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    ❤👁🧡👁💛👁💚👁💙👁💜 opus Dei; a good man with high ideals for equality and social justice in the United States; assassinated because of his goodness, his unwanted goodness.👁🧠🇺🇸 Then his brother, RFK, and then Martin Luther King Jr., all essentially assassinated for the same reason; they stood for GOOD, for equality, for social justice.👁🧠🇺🇸😱💔🇺🇸💔🇺🇸💔🇺🇸😳🤯😢🥺👁🧠🇺🇸


    We never expect perfection from any president. JFK was as imperfect as they come.

    But we (well half of us apparently) do expect GOOD. And @gmago1008 rightly points out that is where we fail so often - by either assasination or just plain making the wrong choice.

    But we..., errr, rather, about half of us apparently expect RESPECT from a president. As my friend @gmago1008 points out, that respect comes in the form of standing for equality, and just plain old good.


    “Bros before hoes!”

    That’s what me and my gym buddies would always say to each other, it was our way of saying that we would stand against anything that went against us, together. It was our way of saying that we were tied together by bro-hood. At the time, I didn’t realise that I would end up falling for another bro.


    Dudes. Where it’s at. Always.


    You manage a sex blog where you post ripped photos of men who probably do support trump.. yet you make a bio saying otherwise and post libtard shit.. silence your fag voice and go back to your internalized homophobia blog.

    This just made me HARD.