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black lives matter, "blue lives" don't

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    “elvira has a butch wife who is her personal trainer” cresting the stormy hellscape of 2021 like jesus calmly walking across the sea


    The whole “people are the true monsters of rural horror” trend is bad and dumb, and you are falling for bourgeoisie and liberal propaganda. The working rural class is not your enemy nor are they composed only of the alt-right. You have been lied to and live in suburban ignorance.


    The true aspects of Appalachian and deep south horror is rural decay, stagnant water, environmental destruction, early death, child workers, and the abuse of the working class. In other words capitalism.


    MSNBC host Medhi Hasan cited Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY), who once protested the Republican National Convention because of former President Donald Trump, but now she has gone all in.

    Discussing the new GOP conspiracy from "critical race theory" to the "great replacement theory," Hasan explained it's just another opportunity for Republicans to promote white supremacy.

    "It's white nationalist propaganda," he said. "It's the kind of thing that led to Hispanics being gunned down in El Paso. It led to Jews being massacred in a synagogue in Pittsburgh. It used to be backed by Trump alone. Now it's Elise Stefanik, who is supposed to be a moderate Republican. In 2016, she didn't show up to the RNC because she objected to Trump. Now she's pushing this nonsense. It tells you, sadly white supremacy is now a key ideology of the Republican Party. It's not white nationalist adjacent. It's part and parcel of the party's views. Number two, there are no moderate Republicans left. When it came to voting rights, Liz Cheney and [Adam] Kinzinger voted against voting rights. Where are the Republicans where the entire party is heading into the arms of neo-Nazis?"

    Host Ayman Mohyeldin said that the new litmus test is how close someone is to Trump and it is no longer about core issues.


    The Republicans are now a neo-fascist, white supremacist party. They should be clearly labeled as such by the press. It is way past time for euphemisms and hedging when discussing Republicans. They are no longer a party that supports true American values. Anyone with a conscience needs to vote them out of office.

    This is how Germany during the Weimar Republic changed into a fascist state. It happened slowly. People rationalized their voting choices. And suddenly, democracy and sanity were gone. Don’t let that happen in the U.S.

    A Twitter Thread from David Bowles:

    [Text transcript at the end of the screenshots]

    I'll let you in on a secret. I have a doctorate in education, but the field’s basically just a 100 years old. We don’t really know what we’re doing. Our scholarly understanding of how learning happens is like astronomy 2000 years ago.

    Most classroom practice is astrology.

    Before the late 19th century, no human society had ever attempted to formally educate the entire populace. It was either aristocracy, meritocracy, or a blend. And always male.

    We’re still smack-dab in the middle of the largest experiment on children ever done.

    Most teachers perpetuate the “banking” model (Freire) used on them by their teachers, who likewise inherited it from theirs, etc.

    Thus the elite “Lyceum” style of instruction continues even though it’s ineffectual with most kids.

    What’s worse, the key strategies we’ve discovered, driven by cognitive science & child psychology, are quite regularly dismissed by pencil-pushing, test-driven administrators. Much like Trump ignores science, the majority of principals & superintendents I’ve known flout research.

    Some definitions:

    Banking model --> kids are like piggy banks: empty till you fill them with knowledge that you're the expert in.

    Lyceum --> originally Aristotle's school, where the sons of land-owning citizens learned through lectures and research.

    Things we (scholars) DO know:

    -Homework doesn't really help, especially younger kids.

    -Students don't learn a thing from testing. Most teachers don't either (it's supposed to help them tweak instruction, but that rarely happens).

    -Spending too much time on weak subjects HURTS.

    Do you want kids to learn? Here's something we've discovered: kids learn things that matter to them, either because the knowledge and skills are "cool," or because .... they give the kids tools to liberate themselves and their communities.

    Maintaining the status quo? Nope.

    Kids are acutely aware of injustice and by nature rebellious against the systems of authority that keep autonomy away from them.

    If you're perpetuating those systems, teachers, you've already freaking lost.

    They won't be learning much from you. Except what not to become. Sure, you can wear them down. That's what happened to most of you, isn't it? You saw the hideous flaw in the world and wanted to heal it. But year after numbing year, they made you learn their dogma by rote.

    And now many of you are breaking the souls of children, too.

    For what?

    It's all smoke and mirrors. All the carefully crafted objectives, units and exams.


    We barely understand the physical mechanisms behind MEMORY. But we DO know kids aren't empty piggy banks. They are BRIMMING with thought.

    The last and most disgusting reality? The thing I hear in classroom after freaking classroom?

    Education is all about capitalism.

    "You need to learn these skills to get a good job." To be a good laborer. To help the wealthy generate more wealth, while you get scraps.

    THAT is why modern education is a failure.

    Its basic premise is monstrous.

    "Why should I learn to read, Dr. Bowles?"

    Because reading is magical. It makes life worth living. And being able to read, you can decode the strategies of your oppressors & stop them w/ their own words.

    Frequently I encounter non Native folks who tell me they think reservations are some form of reparatoins to Natives from the US government. I even had someone close to me tell me they thought reservations were places to “reserve” our cultures.

    Where I’m from (South Dakota) reservations were concentration camps where they sent us to die after they stole and colonized all of the land every US citizen occupies. In the early SD Rez days our ppl had to get permission from district agents (white settler men) to get food, fix our homes, or even leave our community to travel to another community on our Rez to visit relatives. We couldn’t hunt cuz they killed millions of our buffalo. If we didn’t get permission from the white settler agent we couldn’t eat, fix our homes or visit relatives because we would be violating US law & could be arrested. Also our cultures & ceremonies were illegal under US law until the Indian Religious Freedom Act in 1978.

    So plz educate the ppl you love and care abt because everyone in the USA is living in an illegal settler colony, Indigenous ppl survived their genocide & we’re her to say these settlers never gave af abt us & never will.

    ~ @FrankWaln

    I see this a lot in leftist circles but mental illness, trauma and abuse will exist with or without capitalism, your “mental illness is a social phenomenon” might be true for your depression and your anxiety but I beg all of you to think about psychotic people, systems and people with personality disorders when you make posts like that. It might be true that we wouldn’t be labeled as mentally ill but we would still need resources to help us cope, there’s still something we would need help coping with and you should focus on making that help available and accessible and free of bigotry for all of us instead of living in a “no mentally ill people” pseudo progressive eugenicist dream.