10 posts for 10k followers:

1) school uniform lap dance ✔️

2) double dildo penetration ✔️

3) bikini shots in water ✔️

4) JOI voice ✔️

5) extremely creamy pussy ✔️

6) upskirt without panty in public ✔️

7) extremely tight clothes ✔️

8) cum on bikini ✔️

9) full masturbation video ✔️

10) cumstained leggings ✔️

It took a while. I decided to read from a script because I didn’t know what to expect. Hope you guys like my first attempt! I know it’s not the best Haha. 

I completed the 10k followers list by 20k followers! How cool is that? Just in time. ✌️

please use Tumblr app to listen.

Script is available here:

link to listen to it:


love her voice