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    If you ever see a bad picture of yourself, just think about sunsets. Have you ever tried to take a picture of a sunset with a crappy camera? It turns out like shit. I mean, that could have been the most beautiful sunset you’ve ever seen in your life, and the photo still looks gross.

    That doesnt mean the sunset isnt breathtaking, it just mean that the camera can’t contain its beauty.

    You are a gorgeous motherfucking sunset.

    Never forget that.

    twitter etiquette for new users

  • replying is how you make friends! reply to anything you want and be friendly. don’t make rude jokes if you’re not friends already though!
  • quote retweeting is a no-no. when you “retweet with a comment” it’s not liked by content creators because it makes a new tweet out of their tweet and they don’t get the likes and retweets they would get if you’d just retweeted it straight up. if you want to comment on a retweet, reply to it or post a new tweet starting with “LRT” which stands for “last retweet” (it’s fine to quote retweet dumb memes and so on.)
  • you can make your tweets private. this means no one but your followers will be able to see what you post and no one will be able to retweet your content.  you can switch back and forth between private and public at will. some people make a separate private account to tweet personal stuff and let mutuals follow it only. it’s a good way to keep things separate.
  • what is privatter? privatter is a third party web app that content creators can allow to be attached to their twitter. it lets them tweet content that they can make exclusive to logged in users, followers, mutuals, or a specific list of users. as long as you are logged in to twitter and fall into the intended category, you’ll be able to see it. 
  • you can mute people you follow. (and those you don’t, ofc.) you can also mute words and phrases and entire conversations. if you mute someone you follow and they reply to you, that reply will still show up in your notifications. it’s a good way to keep the peace!
  • you can limit notifications to people who follow you or to mutuals. (notifications from people you follow will still show up regardless of which option you’ve selected.)
  • miscellaneous tips and warnings: if you accidentally unfollow and refollow someone, it won’t show up in their notifications as long as it’s within a couple minutes. no more accidental stuff. everyone can see who everyone follows so watch out. people will know if you unfollow. if you want to report someone and want them gone forever, report a tweet where they used a curse word. screenshotting tweets for harassment is a no-no and can get you banned. don’t be lame. don’t be a dick. vaguing others is generally really bad form and so is complaining about content within a fandom you’re in. use the mute tools at your disposal and don’t be a spoiler. you won’t come back from a rep like that and everyone sees everything.
  • that’s it! happy tweeting!!


    For those unaware because staff isn’t saying it

    Tumblr was deemed too full of inappropriate content to be allowed to be downloaded from the app store.

    It has this “inappropriate” problem because of rampant porn ad bot accounts. The old solutions were bots to detect image sets with nsfw content, the automatically enabled safe mode, tag filtering for mobile, and wide takedowns of nsfw bots based on words used (that’s why their messages are full of numbers and symbols, to evade this)

    Tumblr released their own bot supposedly capable of wiping the ad bots, but it’s taking down many popular blogs, possibly due to sheer amounts of posting or sheer amounts of ad bots in their notes. This bot was likely rushed to be put out.

    You are more likely to be accidentally flagged if you post external links, as well. If your acct is taken down you CAN get it back, but it’s a pain. E-mail tumblr support for help with this. It takes down side blogs with the main ones.

    I’ll be halting art posts for about a week or until this problem is fixed.

    EDIT : Tumblr released a statement a few hours after I put this out explaining that the nature of their audit was for manually submitted child pornography that was likely original in nature, as their filter checking against known existing CP was failing to catch what was being uploaded. My bad. I assumed the main issue was the porn bots since they’ve become exceedingly resilient lately and are cropping up faster than ever. I wouldn’t be surprised if that is another issue that they’re tackling during this time, but the blame is less so on them.

    I’ve also been told that the actual account “purges” were an errant glitch that happened to be running around the same time, but it is coinciding around the same time as the links issue and the rapid disappearance of bots during the audit, so I’m really not sure on that piece. Take care folks

    nobody likes the “bad boys” who insult and degrade their partners while wearing pastel polos with popped collars, people like REAL bad boys who wear leather jackets and take a lot of care in how they shape their pompadour and carry around stiletto switchblades and care about their communities and ride a motorcycle and rebel against the government and says stuff like “NOBODY insults my gal” and gets in fistfights with dudes who catcall their girlfriends. THOSE bad boys are the guys everyone wants.


    I’m so fkn lazy to do a blacklist but people keep whining to me oh my god make it stop

    Guys, do you know what’s the meaning of “too good to be true”???? A local girl, sharing face pics, on Tumblr??? Doing meet ups for sex???

    HELLO, reality check please? I honestly believe you would have better luck & rewards spending your hard earned cash/your parents’ money on prostitutes in Geylang who are at least licensed, or us Tumblr girls. 😇

    Seriously so tired of rolling my eyes when boys who think with their dicks complain of being scammed. Honestly shit like this is fucking obvious.

    So once and for all please use this as a guide on who not to support. STOP reblogging their content so fellow brothers do not get their money stolen!!

  • balloonsg/sgjuicygirl same person obv, why do you think they keep reblogging each other? they “share” the same bank account lol clever.
  • deafeningsublimepuppy (steals content and sells it as their own, literally only has one video for sale same girl in pink undies in bathroom)
  • kristiinnee (tip off from @allmyfantasies4 & an Anon, this MVP reverse google image searched their posts and found that images were STOLEN wow how surprising!!!!!) they claim to sell intimates but how’re you gonna get your intimate when you’re blocked? :(
  • karen-ooi (pretty obvious one but it took @allmyfantasies4 to write a blog post about it… smh). they used a UK-based camgirl/pornstar’s(??) images and called it their own. the fucking nerve.
  • mamasg/felicialim98. claim to sell 2v1 sexting/meet ups but block you after you send a large sum of money to their bank account.
  • UNSURE: (pls help solve this mystery by talking to them/taking one for the team, jk.)

  • jenniferscloset/isabelleintimates | forever 18 year old JC girls, only 1-2 posts and always asking for reblogs to gain traction. does the balloonsg/sgjuicygirl thing where they just reblog each other and no one else.
  • naughtyxjenny claims there’s demand for her instagram, but her blog just has two text posts of her rates & one photo?? where the demand at??
  • charlxneintimates/victoria-sexcrets have extremely similar KIK username formats, and both are so super coincidentally “looking for FWBs”. sisterhood much? charlene reminds me of the charlenexcharlotte era, where charlene manipulated charlotte to film content and sold it as charlene’s own. hella despicable but well, life.
  • sg-bbygrl has full face pics and gifs, but which local girl will actually do that. she asks men to “buy her nudes” but idk what you’d get if you actually transfer her money.
  • And because this is tumblr, full of sex and horny boys who can’t think with the right head, scammers are abundant and this list will probably never end. What I’d want you guys to do is to add on, if you’ve come across any scammers. Drop me a DM or Ask, and i’ll add it in. Please come with proof, and don’t be some angry fucker cuz I’m no Aunt Agony.

    Reblog for awareness blah blah all that jazz.


    Added mamasg/felicialimsg to the list.

    have fun, be safe


    fucking lmao at the “forever 18 jc student” exploit 🤣

    PSA, put your dicks aside for a moment and actually realise that the accounts mentioned above may be runned by your fellow bruhhhs 🤮