HJ High School


Hello wolves, it’s Monday again. Today I’ll take some of you back to school, fantasy school this time. This school is a bit “different” and I wonder what the students are taught. Will the Discipline Master punish naughty students? 😛

Here are some of the rules in HJ High School and all students are required to comply or receive their punishment: 1) Address your Discipline Master with “yes sir” at all times 2) For modesty sake, skirts should at least cover your butt 3) Obey and submit to your Discipline Master at all times 4) Always be punctual in HJ High School 5) Random uniform spot checks, uniforms have to be neat and definitely no “exposure” 6) Always be ready to give your Discipline Master a helping hand 😉

Guess how many of the above rules I’ve broken? Can you decide my punishment? Leave your comments below 😘

Your PowerPuff Queen,

Jessica 💋

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