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    True Strokes - The PDF Archive

    Well, gents, here you go.

    Click this link to open a new window where you can download a PDF archive of my one-of-a-kind bate blog. Twenty megabytes. Dozens of stories. Bate fuel you won’t find anywhere else. All free of charge. (Make sure you click on DOWNLOAD.)

    Here’s what I didn’t include in the PDF: stuff I reblogged from others, five or six sets of photos, posts where I expressed thanks or asked guys to send me their own stories, and one story I accidentally posted twice. (Oops.)

    Here’s what I did include: every true bate story I ever posted to this blog, and ten additional true bate stories from my archives that were never posted here.

    Some time in the next few days I’ll delete everything, or almost everything. But I’ll leave this post with the PDF link up. It’s not breaking Tumblr’s new rules, right?

    Nothing lasts forever. I’m glad I saved so much stuff from my very earliest years on the Internet, including hundreds of true erotic stories. That’s what made it possible for me to do this blog. If I hadn’t compulsively saved it all, those stories would have vanished and there would be no record of them ever having existed.

    One thing I want everyone to keep in mind: Tumblr revealed to us all that there is a vast community of guys (and some gals too) who LOVE the subject of male masturbation. When Tumblr pulls the plug on this community in a week, the community itself will not cease to exist. We’ll just have to find other means of connection and communication. It will happen.

    For the record, you can always reach me at jackingbud@gmail.com. I’m also on Twitter as @AmbassadorFap but I don’t post that often. Twitter isn’t the right venue to continue what I’ve been doing here.

    PS - I’m sharing the PDF via Sync.com. I highly recommend Sync. It’s a lot like Dropbox but better because it’s 100% encrypted and private. Nobody at Sync.com can ever see what files you have saved or uploaded.

    The basic free account gives you 5 gigabytes of storage. But if you sign up with Sync.com by clicking on this link, you’ll get one extra gygabyte at no charge…and so will I!

    Sync.com is based in Canada, so they’re not vulnerable to the legal loopholes that makes government snooping a problem for American cloud storage companies.


    Alternatives to Tumblr if Yahoo goes any further

    • Soup.io - well-known alternative to Tumblr. Reblogging, post types, themes, collab blogs, dashboard, artsy, great community already there.Soup can auto-import everything you’ve posted on Tumblr.
    • TypePad - Includes reblogging. Dashboard and post types similar to Tumblr.
    • Jux - Artful posts, beautiful blogging experience

    Reblogging cause one day it just may be neccessary.


    It became necessary


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    “Between Buddies”

               Me and Kenny didn’t have much in common other than the fact that his girlfriend and my girlfriend were best friends.  My girl Farrah and his girl Carmen were always pushing us to hang out with each other. After I learned that Kenny was a basketball fanatic like me, I decided to ask him if he’d play some one-on-one with me every now and then. He was cool with it so every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon we’d meet up at the rec center not far from my house. Sometimes other dudes at the gym would join in and we’d play shirts versus skins, but most of the time it was just me and him. I had to admit, he was a cool dude. I looked forward to those Tuesdays and Thursdays each week. What I didn’t know was that our newfound friendship would evolve into something complicated.

               “You got lucky, Lafayette” he said to me one afternoon after a game of one-on-one. “I almost beat you.”

               “That’s two in a row for me,” I said with a smile. “I’m on a streak, bruh.”

               “Yeah we’ll see about that.” He followed me over to the bleachers and we sat down to catch our breaths for a second. “Yo Lafayette, how are things with you and Farrah?”

               “We cool. She keep trippin’ about moving in with me. I ain’t ready for all that.”

               “I hear you, bruh. Carmen has been trying to move in with me for like a year now. I like having a place to myself.”

               “Exactly.” I picked up my bottle of Gatorade and took a few sips from it. “I like to do shit by myself without her around that I won’t be able to do if she moves in.”

                                           Me (Lafayette)

               When I said that, he looked at me and asked, “Stuff like what?”

               “Walk around naked. Look at porn with the sound turned all the way up. Jack my dick.” He started laughing. “What? Don’t tell me you’re one of those niggas that never jackoff.”

               “Nah, I do. Especially after being at the gym or playing ball.”

               “Yeah, me too.”

               I couldn’t believe I was discussing something as private as jacking off with Kenny. Most of our conversations were about college and NBA basketball games. It was weird that I was able to talk to him about something so private so easily. What made it even weirder was that my dick was starting to get hard as I talked to him about it.

               “Most times I don’t even need porn,” he admitted. “When I come home all sweaty and musty, I just get turned on. I turn myself on. Sometimes that shit be hotter than the sex I have with Carmen.” He laughed a little before requesting, “Make sure you never mention that to anybody. She’d kill me.”

               “I got you, bruh. It stays between us. I do the same, by the way. I don’t know why but my dick gets so hard after I leave the gym. Sometimes it gets hard while I’m at the gym. So when I get home, I gotta jackoff and get that nut out.”

               “Damn, seems like we have more in common than we thought.” He grabbed his crotch. “I gotta piss.”

               “Me, too.”

               We jumped up and exited the gym, making our way into the men’s room on the other side of the rec center. While we were using the urinals, I kept getting the strong urge to peek over at him. I don’t know why I kept getting that urge but it eventually won the battle in my head. I glanced over and looked at his dick. He was circumcised like me but his dick was a little thicker than mine. I quickly stopped glancing over because he lifted his head. After we were done, we stepped over to the sinks and washed our hands.

               “Hey, can you take a pic of me for my Instagram?” he asked, pulling his phone from his pocket.

               “Yeah,” I answered.

               He unlocked the phone and handed it to me. I turned on his camera and aimed it at him. He lifted his left arm and looked directly at me and then I snapped the pic. Before handing the phone back to him, I looked at the pic to make sure it turned out good. That’s when I noticed his dick print in his shorts. My dick started to get hard again. I quickly handed him his phone and then I leaned back on the sinks in attempt to hide my semi-hard dick.


               He looked at the pic and said, “Oh yeah, I’ma upload this shit for real. I know this will get a ton of likes.”

               “True. Especially since you can see your dick.”

               “Damn, I ain’t even notice that. That means dudes and chicks are gonna put eggplant emojis in the comments.”

               “You don’t care if dudes like and comment on your stuff?”

               “Hell nah, man. I’m cool with that. A compliment is a compliment.”

               “Yeah, but don’t you get tired of gay dudes hitting on you and shit? I get hit on all the time.”

               “It don’t bother me at all. I got something that they want but they’ll never get it. They’ll never get this dick or this ass. But they can look at it and compliment it all they want. I like the attention, to be honest.”

               “Well yeah, the attention is cool. I had this one dude tell me that he’d pay me to lick my ass and suck my dick from the back. I ain’t never heard of no shit like that before. Dude was on some extra level shit.” I laughed and he shook his head.

               “I can’t see myself letting a dude do that kind of stuff to me, not even for money. But if a dude ever approached me just wanting to jackoff together, I actually might consider that.”

               “Man, yeah right.”

               “I’m serious, bruh. Girls do stuff like that around each other all the time. They even discuss shit about their pussies to each other. Why can’t men do the same without being labeled gay or downlow or all that shit? If I wanna get my nut by jacking off with another masculine nigga, then I don’t see anything wrong with that. No kissing or sucking or fucking involved. Just me and another nigga sitting side-by-side jacking our dicks until we both nut.”

               Hearing him describe it like that was pretty much all I needed to hear. My dick was stiff by that point and I could see his growing harder and harder. I wanted to just whip my dick out right then and there, but somebody could’ve walked in and caught us. I wanted to jackoff with him but I didn’t want to be the one to ask. When he looked down at my shorts and saw my hard dick, he cracked a smile.

               “Your house ain’t far from here, right?” he asked.

               “Yeah,” I replied. “Just a few blocks away.”

               Without saying another word, we hurried out of the bathroom and left the rec center. We got into our cars and he followed me to my house. When we got there, we entered my house through the garage. I made sure the door was locked before leading him into my living room. I told him to stay there while I headed into my bathroom to get some towels and lube. By the time I got back to the living room, he’d already taken his shorts off. I placed the towels on my sofa and sat the lube down on the coffee table before pulling my shorts down and taking them off. Now we were both standing there in nothing but our sneakers.

               We didn’t say anything to each other as we both started stroking our dicks. Once he was fully hard, I saw how much bigger his dick was than mine. He had me beat by at least two inches, and my own dick is close to nine inches. I was precumming quicker than usual because I was so turned on. After facing each other and jacking off while standing for a while, we sat down on my sofa beside each other. His right foot was up against my left, which seemed to turn me on even more for some reason. The scent of his body combined with my own scent was really getting me riled up. As many times as I’d jacked off in my life, that moment with Kenny had already proven to be the best.

               He stretched his right arm out on the back of the sofa and behind me while jacking his dick with his left hand. I turned towards him slightly and jacked my dick harder and faster. He looked at me and licked his lips. He then closed his eyes and started moaning. I looked down at this dick just as a heavy load of thick white cum rolled out of it and onto his abs. His body shook a few times and then he tilted his head back and exhaled loudly.

               I cupped my balls with my left hand while jacking off with my right. He looked at me and kept licking his lips and that was all I needed to help get my nut. I gripped my dick extra hard and held it as I hit orgasm. Seven quick shots of nut shot out from my dick. Two of them hit my face and the others landed on my chest. I always came a lot like that for some reason, which was why Farrah always made me wear condoms even though she was on the pill.

               “Damn nigga,” Kenny said with a laugh. “You skeeted all over yourself. When was the last time you nutted?”

               “I jacked off this morning,” I told him. “I always shoot like that.”

               “That shit was hot. Damn.”

               We stood up and used the towels to clean up. After putting our shorts back on, we had a couple of beers and watched ESPN. When Farrah called and said she was on the way over so we can go out to eat, I made plans with Kenny to jackoff together again and then he left. I took a quick shower and put on some clothes and then went outside to wait for Farrah to pull up. As I waited for her, I thought about how cool it was that I had something new I could do with Kenny. I would never do it with any of my other friends, but I didn’t see anything wrong with jacking off with him. It definitely strengthened our friendship because it was unique. It was something that would just be between two buddies.

    [Disclaimer]: Pictures used do not reflect the sexuality or personality of people in the pictures. They only serve as visual examples of the characters.

    © D.A. Morrison 2016


    Last night I went out drinking with a few friends. They are bi. They kept telling me how I was and they were touching me. I am straight. They wanted me to jerk off with them. So they convinced me we turned on some porn. And started. But has time when on as we had our cocks out hearing the pumping that got me harder watching them pump there cocks and seeing them cum. Made me blow a huge load and we waited started up again and we blew loads over each other's chest. It was a magical night.

    Congrats dude!, The first time is amazing :D