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    Kingdom Hearts Random Quote Starters

  • Falling… Falling… Into darkness.
  • That’s the power of the Keyblade!
  • All for one and one for all!
  • Let’s just get out of here!
  • Well, now what do we do?
  • I’ve had enough of strength… There’s only one thing I want…
  • You really DO remember me this time? I’m SO FLATTERED! But you’re TOO LATE!
  • C'mere! I’ll make it all stop!
  • Burn, baby!
  • You won’t forget this!
  • Got it memorized?
  • Hey, you guys are looking lively.
  • You shouldn’t judge anyone by appearance!
  • Oooh… I told them they were sending the wrong guy…
  • Oh, we do too have hearts. Don’t be mad…
  • Silence, traitor.
  • Maybe… waiting isn’t good enough.
  • You’re not acting very friendly!
  • What’s his name…? I just… just can’t think of it….
  • You’re home.
  • Another dream about him…
  • How could you say that, even if it were true?
  • Well, that’s interesting.
  • Look sharp!
  • Which side are you on? I just got slugged!
  • We can take him on our own!