Hello hungry wolves, it’s good to be back. My dreaded shark week(period) is over and I’m back to post my weekly updates. I usually take a week break every time I get my period, so that explains why I usually go missing for a short period. Thank you to my fans who noticed my absence and asked me how was I doing and if I’m okay and all that, really appreciate all your love and concern. And I know it’s because you’re horny for me 😏

Today I’ve decided to do a photoset on something I’ll usually wear out. This red dress is a little conservative. It may cover my legs all the way down to my knees, but if you’re so lucky to be able to have your hands in between my legs, you’ll feel something very smooth, warm and wet 😼 Rub me a little bit more and you’ll see a naughty wet stain start to grow 🤭

Oh btw, I’ll be doing my usual Christmas Giveaway this month! YAY! Not sure when yet but very likely in the next two weeks. Also, for the month of December, every purchase entitles you to a Christmas card with a sexy lipstick mark, kissed by your Goddess herself. While stocks last only, and see you wolves next week.

Your PowerPuff Queen,

Jessica 💋

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