Domestic Abuse signal


    Something worth reposting


    Reblogging to get this info out there! I did not know about this!


    DITTO...I had no clue as well!!!

    This video gave me massive chills.

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    Make this go viral!!


    Pay attention please


    Never heard of this before... To my female friends ( and I guess males for that matter), you should share... Worth letting everyone be informed.


    Do you have a Onlyfans?

    No, I don’t.  I could probably make a little bit of money on there but I enjoy sharing her pics for free on here.  Mind you, with Tumblr constantly taking our nudes down, maybe it would be an idea to charge like $1/month to view her pics without fear of them being removed??  I don’t know... probably not.  (Just imagining our 21,000 fans paying $1/month LOL). Nah, it would never happen.