed his belongings at the side and entered the court. The bunch of boys noticed Brandon entering the court and exchanged glances briefly with Brandon before continuing on their game.

    Brandon started practicing, he focused hard and threw the basketball onto the net with all his might. Instead of entering the net, the basketball hit the board and re-bounced onto Brandon’s face. Brandon was smacked by the basketball right in his face and fell onto the ground from the impact.

    The boys on other side of the court witnessed the event and started laughing at Brandon.

    “What a noob, first time see people get hit by the ball from re-bounce!” One of the boys exclaimed while the rest of his friends joined in and laughed.

    Brandon overheard the boys and immediately saw red. Disdain and contemptuous fire rained down from his eyes as he stood up and walked towards the boys.

    “Eh! If you got something to say, say it to my face!” Brandon hissed as he confronted the boys.

    “Sure! You’re the biggest noob I’ve ever seen!” The boy spat.

    “Well, at least my school won the A division title and didn’t get trashed like you guys!” Brandon rebutted in anger.

    The boys got offended by Brandon’s words and wanted to teach him a lesson.

    “Eh, since you think you’re so good. Shall we have a match?” The boy said.

    “Don’t be silly, there’s 5 of you, how is it going to be a fair match.” Brandon replied.

    “We won’t put you in disadvantage dude, we want to show you who’s the real trash! Let’s have a game of 5 pointer shootout, the loser will have to strip naked and run around the court.” The boy said.

    Brandon hesitated to give a reply as he was concerned about the forfeit.

    “Why? Scared is it? Then just accept that you’re a noob and stop wasting our time!” The boy exclaimed.

    “Did I say that I’m scared? Fine let’s compete! You better get ready to strip and run around the court naked!” Brandon exclaimed.

    The boys gathered around the middle of the court and took turns to shoot.

    “Watch and learn.” The boy said as he made the first shot. He threw the basketball onto the net and it went in straight, effortlessly.

    His other friends were next in line to shoot. Three of them made a successful shot each, sending the ball straight into the net. Then it comes to the last guy.

    “Come on Kai Jie, no stress!” The rest of the boys cheered for Kai Jie. Kai Jie was the last among his friends to shoot, he was also the weakest among them.

    Kai Jie remained focused and aimed hard at the board before gathering all his strength and threw the ball high onto the net. Unfortunately, Kai Jie used a little too much strength, the basketball flew off course and missed the net.

    Kai Jie let out a sigh of disappointment as he watched the basketball fell back on the ground. He picked the basketball up and handed it over to Brandon. The duo exchanged glances while Kai Jie handed the ball over to Brandon. Brandon gave Kai Jie a smile in appreciation for passing the ball to him, he took the ball over from Kai Jie and got into position.  

    Brandon remained focused, all he had to do was to score a shot and Kai Jie will immediately lose. Brandon tiptoed a little and threw the basketball high up onto the net. The basketball flew and hit the net, but it was a little too low to enter the ring around it. Brandon watched in vain as the basketball fell back onto the ground.

    The challenge was now between Kai Jie and Brandon. Whoever who score first will be the winner. Kai Jie took the ball over from Brandon and made his second attempt at scoring.

    “Kai Jie, steady. Don’t use so much strength this time round.” Kai Jie’s friends cautioned him.

    Kai Jie kept himself calm and focused real hard before throwing the basketball onto the net. The ball flew straight and went into the net, securing a successful shot for Kai Jie.

    The boys cheered as they emerged victorious.

    “Fuck!” Brandon cursed in disappointment.

    “So how noob, are you going to strip yourself or you want us to help you.” The boy said.

    Brandon knew that the boys were determined to make him complete the forfeit and there was no way they will let him off. To salvage his remaining pride, Brandon decided to fulfill the forfeit rather than appearing as sore loser.

    “I may have lost but I am not a sore loser, I can do it myself!” Brandon exclaimed as he proceeds to remove his school uniform. He stripped away his school shirt followed by his school pants. Brandon placed his school uniform on the side and got ready to make the run, hoping to get over the forfeit as fast as possible.

    However, before he could make the run, one of the boys stopped him.

    “Eh I thought you from elite school? Can’t understand simple English is it? Strip naked, including your underwear!” The boy exclaimed.

    Brandon’s eyes widen in horror, he didn’t expect the boys to be that serious. He hesitantly reached out to the waistband of his underwear and yanked them down swiftly, before covering his bare crotch with his hands. Brandon placed his underwear together with his school uniform at the side.

    “Happy now?” Brandon exclaimed.

    The rest of the boys started laughing at the state of Brandon.

    Brandon ignored the humiliating laughters from the boys and started running around the basketball court.

    Just when Brandon reached the other side of the court, one of the boys gathered everyone together. He picked up Brandon’s school uniform and underwear and gestured everyone to leave.  

    “Oi, what are you guys doing!” Brandon yelled, his voice hoarse with terror and panic as he saw what the boys were doing. The boys grabbed their stuff and started running away from the court as fast as they could, leaving Brandon behind to chase them.

    Fear skittered down Brandon’s spine as he scrambled towards the boys’ direction, hoping to get his clothes back. Brandon ran as fast as his legs could carry him and managed to chase the boys till the end of the court before they dashed towards the opposite road, where the shopping mall was.

    Brandon watched in despair as the boys fade away in the crowd. There was no way Brandon will run into the shopping mall, naked.

    “Fuck!” Brandon rasped, barely able to find his voice. Anguish and regret and too many emotions he couldn’t process were squeezing his body so tight.

    Brandon knew he had to hide himself soon, before more people sees him. He grabbed his school bag and dashed towards a carpark nearby to hide from the public’s view.

    Brandon retreated to a quiet corner of the carpark and waited for someone to come to his rescue.

    Shorty after, Brandon heard someone approaching the carpark.

    “Hello, you there?” A familiar voice said.

    Brandon’s mind scrambled to identify the voice, it was Kai Jie.

    Brandon peeped his head out a little to check on Kai Jie’s intention. He saw Kai Jie walking aimlessly around the carpark. He was holding onto Brandon’s clothes in his hands.

    “Hello, I am here to return you clothes. Don’t be afraid. Come out now!” Kai Jie continued shouting, hoping to catch Brandon’s attention.

    Brandon took another look towards Kai Jie’s direction and made sure that he was alone before waving at Kai Jie to tell him of his location.

    Kai Jie’s eyes lighted with delight when he saw Brandon, he hurried and made his way towards Brandon.

    “Hey, sorry my friend took your clothes away. Here you go.” Kai Jie said as he offered to return Brandon back his clothes.

    The moment Kai Jie saw Brandon, his eyes lit up with mischief. His body went rigid and his breathing turned rapid. He saw how well-toned Brandon’s body was. Brandon’s sweat glimmered under the florescent lights, further enhancing his well defined abs.

    “Ermm dude?” Brandon said as he tried to take his clothes back from Kai Jie while he remained awestruck.

    “Oh, here you go.” Kai Jie said as he snapped out of his daze.

    The moment Brandon took his clothes over from Kai Jie, he spotted a visible tent on Kai Jie’s crotch. The thin fabric from Kai Jie’s basketball shorts did nothing to conceal the ragging member underneath.

    Brandon looked towards Kai Jie expectantly, he was pretty sure Kai Jie was having an erection at the moment. However, he wanted to make sure his observation was accurate.

    Brandon intentionally brushed his hand onto Kai Jie’s crotch while taking back his uniform. What he felt was a solid rock-hard shaft underneath Kai Jie’s basketball shorts.

    Kai Jie’s body flinched the instant Brandon’s hand came into contact with his member.

    Brandon noticed the way Kai Jie was looking at him and figured things out.

    “It’s seems like I won’t be needing them anytime soon.” Brandon said as he placed his clothes at the side.

    Kai Jie ejaculated an unrestrained “huh!” and looked towards Brandon nervously. Kai Jie momentarily stopped inhaling his much-need air as confusion swirled in him.

    The moment he looked down on himself, Kai Jie immediately saw the protruding bulge on his crotch.

    “Fuck!” Kai Jie exclaimed in shock as he desperately covers his erection with his hand.

    Brandon was aroused by how adorable Kai Jie was when he was blushing.

    “Ermm, I get going first. See you around.” Kai Jie said before turning away and tried to escape the awkward situation.

    “Wait.” Brandon said as he held onto Kai Jie’s body, preventing him from leaving.

    “Give me a chance to thank you for returning my clothes.” Brandon said as he tried to make Kai Jie face him.

    “It’s nothing la ha ha, you don’t have to thank me.” Kai Jie replied while avoiding eye contact with Brandon.

    Brandon placed his hands on the waistband of Kai Jie’s shorts and tried to yank them down.

    “Eh, what are you doing!” Kai Jie blurted out as Brandon caught him by surprise.

    “Just showing my appreciation.” Brandon smirked as he continued pulling Kai Jie’s shorts down to his knees, revealing a pair of grey briefs that was about to burst from the ragging member wrapped underneath.

    Brandon noticed a dark wet spot formed at the front of Kai Jie’s underwear. He said nothing and winked conspiratorially at Kai Jie, before removing the underwear on him.

    Kai Jie’s shaft immediately sprung to life. Brandon stared in awe at the full glory of Kai Jie’s 7inch shaft.

    “I thought that you’re big but didn’t know that you’re this big.” Brandon laughed.

    “Ermm, what are you going to do…” Kai Jie stuttered.

    Brandon said nothing and moved his body closer towards Kai Jie’s crotch. He grabbed onto Kai Jie’s rock hard shaft and held it up before lowering his head down onto it.

    Brandon could hear Kai Jie’s heart thudding loudly in his chest as his body went rigid.

    “Just enjoy alright.” Brandon said, as he wrapped his lips around the head of Kai Jie’s shaft, touching nothing else, just his tongue swirling around slowly. Brandon went on to slide his mouth all the way down to the base of Kai Jie’s dick.

    He sucked hard, just once, but it’s enough for Kai Jie to feel like he’s pulling the cum out of his balls. Brandon started working his lips, he pressed tight against Kai Jie’s hard cock, up and down, back and forth. Kai Jie was moaning uncontrollably, he’s body started shaking for all the pleasure he was getting.

    Kai Jie could no longer hold back his desire, he placed his hands at the back of Brandon’s head and guided his speed, forcing Brandon all the way down to the base of his shaft.

    Brandon started gagging onto Kai Jie’s huge member while his hands were on Kai Jie’s balls, massaging them. He slides off Kai Jie’s shaft and catches his breath before going back to licking and sucking Kai Jie’s balls.

    Brandon took them both into his mouth causing Kai Jie to let out a loud moan. He then let Kai Jie’s balls fall out of his mouth, causing Kai Jie to whimper, but it quickly turned into a moan when the Brandon took Kai Jie’s entire dick in his warm mouth again.

    Brandon started sliding hard and fast. Kai Jie was twisting his fingers in Brandon’s hair. Soon, a weird yet familiar sensation started invading Kai Jie’s senses.

    “Ah! Omg!” Kai Jie started screaming as he tapped desperately on Brandon’s shoulder to warn him.

    Brandon ignored Kai Jie and continued sucking hard on his shaft.

    Kai Jie held Brandon’s head steady and gave three hard, deep thrusts before he emptied his balls into Brandon’s mouth.

    Warms shots of boycum started ejaculating out of Kai Jie’s shaft and went deep down into the Brandon’s mouth.

    Brandon didn’t want to waste a single drop of Kai Jie’s boycum.

    He slides down, so his lips are around just the head of Kai Jie’s shaft. He went on sucking hard, pulling more cum out than Kai Jie ever thought was possible. At the same time, his hands moved to Kai Jie’s balls and taint, rubbing them hard. Kai Jie was cumming non-stop as he was orgasming longer and harder than he ever thought possible.

    Kai Jie’s emptied a total of 10 shots of boycum into the Brandon’s mouth. He pulled out once he was done as his shaft starting to feel sore.

    Brandon took a big gulp and swallowed every single drop of Kai Jie’s’s boycum. Kai Jie collapsed onto Brandon while recovering from the massive ejaculation he just had.

    Brandon placed his school bag aside and hugged Kai Jie close to him. He could smell the boyish sweaty scent from Kai Jie as their bodies came in close contact. Kai Jie looked towards Brandon and covered his lips with Brandon’s. The duo crushed their lips together, sending shivers down each of their back. They went on making out for what seems like an eternity before Kai Jie felt something poking onto his crotch.

    He glanced towards his crotch and saw Brandon’s rock-hard shaft poking onto him. Kai Jie leaned his head closer to Brandon and whispered huskily in his ear.

    “Let me show some appreciation too.” Kai Jie whispered.

    Brandon simply watched Kai Jie with those leonine eyes of his and said nothing at all.

    “My house is just nearby, want to stain my bedsheets for me? Kai Jie said while winking conspiratorially at Brandon.

    “I’ll make sure I leave a mark.” Brandon smirked.

    The duo got dressed and made their way back to Kai Jie’s house, where more intense actions awaits them.

    © nottiboyjc



    Caught My Teacher


    “Dryden, can you help me return the chairs back to the store. Clifford, you help me sweep up the place. I will carry the chairs back with Dryden.” Mr Quek said. 

    “Yes Cher!” Dryden and Clifford gave a resounding affirmation together.

    It was the last day of the J1 freshman orientation camp, Dryden and Clifford have volunteered to remain behind and help the teacher in-charge to pack up the school. Over the past 3 days, they’ve established great rapport with each other. 

    Mr Quek, the teacher in-charge of the boy’s orientation group, is a well-liked teacher among the students. His bubbly personality and young at heart attitude allowed him to bond with the youngsters easily. Not to mention just how popular he is among the girls. Mr Quek presented himself well, his trendy fashion sense and well-groomed appearance made him look just like a Korean idol that every fangirl will go crazy over.

    “Alright, Dryden just put the chairs here will do. I will pack up the rest. Thanks for your help!” Mr Quek said. 

    “No problem Mr…” Dryden stuttered as he struggled to recall his teacher’s name. 

    “Mr Quek! Jason Quek! Three days already still cannot remember my name is it.” Mr Quek said.

    “Ha ha, goodbye Mr Quek. See you tomorrow.” Dryden said as he bid goodbye to his teacher and went back to look for Clifford. 

    “Let’s go Clifford!” Dryden exclaimed upon seeing his friend who was waiting for him. 

    “Wah, you want to go home like this? We’re going to stink up the entire bus man.” Clifford said. The boys were all covered in sweat and dust from all the chores they did earlier. 

    “You’re right man! There’s no way I’m going to take the bus like this. Shall we take a shower and change into some clean clothes first?” Dryden suggested. 

    “Yeah, that’s a good idea. Luckily I brought extra clothes for this camp.” Clifford said. 

    The boys made their way to the toilet and took their shower. 

    “Phew!” Mr Quek let out a sigh of relief after he had finished packing all the chairs back into the store. He noticed that there was quite a bit of dust accumulated on his shirt from all the moving he did. He decided to head to the toilet and do a simple wash up before making his way out of the school.

    Upon reaching the entrance of the toilet, Mr Quek could hear the sound of water pattering coming from inside. He guessed that it must be the J2 Canoeing students and didn’t think much about it. He entered the toilet and started washing up. 

    Suddenly, someone in the toilet shouted out loud. 

    “Oh fuck!” Clifford exclaimed. 

    “What happened!” Dryden shouted back from another cubicle. 

    “My underwear dropped!” Clifford said.

    Mr Quek overheard the boy’s conversation and turned his head back towards the direction of the cubicle. He saw a pair of grey underwear lying on the ground, just outside one of the cubicle doors. 

    “Pick it up la.” Dryden replied.

    “I can’t! It fell out outside my cubicle!” Clifford muttered. 

    “You want me to help you take or not?” Dryden asked.

    “Eww no, it’s on the floor already. I don’t want it anymore.” Clifford replied.

    “Too bad for you then, you better hope you don’t get an erection on the bus later!” Dryden said as he turned off the shower tap. He wrapped himself with a towel and made his way out of the cubicle. He immediately spotted Clifford’s underwear on the floor, just when he was about to pick it up, he noticed his teacher was in the toilet too. 

    “Eh Cher!” Dryden exclaimed in shock as his eyes widen in surprise, seeing his teacher in the toilet. 

    “I was wondering who else would still be in school at this timing, end up is you two monkeys.” Mr Quek said. As he looked towards Dryden’s direction, Mr Quek found his eyes darted helplessly across to Dryden’s half-naked body. He discreetly checked out the smooth toned outline from Dryden’s upper body while pretending to clean himself.

    “All thanks to you la. Ha Ha, I’m joking Cher. We wanted to wash up before going home.” Dryden jokingly replied. He placed his soiled clothes on the bench and took out a fresh new pair of underwear from his bag to change into. Dryden kept his towel wrapped around his waist while he stepped into his underwear swiftly.

    Mr Quek’s attention was locked onto Dryden, he was hoping that the towel that was wrapped around Dryden’s waist would come off in the midst of changing. It was such a good opportunity for him to catch a glimpse of his student’s bare-naked crotch. 

    “So, why are you still in school Mr Quek?” Dryden asked.

    Mr Quek ejaculated an unrestrained “huh!” as he snapped out of his daze.

    “I… ermm I… need to wash up too…” Mr Quek muttered as he was feeling guilty for having such lustful thoughts on his student.

    “Don’t want to spoil your Oppa image right?” Clifford said as he stepped out of his cubicle, fully dressed.

    “Eh Clifford, I heard you’re quite popular among the girls too huh?” Mr Quek teased.

    “Ha ha, no la. Got Oppa here, I sure lose.” Clifford laughed. 

    “Ya sia Cher, teach me how to be as stylish as you.” Dryden said as he joined in teasing Mr Quek. Dryden was already done changing and was packing his stuff in his bag. 

    “You boys are so good at bootlicking huh? Come faster go home, don’t get your parents worried.” Mr Quek said as he rushed the boys out. 

    Mr Quek made his way out of the toilet together with the boys and just as they were about to leave the toilet, Mr Quek noticed Clifford’s dirty underwear was still lying on the floor. He wanted to remind Clifford but he started having second thoughts about it. 

    The three of them made their way to the main gate of the school where they parted ways with each other.

    “Ok bye guys, I’ll head back to the general office and settle some stuff. You guys get home safely.” Mr Quek said as he bid goodbye to the boys.

    Dryden and Clifford left the school and made their way to the bus stop while Mr Quek made his way back into the school. 

    His destination however was not the general office, but the toilet. He made his way swiftly back to the same toilet hoping to reach there before the cleaner does his routine cleaning.

    Upon reaching the toilet, Mr Quek was delighted to see Clifford’s underwear still lying on floor. He glanced warily about the toilet and made sure that no one else was in, before making his way to pick the underwear up. Mr Quek could immediately feel the dampness from Clifford’s underwear. The underwear was pretty worn and was filled with Clifford’s sweat. 

    Does of adrenaline started surging through Mr Quek’s veins, he could feel the heat from his face as he held onto Clifford’s underwear, with much excitement. He examined the underwear and located the front of the underwear, the part where it comes in contact with Clifford’s dick the most. 

    Mr Quek positioned the front of Clifford’s undies onto his nose and hauled in a lungful through his nose to picked out Clifford’s boyhood scent. Clifford’s underwear smelled rather musky and sweaty, mixed with a faint bit of urine smell. The smell was heavenly, it was getting Mr Quek aroused in no time as he felt his shaft coming to live. 

    “Shit, boys nowadays smells so good!” Mr Quek exclaimed in ecstasy as he hauled in another deep breath from Clifford’s underwear, taking in all of his boyhood scent. Mr Quek closed his eyes and started fantasying about Clifford’s boyish face. He proceeds to strip Clifford’s clothes away in his imagination and only allowed Clifford to keep his underwear on. Mr Quek then imagined that he was burying his face straight onto Clifford’s crotch and sniffing his sweaty dick scent while Clifford’s shaft rubbed against his face. 

    Mr Quek started rubbing his crotch while sniffing onto his student’s underwear and fantasying about him. He was so engrossed in his fantasy that he didn’t hear footsteps approaching the toilet.

    “Mr Quek?!” Dryden exclaimed in shock as he widen his eyes in disbelief at the sight infront of him. He saw his teacher rubbing furiously on his crotch while his entire face was covered by his friend’s underwear. 

    Mr Quek’s heart skipped a beat when he heard Dryden’s voice. Fear skittered down his spine as he started panicking. He quickly threw Clifford’s underwear aside and started pretending that he’s tying his shoelace.

    “Dry… Dryden… I thought you… went… home already?” Mr Quek stuttered. He was wondering if Dryden witnessed everything. 

    “I thought you had to settle some stuff in the general office?” Dryden asked while winking conspiratorially at Mr Quek. 

    “Right… I wanted to… tie my shoelaces first… it got loose from all the moving earlier…” Mr Quek muttered as he tried to smoke his way out of the awkward situation but Dryden is a smart kid, he knew exactly what was going on. 

    “So how does Clifford’s underwear smells like? I bet it smells rather bad huh, I heard he’s been wearing that pair of underwear for two days now.” Dryden said as he tried to get his teacher further aroused by giving him more information to feed his imagination.

    ‘Fuck, two days! No wonder it smelled so strong.’ Mr Quek thought to himself as the smell of Clifford’s underwear lingered around his nose. 

    “You like it don’t you?” Dryden continued his teasing.

    Mr Quek snapped out of his daze and quickly thought of a reply to respond to Dryden’s imputation. 

    “What… what are you talking about…” Mr Quek muttered as he tried to play dumb against Dryden’s imputation.

    “This!” Dryden chuckled as he pointed out  to the protruding bulge on Mr Quek’s crotch. 

    Mr Quek’s face immediately turn beet red as he scrambled to cover himself. 

    “It’s not… what… you think… I…” Mr Quek stuttered as he desperately think of an explanation. In the midst of it, Mr Quek noticed there was a visible tent on Dryden’s crotch as well. He started to question why Dryden is back in school again, is he here for the underwear too? Mr Quek’s face immediately lit up as this was his chance to turn the situation around. He stood up and made his way towards Dryden. 

    “I thought you were heading home? Why are you back again? Are you here for this?” Mr Quek said as he brought Clifford’s underwear up and pushed it onto Dryden’s face. 

    Dryden gasped from shock, as a result he took in a lungful from Clifford’s underwear. The sweaty scent from Clifford’s underwear immediately pervaded into his senses, sending him straight to cloud nine.

    “Ah…” Dryden let out a soft moan in pleasure as he took in a few more deep breath from Clifford’s underwear, taking in all that sweaty scent.

    “Someone likes the smell of his friend’s worn undies huh?” Mr Quek smirked as he discreetly brushed his hands against Dryden’s crotch. He felt a rock-hard bulge from Dryden’s crotch and confirmed his suspicion. 

    Just when Dryden was still indulging in his friend’s underwear, he felt someone grabbing onto his crotch. Mr Quek had placed his hand on Dryden’s crotch He went on to tighten his grip, tracing out the size of Dryden’s rock-hard shaft underneath. 

    Dryden did not resist and took the move by his teacher as an invitation for him to reciprocate. He reached his hand out and grabbed onto Mr Quek’s crotch causing him to twitch from the sudden touch on his crotch.

    Mr Quek removed Clifford’s underwear from Dryden’s face and placed it aside. Clifford’s underwear is subsidiary now, the duo’s attention was on each other instead.

    “Didn’t know you’re so kinky cher.” Dryden teased as he slides his hand down Mr Quek’s crotch and grabbed onto his balls by surprise.

    Mr Quek’s body twitched once again from the touch of his student’s hand. 

    “You’re one naughty boy huh? You need to be tamed.” Mr Quek said.

    “What? Fuck me?” Dryden smirked.

    Mr Quek was caught by surprise at how fast things escalated, he initially just wanted some light fun with Dryden, after all he’s still underage, but now that Dryden had asked, it was a request Mr Quek simply can’t turn down. 

    “Naughty boys like you need something up your ass to keep you tamed right?” Mr Quek said. 

    “Yes cher, fuck me hard will you?” Dryden said as he simply looked towards Mr Quek with those leonine eyes of his. 

    Mr Quek was further aroused by how adorable Dryden was when he was begging to get fuck. 

    He moved his head closer to Dryden’s and leaned in a little closer till their foreheads were touching and the next thing Dryden knew, Mr Quek slammed his lips to his. Dryden hardly had a moment to react as Mr Quek delved straight into his mouth. 

    Their lips crushed together, sending shivers down each of their back. The intoxicating boyish smell from Dryden was driving Mr Quek crazy. Lust took over him as he was no longer able to control himself. He increased pressure against Dryden’s lips and started grabbing him desperately as he yanked Dryden’s shorts and underwear down swiftly. He proceeds to remove Dryden’s shirt till he’s completely naked.

    He threw Dryden’s clothes onto the bench and slides his fingers around Dryden’s butt crack. He could how wet Dryden‘s butt crack is. The un-wiped water droplets from the shower Dryden had earlier and his perspiration made Dryden really wet down there. Once Mr Quek located Dryden’s boyhole, he could easily insert his finger in. 

    “Ah.” Dryden let out a soft moan as he felt his teacher’s finger entering his boyhole. Mr Quek could feel just how tight Dryden is, he could only anticipate just how much pleasure he will receive when he puts his rock-hard shaft into Dryden’s boyhole. 

    Mr Quek went on to finger Dryden, loosing up his boyhole for what’s about to come. Once he felt that Dryden was ready for more, he removed his finger from Dryden’s boyhole and started undressing himself. He placed his shirt and pants on the side of the bench together with Dryden’s clothes. They went on to make out with each other in the middle of the toilet, fully naked.

    Shortly after, chatters and laughers were heard outside the toilet. The canoeing boys had just finished their training and were making their way to the toilet to take their shower. Mr Quek’s heart started pounding at an increasingly rapid pace as the canoeing boys stepped closer towards the toilet. He grabbed onto Dryden’s hands and pulled him into the nearest cubicle. The duo retreated into the cubicle and kept themselves locked in it as the canoeing boys entered the toilet. 

    The sweaty smell from the canoeing boys and their loud chattering sound flooded the toilet as they went on to take their shower. Dryden’s body started trembling as fear skittered down his spine. Mr Quek noticed that Dryden’s shaft was getting soft from all the comotion that was going on, he grabbed onto Dryden’s shaft and started stroking it, keeping Dryden hard and aroused while distracting him from the presence of the canoeing boys. 

    The continuous stroking from Mr Quek got Dryden hard again in no time.

    Mr Quek was unsure if he should proceed with Dryden with the canoeing boys around, but having Dryden this close to him, made him ever more horny than before. He pulled Dryden closer to him, till their body was touching against each other’s. 

    Mr Quek gently puts the toilet seat down and sat on it. He pulled Dryden closer towards him and guided Dryden to sit on his lap, facing him. Mr Quek leaned his head closer towards Dryden’s and started making out with him. He could hear Dryden’s heart thudding loudly from all the excitement that was going on. 

    Mr Quek was equally excited as well, he positioned his shaft in between Dryden’s thighs and started humping him while his hands were at Dryden’s butt crack, sliding around, locating Dryden’s boyhole.

    He went on to finger Dryden, loosing up his tight boyhole.

    Pitter-pattering sounds of water splashing could be heard echoing in the toilet as the canoeing boys started their showers. It muffled the kissing and moaning sounds from Mr Quek and Dryden. The cubicle next to the one the duo was in was occupied by one of the canoeing boys. They could be discovered at any point, but the thrill of it was enough to keep Mr Quek going.

    He slides his shaft from Dryden’s thighs down towards his butt crack and positioned his shaft at Dryden’s boyhole.

    He removed his finger from Dryden’s boyhole and lifted the boy up, to aid Dryden to sit onto his rock hard shaft. 

    Dryden lowered his body down onto Mr Quek’s shaft and sat on it steadily. He felt his boyhole getting stretch apart by Mr Quek’s massive tool as it penetrated into his boyhole.

    Mr Quek immediately felt just how tight and warm this teenager’s boyhole is. The overwhelming sensation was driving him frenzied, he thrusted his hips up and pushed the rest of his shaft deep into Dryden’s boyhole at instant.

    “Ah!” Dryden let out a loud moan from the aggressive intrusion up his ass. It was loud enough to attract the attentions from the canoeing boys.

    “Eh who dropped the soap!” One of the canoeing boys commented as the rest of them joked about it. Luckily the boys didn’t suspect much about it and continued with their showers.

    Fearing that they will attract more attention, Mr Quek placed one of his hands onto Dryden’s mouth, preventing him from making any more sound. 

    He held Dryden’s body forward with his other hand and allowed him to lean on to his body.

    Mr Quek started thrusting his hips forward, penetrating deeper into Dryden. He increased his speed and continued fucking Dryden deep and hard. Every thrust he made, he will make sure it went all the way in and hits Dryden’s prostrate. 

    Dryden was getting so much stimulation from his boyhole that he totally lost control. He started moaning uncontrollably as he tapped onto Mr Quek’s body, asking him to go faster.

    Mr Quek smirked at the sight of the thirsty J1 bottom, he complied to Dryden’s request and thrusted his shaft even harder than before. He was fucking Dryden so hard till the toilet seat started shaking.

    Mr Quek he felt his mancum gathering at the tip of his shaft as he was about to cum. Just when he was about to go all out on Dryden, the water pattering sound stopped. The canoeing boys were done with their showers and were starting to exit out of their cubicle. Without the splattering sound of the water, Dryden’s moans became even more audible despite being muffled down by Mr Quek’s hand.

    Mr Quek could not be bothered by the presence of the boys anymore, he continued thrusting hard onto Dryden’s boyhole, stimulating him further, bringing him to climax.

    Dryden felt a surge of tingling sensation started taking over him. He was really close, all he needed was just one strong blow up his ass to make him auto-cum.

    “Ah harder please!” Dryden screamed out as he begged for that one last thrust up his ass for him to reach orgasm. Mr Quek gave a deep and hard thrust up Dryden’s boyhole, stimulating Dryden enough for him to erupt a massive load of boycum. Shot after shot of thick gluey boycum erupted out of Dryden’s shaft, flying everywhere.

    A flicker of shock lighted up across all the canoeist face as they looked towards each other to acknowledge that they all heard the voice. They noticed the two set of clothes on the bench, and even spotted two pairs of guy’s undies on top of them.

    “Freak, guys! Someone is fucking around in the toilet!” One of the boys exclaimed as he pointed out to the clothes on the bench. The boys glanced around the toilet and found only one cubicle locked at the moment. 

    “They’re in there!” The boys shouted as they dashed towards the cubicle and started banging onto the door. 

    “Eh gay boys, open up! We know you’re in there!” The boys shouted.

    “Oh my god! Cher!” Dryden spat, because it was all he could do to speak through the indescribable helplessness that was threatening to do him in.

    The boys continued their relentless banging onto the cubicle door, and they were about to knock the door down.

    Mr Quek momentarily stopped inhaling his much-needed air as fear struck him. He remained rooted to the toilet seat with his shaft still inside Dryden’s boyhole, and his body covered with Dryden’s boycum. There was no way he could escape out of the situation. He could only watched as the cubicle door started giving way. It was at that moment, he knew he had fucked up badly.

    © nottiboyjc



    Consanguinity Chapter One: Enkindle Sparks


    Beads of sweat rolled down Nicholas’s face as he reached out for his house keys swiftly from his school pants. He slot the key into the keyhole and unlocked the door. A gush of cold air swept through Nicholas’s face as he pushed the door forward, entering his house. Nicholas finally got relived from the muggy heat outdoor. Somebody is at home as the air conditioner was switched on.

    Nicholas removed his school shoes and started making his way to his room. Nicholas is a thirteen years old, secondary one boy. He’s a quiet and reserved boy. He is reticent and always kept things to himself but whenever he needed someone to talked to, he will turn to his elder brother Leo. Leo is four years older than Nicholas and a complete opposite from his younger brother. He’s the vice-captain of his school’s Basketball team. Standing at an impressive 1.85 meter tall and blessed with all the good looks from the family genes he had the sublime confidence of youth which made many girls in his school fell for him.

    Leo has always been Nicholas’s role model, his younger brother aspire to be just like him. However no matter how many times Leo dragged Nicholas along for a game of Basketball, it will never appeal to Nicholas. Nicholas has no interest in sports at all, his interest was in singing. He has an angelic vocal and was selected to be part of his school’s choir team.

    As Nicholas walked passed the passageway from his living room to his room, he heard giggling sounds coming from his room. It must be Leo as Nicholas and his elder brother shared a room together. As Nicholas got closer, he noticed the door of his room was left slightly open. He could hear his elder brother talking to someone else but wasn’t able to hear the voice from the other party.

    Nicholas decides to find out just who his elder brother is talking to. He tiptoed and slipped towards the door. He pushed the door a little, just enough for him to have a view of inside his room.

    Nicholas was shocked by what he saw. He saw his elder brother laying on the bed naked with his laptop in front of him.

    “Babe, point the camera to your tits, I want to imagine sucking on it.” Leo spoked into the mic from his earpiece. Leo had his earpiece plugged in and was completely unaware that his little brother was watching him from the side.

    As Nicholas took a closer look, he noticed his elder brother was doing something underneath his pants. Leo was holding onto his penis with his hand and stroking it. Nicholas was baffled by what he saw, his elder brother’s dick is so much bigger than before. Growing up, the boys often showered together and have seen each other naked countless times but what Nicholas saw wasn’t what he was expecting.

    Nicholas’s eyes and mouth were frozen wide open in an expression of stunned surprise, he was still trying to figure out what his elder brother is doing.

    “Ah, babe you’re dam hot. Finger yourself and imagine that’s my dick fucking your pussy!” Leo exclaimed as he increased his pace and jerked his shaft even harder.

    As Nicholas recovers from the intellectualized shock he just witness, he wanted an explanation of what his elder brother was doing. However, it doesn’t seems to be the right moment to ask now. All he could do was to wait and see what’s Leo’s next move.

    “Ah yeah, moan louder babe! Fuck I am so close. Shift the camera backwards. I want to see your entire body with your sweet little face.” Leo said as he shift his laptop away from his body. Nicholas was able to have a full view of his elder brother now.

    Leo was jerking himself vigorously, the expression on his face was intense as his breathing got heavier. Nicholas was watching in anticipation. Leo looked like he was in great pleasure.

    “Ah babe I’m cumming!” Leo exclaimed.

    Nicholas was taken aback by Leo’s sudden yelling. Shortly after Leo ejaculated shots after shots of thick white boycum out from his shaft. This caught Nicholas by surprise as he thought his elder brother was peeing himself, but the liquid that came out from his penis was not urine. It’s thick, milky and gluey.

    “Alright babe, I’ll go wash up now. Catch you later naughty girl.” Leo said as he shut his laptop and proceed to get out of the bed.

    Nicholas got away from the door as soon as he saw Leo making his way out of the room.

    “Di?” Leo blurt out as soon as he saw Nicholas.

    “Eh… hi gor…” Nicholas stuttered.

    “How long have you been homed for?” Leo asked with the delinquent look on his face and his cum filled hand at the back, away from Nicholas’s view.

    “Ermm, I just got home only.” Nicholas replied.

    “Just?” Leo asked.

    “Yeah, one minute ago… Why…?” Nicholas replied while trying his best not to blush.

    “Oh… nothing… I bought pizza, it’s at the kitchen… I’ll take a shower first… what a hot day ha ha.” Leo excused himself with an awkward laugh.

    ‘How hot can it be when the air conditioner is switched on?’ Nicholas thought to himself. Leo is definitely hiding something.

    The day went on as per normal, Leo was busy preparing for his school’s project while Nicholas was drowning in his never ending homework. Although Leo was busy, he still made it a point to check on his little brother if he needs any help.

    “Eh di, can or not. Need help with your maths?” Leo asked as saw the stressed out look on Nicholas’s face.

    Nicholas paused for a second, he was more interested to find out what his elder brother was doing earlier on.

    “Gor, can I ask you something?” Nicholas asked.

    “Yeah sure go ahead.” Leo replied as he puts aside his work and pays attention to his younger brother.

    “Just now… I…” Nicholas stuttered before getting interrupted.

    “Hello boys I am back, can you boys help me to bring the groceries to the kitchen?” The boys’ mother said.

    Nicholas let out a soft sigh, looks like he had to wait a little longer to get his doubts cleared.

    That night, Nicholas could not fall asleep. The scene of his elder brother jerking himself was replaying over and over again in his head. He needed an explanation badly.

    “Goodnight babe, sweet dreams. I love you. Muack!” Leo said as he ended his daily night call with his girlfriend with a kiss on the phone.

    “Gor, is that the person you were talking to this afternoon?” Nicholas asked as he turned his body over facing his brother.

    “Huh?” Leo let out a surprise gasp as he placed his phone on the table beside his bed.

    “What are you talking about?” Leo asked as he started to blush.

    “I saw what you were doing earlier on. Why is your gu gu bird so fat? Why you peed white stuff out from your gu gu?” Nicholas started to bombard Leo with a series of questions.

    “Ermm… I…. Ermm…” Leo was lost for words as he blushed hotly.

    Knowing that his little brother was determined to get an answer, Leo gathered himself and thought of an explanation.

    “Ermm… di, this kind of thing when you grow up you will know. Every big boy will do it, nothing abnormal.” Leo explained to his little brother.

    “Can you teach me how to do it gor? You looked like you were feeling very shiok. I want to try too!” Nicholas exclaimed.

    “No! You are still too young for that!” Leo rebutted.

    “Please gor gor! I really want to try. Just once ok?” Nicholas pleaded.

    “Don’t gor gor me, no means no. Go and sleep.” Leo retorted as he switched off the lights in the room.

    “Please gor, if you don’t teach me I will show mommy what you did.” Nicholas said as he reached out for his phone and started playing a video clip.

    Leo took a closer look at the video that was playing, it was a video of him jerking off that afternoon. Sneaky Nicholas had recorded everything he saw.


    It was the first time Nicholas saw his brother this mad. The yelling from Leo strike fear into Nicholas as tears started forming around his eyes.

    “I… am sorry gor… I just want to know what you were doing…” Nicholas said before bursting into tears.

    “Hey, hush… hush it’s ok. I forgive you alright.” Leo changed his tone after knowing that he frightened his little brother.

    He walked over to Nicholas’s bed and sat beside him, wiping away the tears on his face.

    “Ok you win. I will show you, but promise me that you will delete the video after that alright ?” Leo said.

    “Yes, I promise!” Nicholas replied.

    “Ok, firstly my gu gu is not fat! I was having an erection.” Leo said.

    “What’s an erection?” Nicholas asked

    “It’s something you will get when you are turned on.” Leo explained.

    “How to get turned on?” Nicholas asked.

    Leo was dumbfounded, how is he going to explain all of these to his juvenile brother.

    “That one, you have to wait till you grow up then you will know. I will show you how it’s done and this conversation will end here. You got it?” Leo said.

    Nicholas nodded his head as he awaits for his elder brother next move.

    Leo went over to his bed and took his phone, he went into his secret stash of porn hidden in his phone gallery and started playing his favourite sex clip.

    Although it was kind of weird having his younger brother staring at him while he’s trying to get hard, the girls from the video got the horny teenage boy aroused in no time.

    Nicholas noticed a bugle forming underneath Leo’s shorts.

    “Gor, what are you watching? Let me see!” Nicholas exclaimed as he rushed over and peaked at what Leo was watching.

    “What?! No! You are too young for this!” Leo exclaimed as he tried to hide his phone away from Nicholas.

    “Please gor, just one time!” Nicholas pleaded with his puppy eyes.

    “Ah fine! You win!” Leo exclaimed as he can’t believe he actually gave in to his brother’s request.

    Leo shared the phone with Nicholas and the brothers were watching porn together for the first time.

    “Eww! Gor why the women suck the guy’s gu gu. It is so disgusting!” Nicholas exclaimed as he was disgusted by the blow job scene in the video.

    “Oh boy, you don’t know how much girls craved for our dicks in their mouth.” Leo smirked.

    “Your girlfriend suck your gu gu bird before?” Nicholas asked.

    “Eh! That’s for me to know and not for you to find out!” Leo said as he blushed a little.

    “Gor, show me how you make the white stuff out from your gu gu bird!” Nicholas demanded.

    ‘Is it a natural instinct for guys to be this horny?’ Leo thought to himself.

    “Alright fine!” Leo said as he reached out to the waistband of his shorts and yanked it down towards his knee. His 6inch shaft sprung to life.

    Nicholas stared in awe as he witnessed the full glory of his elder brother’s dick.

    Unknown to the young boy, he was subconsciously getting aroused from all these.

    Leo proceeds to jerked himself as he wrapped his fingers around his shaft. He slides his hand up and down his shaft. He was trying to ignore the existence of his younger brother beside him and concentrate on jerking off.

    Nicholas was trying to copy his brother, he slides his hand discreetly into his shorts and reached out for his shaft. Nicholas was shocked by what he felt. His dick was stiff and hard. It was Nicholas’s first erection.

    Leo on the other hand was in ecstasy. Despite cumming earlier on, this horny teenage boy was full of raging hormones. It didn’t took him long to come close.

    “Ah! I’m cumming, quick di faster look!” Leo exclaimed as he jerked himself furiously.

    Nicholas placed all of his attention on his brother’s dick.

    Leo let out a huge moan and shot all of his remaining boycum out. Nicholas watched in awe as shots after shots of boycum ejaculated from Leo’s shaft. Although it was not as much as what he saw in the afternoon, the amount of boycum was enough to excites Nicholas. He wanted to try too.

    “Ok, that’s all about it. I am going to wash up now and after I am back, I don’t want to hear you mention about this again.” Leo said before putting his pants on and exited the room.

    Nicholas was overwhelmed by what he just witnessed. The fresh cum smell from his brother’s boycum was still pervading through the air. He wanted to have taste of what his brother felt.

    Nicholas started rubbing his hardon. Although erected, Nicholas’s shaft was pretty small. He only requires a few fingers to stroke himself to pleasure. He tried his best to mimic his brother’s actions and started stroking himself. It was a pleasurable feeling that Nicholas never felt before. He started stroking himself while thinking about his elder brother jerking off earlier on. Nicholas’s shaft started to hurt a little due to his tight foreskin wrapping around his shaft.

    Suddenly the door swing open, Leo entered the room. Nicholas was still on Leo’s bed and he quickly covered himself with Leo’s blanket. Hiding his erection from his brother.

    “Eh go back to your bed leh, I want to sleep liao.” Leo said.

    Nicholas’s shaft was still hard, he didn’t want his elder brother to know what he was doing.

    “Faster leh.” Leo rushed.

    “Gor, can I sleep with you tonight.” Nicholas asked.

    “How old already still want to sleep with me?” Leo teased.

    “Please gor, very long never sleep with you already.” Nicholas pleaded.

    “Whatever la, you better not drool on me.” Leo said as he got onto the bed with his younger brother.

    “Goodnight gor.” Nicholas said as he wrapped his arms tightly around his elder brother.

    “Goodnight di.” Leo replied as he placed his arms around Nicholas, hugging him tight.

    That night Nicholas went to bed thinking about the incident over and over again as he fell asleep in his elder brother’s embrace.

    Consanguinity Chapter Two: Desire ($6 only!)


    Will Nicholas keep his promise or will he explore further on his desire. How will the relationship between the brothers develop. Will Leo be the key for Nicholas to discover his sexuality or will his younger brother help him instead? Read on to find out. 

    Consanguinity Chapter Three: Leo’s Awakening ($6)

    Consanguinity Chapter Four: Nicholas’s Tumultuous Adolescent Years  ($5)


    © nottiboyjc

    Special thanks toseoulboiboi for sponsoring this story.


    Not That Different 2

    Chapter Two : Confession  

    “Ryan!” I heard a familiar voice called my name as I scrambled to identify who the voice belonged to. Before I could match the voice with a name, I felt a tap on my shoulder and I turned my head backwards to see who tapped me.

    “Oi Ryan, why never wait for me at the bus stop sia.” Raymond asked.

    I looked towards Raymond expectantly and momentarily stopped inhaling my much-needed air as trepidation swirled in me. 

    ‘Does he know about the missing underwear? Did he find out I was the one who took it!’ A wave of thoughts started flooding my head as I was guilt tripped by my own conscious about what I did the day before.

    “Are you ok?” Raymond asked

    “Huh, ya I’m fine.” I replied.

    “Don’t tell me you stayed up all night to get all those riot points?” Raymond asked incredulously, shaking his head.

    I let out a sigh of relief as it seems like Raymond was not here to confront me about his missing underwear or rather, he didn’t even notice about them missing. 

    “No la… anyhow…” I muttered, after a long silence. 

    We made our way to school together and everything went back to as per normal. 

    Recess came, and I was happily digging into my favorite plate of chicken rice when my attention got distracted by a commotion across the table. 

    “Oi gay boy! Knitting your panties is it!” A hoarse voiced yelled across the canteen.

    It was the notorious school bully and his group of accomplices. They’re always up to no good and this time round, they’re picking on Thomas. 

    Thomas didn’t actually say that he like guys but it’s because of his passion for knitting that got him associated with the word gay. 

    You see, the word gay is used for all sorts of insults in school. When your character is overly powerful in a game, you’ll be called gay. When you display feminine behavior, you’ll be called gay and not forgetting those who’re really gay. 

    Growing up, the word gay has been linked with so much shame and that’s why most of the boys will do whatever they can to stay away from getting associated with the word. 

    “Fucking gay, do this kind of gu niang stuff for fuck!” The bully continued yelling at Thomas while the rest of his accomplices started destroying the half knitted shirt that Thomas was working on. 

    “Hey, stop it! Stop it please.” Thomas begged, his voice hoarse with terror and panic. 

    There was an urge for me to stand up and defend Thomas, I wanted to tell the bullies to leave him alone but the fear of getting myself caught into the conflict was holding me back. I remained at my seat and watched how the bullies continued their relentless harassing on Thomas. 

    “Eh Ryan don’t watch already! Faster eat leh, then we can go play soccer.” Raymond said as he hurried me to finish my meal. I brushed the incident aside and finished up my meal before joining the rest of the boys from my class in the field.

    School eventually came to an end and I went over to Raymond’s house as usual to have our daily dose of LOL together. We were somehow bored of the game already, perhaps we’ve been playing it so much lately that it didn’t excites us like before. Raymond suggested watching a movie together. We ran through the list of movies and selected one, which the both of us haven’t watched before. Raymond clicked onto the thumbnail and the movie started loading. Just when the movie was about to play, an advertisement popped out from the screen. It was an advertisement on some pornography site. A short video of a sex scene started playing. 

    “Eee gross!” I blurted out when I saw the guy in the video started licking the women’s crotch.

    “Seriously? That’s the hottest part dude!” Raymond rebutted. 

    “How is licking someone’s ass hot!” I exclaimed.

    “You’re obviously still a baby, don’t know how to enjoy. I bet you never masturbate before right!” Raymond started teasing me.

    “Who… who… says! I… I masturbate daily!” I broke out hastily.

    “Sure not? I doubt you even know what that word means.” Raymond continued teasing me. 

    Well, Raymond was right. I didn’t actually know what the word masturbate means, in fact I often misheard it as ‘master bed’. However, from the daily sexual jokes the boys in my class made, I roughly figure out that it got to do with something sexual. 

    “Ya la, sex stuff. You think I don’t know meh?” I rebutted, trying to sound cool.

    “Eh Rayan, since there’s no one else at home now, why not we watch some porn together.” Raymond suggested with his eyes lit with mischief. 

    I ejaculated an unrestrained “huh!” as I was caught by surprise from Raymond’s suggestion.

    “Erm…” my mind scrambled to think of a reply but before I could think of one, Raymond started hitting the porn website which he visits often.

    “Ryan, you’re in for a treat man. This is one of my favorite collection!” Raymond exclaimed with excitement build up in his eyes.

    As soon as the video started playing, Raymond yanked down his shorts immediately. 

    My delighted eyes darted across in Raymond’s direction. I was ogling at his crotch hoping to finally get a glimpse of his dick, hidden underneath. 

    Raymond gave his crotch a few rub before he yanked down his underwear. 

    My face lit up instantly as I watched his shaft sprung out from its confinement. Raymond’s shaft was semi-hard at the moment, but with every stroke from his hand, Raymond’s shaft started pumping up and increased in size. Soon, his shaft grew to its full 6.5inch length. My eyes were locked onto Raymond’s precious tool, I was so impressed and envy of his size. His dick was beautiful, the uncircumcised tool was filled with just the right amount of veins to make it look incredibly sexy. I was astonished by it 

    “Eh Ryan don’t just sit there leh, wank together man. How can you resist this!” Raymond exclaimed, his voiced interrupted my thoughts and brought me back to reality. I don’t know how long I’ve been staring at his dick, but I don’t think there’s anything else I would rather be looking at, other than his dick. I felt my crotch getting tighter as my dick started erecting underneath my pants. 

    Raymond saw that I was fidgeting and noticed the bugle on my crotch. 

    “See I’d told you, you confirm cannot resist one.” Raymond teased as he reached out to my crotch and grabbed onto it, playfully.

    I flinched the moment I felt Raymond’s fingers wrapped around my crotch. It felt really good having his hand on my dick, but sadly it didn’t last for long. Raymond went back jerking himself shortly after. 

    “Eh come Ryan, let’s see who can cum first.” Raymond suggested 

    Under the pressure of Raymond, I unbuckled my school pants hesitantly and yanked down my underwear. My 6inch shaft revealed itself for the first time in front of Raymond. Raymond took a quick glance and checked my size out before going back to paying attention on the screen.

    I was observing the way how Raymond jerked his shaft and I went on mimicking his actions afterwards. I wrapped my fingers around my shaft and started jerking it, just like how Raymond was doing. However, I began to feel a sharp pain the instant I felt my foreskin being pulled downwards. 

    I was wondering how Raymond managed to jerk himself so effortlessly. I tried jerking myself again, but this time with lesser strength and more precision. I managed to get a hang of it and eventually jerked myself till I was feeling pleasure. 

    My attention was back on Raymond as I watched him jerked himself. The intense expression on his face and his erotic moans were sending me to the edge of my seat.

    Whatever that was playing on the screen wasn’t a concern for me now, my eyes were glued onto Raymond as I jerked myself to the sight of Raymond jerking himself right in front of me. 

    The sight of Raymond jerking off was too much for me to handle. I started feeling a tingling sensation at the tip of my shaft. I thought that I had to pee, but I didn’t want to miss a second of what’s going on. I held back my urge and continued jerking onto my shaft, but the feeling became more intense. 

    I didn’t want to stop jerking myself as the I was overwhelmed by the pleasure I was feeling. I ignored the warnings from my body and continued jerking myself while ogling at Raymond’s precious tool. 

    Soon, a radiating sensation started invading my senses and before I knew it, I lost control. Shot after shot of thick gluey liquid started erupting out from my shaft and sprayed all over my school uniform. 

    “Oh shit!” I blurted out in shocked as I thought I’d just peed all over myself. 

    “Ha ha, see I told you, you confirm cannot resist!” Raymond laughed as he saw the mess I’ve made. 

    I started examining the damage I’ve done and was glad that I was not covered entirely by my so-called pee. I was left in a state of eureka from the pleasurable sensation I felt earlier on and was kind of disappointed that it ended so quickly, I wanted more. 

    I looked across at Raymond and saw him still jerking onto himself. 

    My eyes were lit with mischief once again as a wave of adrenaline surged through my veins, what I did next was something I’ve never thought I’ll do.

    I got up from my seat and kneeled in front of Raymond. I grabbed onto his hands and moved them away from his dick.

    “Eh Ryan what are you doing…” Raymond stuttered as his eyes scrunched in disbelief at what I was doing. 

    Before he could finish his sentence, I lowered my head onto his shaft and wrapped my lips tightly against his shaft, before sliding all the way down to the base of his shaft, taking his entire 6.5inch in. I was imitating what the lady was doing in the video and apparently it works. Raymond was moaning louder than before, he wasn’t even stopping me. The raging hormones in me was driving me insane, I know I might not have another opportunity like this and I wanted to make full use of it. 

    I started sliding my mouth, hard and fast onto Raymond’s shaft. Each time I went down, I hauled in a lungful through my nose and picked up Raymond’s boyhood scent from his crotch. The scent was so much muskier as compared to his undies. It was driving me insane. 

    Raymond’s body was twitching from the pleasure he was getting from my mouth. He started moaning uncontrollably and I saw his eyes rolled back in pure pleasure. It was probably the first time he gets his dick sucked and the feeling was beyond anything he felt before. Raymond’s raging hormones started taking over his conscious. It doesn’t matter to him that the person sucking his dick is a guy and also his best friend. He started becoming more aggressive and thrusted his hips forward till his shaft hits the back of my mouth.

    Being able to taste Raymond’s dick in my mouth was making me equally aroused too. I carried on delving onto his rock-hard shaft despite almost gagging on it a few times. 

    Raymond’s body started trembling, I could feel him shaking as his moans became louder and more intense than before. 

    “Ah! Oh My God!” Raymond exclaimed as he started tapping onto my shoulders. It seems like he wanted me to stop. 

    I was wondering if I should stop, but I don’t want to. I was enjoying the taste of Raymond’s dick in my mouth, why would I stop. I ignored the warning from Raymond and continued sucking hard on his shaft. 

    Suddenly, Raymond reached out to the back of my head and pulled me closer to him while he gave a final thrust into my mouth. The next thing I felt was shots of warm, thick fluid erupting into my mouth. Initially I thought Raymond peed into my mouth, but the liquid that came out of from his shaft was thick and sticky. It was definitely not pee.

    I began to taste the sticky fluid that Raymond ejaculated into my mouth, it was full of flavours. It tasted sweet initially but as Raymond ejaculated more of it into my mouth, the taste turned bitter and metallic. It was a horrible taste! I immediately pulled back from Raymond’s shaft as I was about to vomit from the taste of it. 

    Raymond leaned back onto his seat and catches his breath while I was holding in his fluid in my mouth. I didn’t want to spit them out as they came from Raymond’s dick. I wanted a part of Raymond in me. I took a deep breath and swallowed the fluid down my throat. Raymond heard the glurp sound and his eyes flickered in a moment of shock.

    “You… you swallowed my cum?” Raymond blurted out in shock.

    I remained silent and looked at Raymond expectantly. 

    “Ryan, are you gay?” Raymond asked, his tone casual but laced with curiosity.

    “I… don’t know… I…” I stuttered as I was lost for words. I wasn’t as bold as earlier, there was so much at stake here, I’m afraid I would ruin our friendship if I say something wrong.

    Raymond simply watched me with those leonine eyes of his, while waiting for an answer from me. I know I had to give him a reply soon.

    I gathered all my courage and momentarily stopped breathing as I prepared myself for the confession.

    “Raymond… I… I’m really grateful to be friends with you. However lately, I realized that you’re more than just a friend to me. I… I like you, I really do. I don’t expect things to change between us, but I really hope that you will still be my friend.” I confessed with tense gaiety. Tears started flooding the corner of my eyes as a surge of emotions overwhelmed me.

    A moment of silence broke out and I could feel my heart thudding in my chest as I waited nervously for a respond from Raymond.

    “Cool… yeah… don’t worry. We are still friends.” Raymond muttered, after a long silence.

    My face lit up upon hearing those words from Raymond. I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my chest as I confessed my feelings to him. The best part was, Raymond actually accepted me for who I am. It was the happiest day of my life.  

    To be continued…

    Chapter One : Friendship

    © nottiboyjc



    ~ Bullies can only prey on the weak. Be strong and stand up against them ~



    Since you all enjoyed Shenton Way so much, here’s another one with Sam and me. If you missed it, it’s here: https://6sg.tumblr.com/post/176806783064/shenton-way

    Sam and I had been going out for only a couple of months when we decided that we needed a holiday away, together. Bangkok was an easy choice. Sam told his family a white lie about going away with some friends, and we both applied from leave from our jobs, to coincide with a public holiday, so we could schedule a trip for the resulting four day long weekend.

    It was an easy-going trip: we had nothing planned, but had plenty of advice on where to go, what to eat, and things to do. It was really Sam’s holiday. He had plans - buy funky t-shirts at the Chatuchat market, say prayers at the Erawan shrine - and I was accompanying him. We’d both been to Bangkok before, for Songkran, and we were no strangers to the delights of DJ Station and the gay/gogo bars nearby, but this was our first time together.

    Sam was a different person in Bangkok. He laughed more, and seemed to speak louder. He didn’t worry about being seen with me, and he paid me a lot of attention, even trying to carry my luggage as well as his own - that was funny, he almost fell over. Even on the way over to the hotel, he was more affectionate: nothing too obvious, but he leaned against me in the airport shuttle, stood very close to me when we registered at reception, and sort of snuggled against me in the lift up to our room. It was like he couldn’t bear not to be in contact. It was nice.

    Our hotel room was on a high floor, and had a giant window right next to the bed, with an unblocked view of the city. Sam and I had put our bags down and explored the room (free coffee and tea, and a minibar!), then he had grabbed some things from his bags gone to the toilet. I stayed by the window - I  liked the view. I could just about make out people in the distance, tiny dots, going about their business. My viewing was interrupted - I felt a hand in the small of my back, and when I turned, I saw that Sam had changed into his swimming trunks.

    Sam looked really good - he preferred the very brief Speedo cut, and his trunks were bright red. He looked like a Japanese porn star: tall, smooth, fair and moderately broad-shouldered, not exactly twinky but not far off, with slightly mounded pecs and surprisingly dark, small nipples, and a faint treasure trail that led to a dick that was small and cute when soft, but which grew into a hefty club when hard, narrow at the base tapering out to a big blunt head - the balls which hung under it were also big, so Sam’s junk was my favourite toy. That junk filled out his trunks very nicely, which might explain why I found myself getting a little turned on.

    “Want to go for a swim?” he said.

    “Sounds good,” I said, and tried to step past him to get my swim things, but he stopped me.

    “I need some help first,” Sam said. I was concerned.

    “What kind of help?” I said.

    “You can help me show Bangkok how well my boyfriend sucks my cock,” he said. He pulled me in close for a rough kiss before putting a hand on my shoulder. He pushed down. This take-charge Sam was a change from his usual self: I liked it. I took his physical instruction, going down till I was half-kneeling, half-sitting on the ground, both of us side by side in front of the window, with Sam facing me.

    Sam’s groin was at eye level, and he put his hands on his hips as I pulled down the front of his red swimming briefs, sliding my hands to pull down the waist band on either side so that the whole thing slipped down to rest on his thighs, under his butt. His dick wasn’t hard at all, a pale brown worm in a nest of straggly pubes, but I knew I could fix that.

    I kissed his belly button, sliding my tongue down his flat stomach, tracing his snail trail, kissing him right above the base of his cock. He exhaled a sigh as I lifted his dick up to kiss his big balls. I sucked them - they were hanging loose - and then kissed his flaccid cock, slipping my tongue into the opening of his foreskin to brush against the slit. He stiffened, and I took him into my mouth, all of him, so that I could feel him growing as I sucked gently on him.

    When he had stiffened more, I took him out of my mouth, and held him up so that I could lick up from the base where it met his balls all the way to the tip. He’d grown nicely: Sam’s club was fully in evidence, and his foreskin had retracted enough that the tip of his dickhead was peeping out, fierce and red. I concentrated on servicing my boyfriend, momentarily aware that the two of us would have been perfectly framed in the window. I let saliva fill my mouth so I could slurp on his rod, a sloppy blowjob, and when Sam gasped, I sucked wetly on his balls, first one then the other, while I jacked his cock.

    He let out a low moan, and when I looked up, I saw that he had one hand on his chest, fingering a nipple, while he had his other hand behind him, fingering his hole I guessed. I took him back into my mouth, and moved my head back and forth, then held still while Sam took over and fucked my face. He put both his hands behind my head, held me gently still as he pushed his big cock in and out of my mouth, while I did my best not to gag. We’d done this before, so Sam managed not to push too far in or too hard.

    “Cannot, cannot,” he said, “I cannot,” and then he backed away, pulling himself out of my mouth. He pulled his trunks down all the way, and I got to see his dick bounce when he stood back up, and then he stepped out of them, turned around and backed up so that I had access to his ass. He bent forward a bit, and used his hands to spread his cheeks.

    I could see his asshole, a pink rosebud behind a bramble of wiry hairs. I bent forward to kiss it, and Sam moaned again, and he ground his ass gently back against me as I tongued his hole, letting the tip of my tongue flick around the edge of it before pressing against the centre. I lapped at it with the flat of my tongue, and kissed it again, almost frenchkissing his pucker. I felt tightening and loosening as I did so, and he was gasping and moaning from my rim job.

    When he stepped away from me and straightened up, I saw that he was sweating, even though the room’s air conditioning was pretty cold.

    “Enough?” I said, still on my knees on the floor.

    “Fuck, no,” Sam said, in his low voice. “Now you gotta fuck me.”

    He didn’t have to ask me twice. I went to my bags and got a condom and a couple of sachets of lube out (I had come prepared, of course) and when I got back to the window, Sam was waiting, naked and kneeling. He undid the buttons of my jeans, and tugged them down enough that he could slide my boxer briefs down, too. He didn’t have to do too much, since I was already half-hard from sucking and rimming him before.

    He jacked my cock a little, polished the head, and then took the condom and lube from me. He sucked on my cockhead, getting me hard, while he ripped open the condom, and then he rolled it on my waiting erection. He squirted some lube onto it, once I was gloved up, and then reached behind him to lube himself up, and then he stood up, bracing with both hands against the picture window, jutting his small but firm butt out at me.

    I spread him open with my thumbs, bent my legs a bit and placed my tip at his opening. He turned his head to one side, and we kissed. Sam moaned into my open mouth as I pushed into him, and I stopped when I got to his ring. He was so tight. I backed up, pushed in again, and then pushed in again - stopped another time, then backed up a little, and pushed in all the way, forcing my way into him till I was in deep. He turned back towards the window, and I put my hands on his hips. I started slow, almost all the way out till only the head was in, and then in all the way, feeling again the resistance when I hit his ring. A few more slow thrusts, Sam moaning low and soft all the time, and finally he was loosened up enough that I felt like I could go faster.

    I sped up a bit, and then realised that Sam was pushing back against me.

    “Harder,” he said, and I obliged, in deeper, more shallow strokes but faster and harder. I pressed myself against his back, had my hands on his chest, his nipples firm and erect under my fingers. I brushed them and played with them, kissed the side of his neck, and Sam responded, bucking back against me. I moved a hand down, explored his junk, and found that he was even bigger and harder than before, dripping precum. Sam always got good and hard with a dick in his ass, and he often stayed hard the entire time I rammed him.

    I jacked him as I pumped into him, and Sam made even more noises, low grunting as he took the hard fucking I was giving him.

    “Bastard,” he said, “Fuck me so good.”

    “You like it, right?” I whispered into his ear.

    “Fuck la,” he said, in between grunts,  “Make me so slut.”

    That turned me on even more. I straightened up, had one hand on his waist, and Sam held still while I ploughed him hard. I grabbed his hair and pulled, and he tilted his head towards me, arched his back to thrust his ass towards me. I went faster, feeling myself rising.

    “Fuck, fuck, FUCK,” he called out, as I hammered him, my body slapping into him with a loud sound from the force of the thrusting.

    He put one hand down from the glass, and jerked himself off, managing to moan “CUMMING,” before I felt him tightening around me in several hard pulses, as he let go of his control and unloaded, spraying against the glass and down onto the hotel room carpet. That was enough to set me off, and I felt my hips bucking involuntarily as I came too, pumping out into his ass.

    When I finished, I thrust a couple more times, and then pulled out. Sam straightened back up, turning away from the window - I could see the two smears where his hands had been, a dribble of cum down the bottom of the window, and some droplets and strings of cum already drying on the carpet. I delicately took my condom off: it wasn’t entirely clean, because Sam hadn’t had time to clean himself out completely before we fucked.

    He went into the shower first, and then I took a turn, just a quick one. Sam had already slipped back into his trunks. I dried myself off, got into my own swim gear, grabbed another clean towel, and then we went down to the pool, for some sun-tanning and splashing around.



    It’s the school holidays, the rugby boys from Malcolm Secondary were on an overseas trip to Thailand. They were there to train with the local rugby team. 

    The boys were paired up and assigned a room together. Samuel’s stomach fluttered with excitement when his coach announced that he will be sharing a room together with Imran. Imran is the vice-captain of the team and Samuel’s longest crush. His charisma and sporting personality helped kept the team’s moral up high. However it’s what’s underneath his shirt that attracts Samuel.

    Despite being young at age, Imran’s body is packed with a set of well defined, solid abs and a barrel-chested chest. Samuel’s eyes will always be helplessly drawn to Imran’s pinkish nipples whenever they are changing, as he fantasize sucking on them. Now that they are sharing a room together, Samuel can only anticipate for more.

    The boys finally reached the hotel after a day of traveling. They were all exhausted from the long ride and can’t wait to settle in for the night. 

    “Wow, not the bad huh?” Imran said as he entered the hotel room. 

    “Yup, it’s cleaner than I expected.” Samuel replied as he closed the door after bringing in all their stuff.  

    “Bro, you mind if I take a shower first?” Imran asked as he settled down his belongings.

    “Sure, go ahead.” Samuel replied.

    “Thanks.” Imran said as he placed his wallet and phone on the desk before making his way to the bathroom.

    Samuel began unpacking his stuff while waiting.

    In the midst of unpacking, Samuel heard a series of buzzing sound. He saw Imran’s phone lighted up at the desk. His phone must have got connected to the wifi in the hotel as the endless chain of notification started coming in.

    Samuel wondered who was spamming Imran with messages as he went forward to the desk and took a peak at Imran’s phone. Samuel’s eyes widen in disbelief as he was greeted by a familiar notification shown on Imran’s phone. 

    “What!” Samuel blurted out as he dumbfounded by what he just saw.

    He picked up Imran’s phone and took another look at the notifications. He read the words thoroughly, making sure that his eyes were not playing tricks on him.

    What he saw was indeed notifications from a gay hook up app.  

    ‘What! Imran is gay? Why is he using this app!’ Tons of thoughts started running through Samuel’s mind but before he can ponder on it further, the shower sound stopped and Imran was about to come out from the bathroom. 

    Samuel quickly placed Imran’s phone on the desk before going back to unpack his stuff. 

    “Hey bro, I’m done. It’s you turn now.” Imran said as he exited the bathroom. 

    “Hey Imran, can I ask you… something?” Samuel stuttered.

    “Sure, what is it?” Imran replied. 

    Samuel wanted to confront Imran about what he just saw but he can’t seem to bring the topic out. He was worried that things might turn awkward between them.

    “Ermm… I.. ermm… can I use your soap?” Samuel stuttered. 

    “Ya. Sure go ahead.” Imran said. 

    It seems like Samuel can only keep that burning question of his, to himself as he drown his thoughts under the running water.

    The next few days were packed with back to back trainings, the boys were all exhausted by the time the returned to the hotel. Samuel didn’t have the energy to think about the incident or to talk to Imran about it. Just as he thought the matter will be put to rest, a twist of fate created the opportunity for him.  

    It was the boys last day in Thailand before they have to return home. They were given free time to roam around the shopping mall near the hotel. Most of the boys were all eager to explore the mall by themselves as they rushed to the mall instantly. Imran on the other hand, preferred to remain back at the hotel to pack up his stuff. He remained behind while the rest of the boys went on a shopping spree.  

    Half way through packing, Imran noticed a pile of dirty laundry beside Samuel’s bed. Among them was Samuel’s soiled rugby jersey. He had worn that set of jersey for the past few days during training and it was soaked with his sweat. It was lying there on the floor, inviting Imran to pick it. 

    Imran can’t help but to stare at it, as he fantasize how Samuel’s soiled jersey would smell like with all his boyish scent on it. The more he think about it, the tighter his shorts became as he felt his shaft coming to life. The past few days were packed with back to back trainings, Imran didn’t have the time to unload himself. This was the perfect opportunity for Imran to release himself. He went towards the pile of soiled clothes and picked up Samuel’s rugby jersey. Upon picking up the jersey, Imran immediately brought the worn jersey close to his face and took a deep sniff at it. Samuel’s musky, sweaty scent invaded Imran’s senses as he let out a moan in pleasure.  

    “Fuck!” Imran exclaimed as Samuel’s intoxicating boyish scent was driving him insane. All the sexual frustration within him was waiting to be release.  

    Imran reached out for his phone and plugged in his earpiece before going straight into his secret stash of porn collection. He started playing his favourite video as he continued sniffing Samuel’s worn jersey. Imran envisioned Samuel being next to him as he inhale his boyish scent. He yanked his shorts together with his underwear down to his knees and his rock hard shaft immediately sprung to life.  

    He wrapped his hand around his shaft and began stroking it while sniffing onto Samuel’s scent. Imran closed his eyes and envisioned Samuel on top of him, stroking his dick. The moaning sounds from the porn video was helping Imran to let his imagination run wild as he imagined those moans were made by Samuel.  

    Imran was so engrossed in his own reverie, he didn’t heard the door open. 

    Samuel had forgotten to bring his wallet along and came back to retrieve it. Upon stepping into the room, Samuel’s eyes widen in surprise as he saw Imran lying in the bed half naked. Once Samuel recovered from the shock, he noticed Imran’s face was covered up. Samuel took a closer look and found something familiar, Imran’s face was covered by his jersey as Samuel recognized his jersey number that was printed on it. 

    ‘Fuck! Is Imran jerking off to my jersey?’ Samuel was lost for words as he couldn’t believe his eyes. He could never had imagine that Imran will be jerking off to his scent.  

    ‘Could Imran be interested in me?’ Samuel thought to himself as he decides to find it out for himself. 

    Samuel carefully made his way out of the room before entering again. However, this time he made as much noise as possible to alert Imran of his arrival. 

    Imran was jerking his shaft furiously, he was about to reach climax when the loud intruding sound of the door opening, interrupted him. Imran immediately snapped out of his fantasy and started panicking. 

    “Shit!” Imran cursed as he frantically reached out to the quilt on the bed and covers himself while hiding Samuel’s jersey underneath.  

    Samuel took his time to enter back into the room again, giving Imran sufficient time to respond. 

    Upon entering the room, Samuel could see the nervous look on Imran’s face, as he composed himself and pretends nothing was going on. The tense look on Imran’s face was adorable yet hilarious. Samuel was holding back his laughters as he decides to teased Imran further. 

    “Hey bro, taking a nap ah?” Samuel asked upon making eye contact with Imran.  

    “Huh? Eh… ya… kind of tired…” Imran stuttered.

    “Oh, sorry to disturb you. By the way, have you seen my jersey? That one that I wore during training?” Samuel asked as he can’t help but to let out a little smirk on his face. He already knew where his jersey was at that moment but he wanted to tease Imran.  

    “Huh? Jersey?” Imran gasped.  

    Samuel noticed a tent poking out right in the middle of Imran’s crotch, underneath the quilt.

    ‘He must be really horny to still remain rock hard throughout.’ Samuel thought to himself. Samuel decides to seize the moment and play along with Imran.  

    “Wow, wow, wow! Is that a tent underneath the quilt. Are you jerking off Imran?” Samuel said while winking conspiratorially at Imran. 

    “What… don’t anyhow… I was… sleeping.” Imran stumbled as his face started growing red from embarrassment.  

    Samuel said nothing, he dashed towards Imran’s bed and pulled the quilt away. Imran didn’t have time to respond as he watches the quilt being pulled away from him, exposing his bare crotch in front of Samuel.  

    Samuel was greeted by Imran’s rock hard shaft as soon as the quilt got yanked away.  

    “Ah ha! Caught you!” Samuel smirked.  

    Imran face turned red from embarrassment as he desperately tries to cover his crotch with his hands. 

    “Eh, why is my jersey with you?” Samuel asked as he pointed to his jersey next to Imran.

    “Huh? Ermm what jersey? You anyhow throw on my bed ah?” Imran said. 

    “Wow, don’t tell me you are jerking off to my used jersey?” Samuel said with a twisted smile on his face. 

    Imran tried to explain himself but nothing came out from his mouth as the truth was laid bare and there was no way he can provide an explanation out of this.

    “I’m sorry Samuel, I can’t help it. Please don’t tell anyone.” Imran apologised as he begs Samuel for forgiveness. 

    Samuel wanted to divulge the truth and let Imran know that he’s gay too, but he had something else up his sleeve. 

    “What the hell bro, I am going to let everyone know!” Samuel exclaimed as he pretends to be furious.  

    “No please! Don’t! I will do anything, just don’t tell anyone!” Imran begged as he dashed towards the door to prevent Samuel from leaving. 

    ‘I knew he will say that!’ Samuel thought to himself as he let out a smirk on his face. 

    “Anything? Are you sure, you will do anything?” Samuel smirked.

    “Yup! Anything, just don’t tell anyone!’ Imran desperately begged.  

    Samuel walked towards Imran who was standing near the door. 

    “Let me suck your dick.” Samuel said. 

    “Huh?” Imran let out a surprise gasp. He wasn’t expecting Samuel’s reply to be like this. 

    Samuel went forward and grabbed onto Imran’s hand. He pulled Imran’s hand towards him and placed it on his crotch. 

    Imran’s eyes widen in surprise as he was shocked by what he felt. Samuel’s shaft was rock hard underneath his shorts. Imran tighten his grip around Samuel’s crotch to confirm his suspicion.  

    “I’m gay too, I saw you using the gay app before and I’ve been wanting to come out to you, but I just don’t know how. I guess now you can smell my scent straight from my body instead of my jersey.” Samuel said.  

    “Wah fuck you la! I was dam scared you will tell the rest man!” Imran exclaimed as he let out a sigh of relief.

    “Ha ha sorry, you were so cute with that anxious look on your face, I cannot sia.” Samuel burst into laughters.  

    “I’m so going to make you choke! Get down on your knees now!” Imran commanded.  

    “Yes daddy!” Samuel said as he played along with Imran. 

    Samuel got down on his knees and reached out to grabbed onto Imran’s shaft. Imran was getting soft from all the drama earlier but within seconds he was rock hard again. 

    Samuel curled his fingers around Imran’s rock hard erection and gently move up and down, letting Imran penis feel the warmth from his hand.  

    Imran let out a soft moan as he felt Samuel tighten his grip around his shaft. 

    Samuel noticed a layer of precum formed at the tip of Imran’s shaft. He placed his thumb at the tip of Imran’s shaft and started swirling it in circles. 

    Imran’s body started twitching from the extreme pleasure he was getting. He wanted to fuck Samuel’s mouth so badly. 

    Imran took charge next, he grabbed onto the back of Samuel’s head and push Samuel face closer to his crotch. 

    Samuel was able to smell the musky boyhood scent emitting from Imran’s shaft. While he was indulging in Imran’s scent, Imran already placed shaft at the tip of his mouth. Without a warning, Imran rammed his rock hard shaft straight into Samuel’s mouth. 

    Samuel immediately opened his mouth wide to receive Imran’s shaft. Imran went straight, all the way to the back of Samuel’s mouth. Samuel felt his mouth getting filled up by Imran’s shaft. Inch by inch, Samuel took everything in until it hits the back of his throat causing him to gag on it. 

    “Told you I will make you choke!” Imran smirked as he watches Samuel choke on his dick.

    Imran pulled his shaft back a little, allowing Samuel to catch his breath. After making sure that Samuel was fine, Imran began thrusting his shaft in and out of Samuel’s mouth. Samuel wrapped his lips tightly around Imran’s shaft while Imran did the rest of the work.  

    It didn’t took long before Imran was close, he quickly pulled out from Samuel’s mouth as he didn’t want to cum so fast. 

    Imran help Samuel to get back up on his feet before whispering into his ear. 

    “Fuck me.” Imran whispered huskily in Samuel’s ear.

    Samuel was ecstatic to learn that Imran is a bottom. He lifted the shirt that Imran was wearing and yanked it away from Imran. Samuel reached out for his soiled jersey and threw them at Imran. 

    “Put that on bitch!” Samuel exclaimed.

    “Yes daddy!” Imran replied as he picked up Samuel’s soiled jersey and took another sniff at it before putting them on. Samuel’s musky sweaty scent surrounded Imran as he puts on the soiled jersey.

    “Show me your ass bitch!” Samuel exclaimed as he pushed Imran onto the bed. Imran raised his legs up high, exposing his boyhole to Samuel.

    Samuel yanked his shorts down and his rock hard shaft immediately sprung to life. 

    Samuel spat onto his hand and rubbed his shaft, coating it with his saliva. Once he’s done, he grabbed hold onto both of Imran’s legs and lifted them up. He placed both of Imran’s legs on his shoulders, fully exposing Imran’s boyhole.

    “Fuck me daddy!” Imran exclaimed.

    “Oh yeah? You want my dick in your ass bitch?” Samuel taunted.

    “Yes, fuck me now!” Imran begged.

    Samuel was ready and without much hesitation he jammed his rock hard shaft into Imran’s boyhole. Imran screamed out loud in pain as he felt his boyhole tearing apart.

    Samuel went all the way into Imran’s boyhole and remained there for a while, allowing Imran to adapt to his size.

    “You ok?” Samuel asked.

    “Yeah, fuck me hard!” Imran begged.

    “If you say so.” Samuel smirked as he started thrusting his shaft in and out of Imran’s boyhole. 

    Samuel was in trance, he pumped hard and jammed his shaft all the way into the Imran’s boyhole. He fucked hard and fast till his crown jewels started slapping onto the Imran’s butt. 

    Imran could feel his entire boyhole getting filled up by Samuel’s shaft, every time Samuel trusted his hips in, he could feel Samuel’s shaft hitting the inside of his boyhole, simulating his prostate. His shaft was twitching badly as his boycum started gathering at the tip of his shaft. He was near.

    Samuel knew the Imran was near as his moaning started to get more and more intense. Samuel increased his speed and fucked harder and faster than before. The sound of his balls slapping hard onto the Imran’s butt echoed in the room.

    “Fuck! I am going to cum!” Imran screamed out loud.

    Shot after shots of his boycum started ejaculating out from his shaft. It was an endlessly flow of cum shooting out, as Imran emptied a week worth of cum.

    “Fuck… I am going to cum too!” Samuel warned as his body started twitching. He gave Imran’s boyhole one hard and deep thrust, penetrating all the way into Imran’s boyhole. Imran was clenching his boyhole tight, wrapping his rectum tightly around Samuel’s shaft.

    “Oh my god! Cumming!” Samuel screamed as his body twitched badly. Shot after shots of thick cum started erupting out of Samuel’s shaft, shooting all the way into Imran’s boyhole. Imran could feel, warm shots of Samuel’s cum hitting his prostate and filling up his boyhole.

    Samuel pulled his shaft out and watched his boycum ooze out of Imran’s boyhole. He had just breed the vice-captian’s boyhole and filled it up with his boycum.

    “Fuck man! That’s was so fucking good!” Imran cried out as he recovers from the massive fuck.

    “So, I smell better or my jersey?” Samuel said.

    “Both equally smelly!” Imran teased.

    “Is it, but someone likes it right? Ha ha.” Samuel laughed as gave Imran a tight intimate hug.

    The boys cuddled on the bed as they recovers from the massive ejaculation they just had.



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