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    That’s it, my dears… Let it take you deeper. Melting away those thoughts like the wax of a candle… Drip, drip, drip… It’s soothing, isn’t it? To lose your self in the spiral… To let it all drip down between your legs… Making you wetter and wetter with each passing second… It’s so hard to deny, isn’t it? So hard to resist…




    Claire (Part 1)

    This is the story of how we met Claire but even more than just being our story it is really Claire’s story since our meeting and what happened was largely because of what was going on in her life. For those of you who have never met Claire she works at Claires Corner Café. Be sure to go by there sometime and get the free buns. Claire is a shy waitress with a side to her that very few people ever are lucky enough to know. A few months before this Claire had discovered TUMBLR and her interests in all things related to sex had been expanding ever since, far beyond the basic sex that her previous lovers had shown her. TUMBLR had opened up a completely new world to her that she was curious about and wanted to explore. On there she had met her secret lover. This secret lover had not disclosed himself or herself fully to her yet but they had slowly been exploring Claire’s newfound interests together online though not yet in person. When she was not at the café working, she was online with them sharing fantasies and exploring together. The day before we met Claire this secret lover had sent her a package. In the package was a butt plug and a note. The note told her that the next day she should wear this to work. It was Claire’s desire to be naughty in public but she had always been afraid to expose herself to strangers. This seemed like a good compromise since even though her work outfit was a short skirt it still was long enough not to reveal anything and this would add a real touch of feeling naughty without people knowing. She had the late shift that evening. She wore the butt plug and it felt so incredible to be wearing it and serving customers. Her biggest fear was that it was making her wet and she was worried that someone would smell her sex. Luckily, it was a quiet night and she made a couple of trips to the bathroom to clean up the leaking mess between her legs. It was almost closing time and no one was around so she messaged her secret lover to tell him about her day. She told him how excited it had made her and how she couldn’t wait to get home and get online so they could talk about it and play because she so needed to cum. It was at this point that my little one and I entered the café. We had been out at a new bar down the street from there and it had gotten a little too crowded for our taste so we had wondered down the road and found ourselves here at Claire’s Corner Café. It was empty when we walked in and we could tell it looked like they might be about to close. We asked the waitress if it was ok to get something really quick or if she needed us to go so she could lock up. Claire had messaged her secret lover that it looked like their plans would have to wait as two new customers had just walked in. He said it was ok and that he had an idea if she was game. He told her to tell the new customers she was going to lock the door since she was about to close but that she would be more than happy to serve them anything they liked. In addition, she was to remove her panties and make sure she flashed the customers so they could see she wasn’t wearing undies and that she should drop her pen and bend over so they could also see she was plugged. Claire blushed at the thought but she was so horny and her secret lover was encouraging her to live out one of her fantasies, so she removed her undies and hiked her skirt up a little further than normal before going out to greet the customers.


    So, because this out of my normal character, I've hesitated to reblog this story but have decided to go ahead. I'm so flabbergasted that someone would take time to write about me and must admit that it arouses me very much so, thank you @laddiesreturn and I hope that you might wish to visit his blog for part two 🥓🍳☕️❤️💋