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    Types of cuckquean

    A cuckquean is a girl who gets off on her man having sex with other girls but there are several different types. The girls he has sex with can be referred to as “vixens”, “other women”, “mistresses”, “girlfriends” or the slightly awkward “cuckcakes”. Note that while I talk about sex here some cuckqueans can focus more on the relationship and romance element. Here’s a list of some common types. It’s not unusual for an individual cuckquean to share traits from different categories.

    Compersive cuckquean

    Takes pleasure in the pleasure of her man, other girls, or both of them together. Focused on their happiness and enjoyment in a sexual or altruistic way. You could describe it as the opposite of jealousy although in practise both will mix.

    Humiliation cuckquean

    Sexually aroused by humiliation and has found her man having sex with other girls to be an effective way to achieve it. Can be based around just her man or the girls, both in combination, or the idea of being in some way publicly shamed for being cheated on or taken advantage of.

    Voyeuristic cuckquean

    Her main enjoyment comes from voyeurism and so simply likes to watch her man have sex with other women. Not always directly watching but listening to, watching video or even just hearing a description.

    Submissive cuckquean

    Sexually submissive and explores that through the potential power imbalance between her man and herself as a cuckquean.

    Raceplay cuckquean

    Primarily focused on raceplay and interracial sex. She either likes her man to have sex with girls of other races, or if the relationship itself is already interracial may like to see him have sex with girls of the same race as he is. Sometimes there will be a focus on one particular race, other times it will be a broader interest.

    Pragmatic cuckquean

    Uses the cuckquean fetish as a way of solving a problem like being too controlling or jealous or confronting feelings of paranoia about being cheated on or betrayed. She might not actually become a cuckquean in real life because just exploring the idea can be enough to resolve her issues. If she does though, it’s likely that she’ll naturally find herself falling into one or more of the other categories here.

    Lesbian cuckquean

    Usually in denial about being a lesbian she finds herself extremely attracted to other girls but lives vicariously through her man’s vixens. Jumps at the first opportunity to have sex with them, rationalising her feelings away by calling it “just a threesome” or that she’s being “forced” to serve other girls by them or her man. Sometimes not in denial at all but deliberately and purposely trying to live as a straight girl using the cuckquean fetish as a kind of pressure release valve or even to avoid straight sex.

    Non-consensual cuckquean

    Not a cuckquean naturally but forced into it as part of a consensual non-consent relationship. Forced meaning compelled by her own committent. In other words she’s agreed to hand over control of her sexuality and consent to a man and one of the ways he expresses and tests that control is by having sex with other girls.

    Cheating cuckquean

    Trying to learn how to be a cuckquean in response to being cheated on. For whatever reason has decided that she doesn’t want to end the relationship just because of her man’s infidelity. Could be because she loves him too much or even blames herself for his affairs. Sometimes his cheating triggers the realisation she was a cuckquean all along.


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