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Explicit content. 18 years or older please. I'm from DallasTexas and proud of my Texas roots. Living the dream out in California now. But I'll always be a Texan in my soul. I recon you could say I'm a bisexual male. I just don't like labels. This is just some things I think are sexy or funny.

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    Lone Star Dancing (series) 04

    Part Four: ‘Green-eyed’

    Series tagline: Set in a small Texan town in the grip of a dark mystery, Sy and Maddie must come to terms with their attraction to each other.

    Pairing: Captain Syverson (Ryan) x OFC (Maddie)

    Part summary: Syverson and Maddie connect.

    Word count: 6.1k

    Warnings: This part is light on plot and heavy on Sy and Maddie, swearing, sexual language, smut (fingering).

    A/N: This fic is a result of my appreciation of Cpt. Sy (love me a big bodied, long legged military man), my hormones, and love of all things strange and dark. This is my first fanfic so have mercy. Not beta’d: all faults are my mine. Thanks for reading!

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    You are cruel cruel with that ending! But I loved every line of this! I am so intrigued with this story and cannot wait to see where this progresses.