Little Zebra No Bra


Happy Monday hungry wolves, are you ready to release yourselves again? 😏 Hope your weekend was good, mine was hectic and I hardly have anytime to rest 😒

Anyway, without fail, I took some photos in an old bodysuit that I've found during the weekend. Not sure if any of you recognize it, but I think I may have posted pictures in these sometime back 🤷‍♀️ Bodysuits are pretty cute but also kinda naughty, because they come with little buttons at the bottom where you can just snap it open 😱 And I bet so many of you naughty wolves have no idea what a bodysuit was until I started wearing them on my blog hehe 🤭

Oh btw, my Christmas Giveaway is still ongoing, it's not too late to take part. But please don't be greedy and tell me you want to win all the items, I only pay attention to the good boys who read and play by my rules! Good luck all and the results will be out this Friday at 9pm! 😘

Your PowerPuff Queen,

Jessica 💋

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