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    You know what's hot?

    Being property. Being an object that someone can own or throw away. Being brainless and customizable. Having no identity outside of your submission. Having your holes ready and available at all times. Being collared, leashed and tracked. Being punished for disobedience and beaten for amusement. Having all your choices made for you. Being expected to cook, clean and serve. Needing the approval of a man to feel content and happy. Doing literally anything to prove that you deserve to stick around. It's hot to be an owned cunt. Make yourself useful. Be a good girl.


    The experienced Dom knows how to get the best out of an inexperienced boy. Does he need a hard slap round the face or…


    eye contact…coaxing…1 finger taking control…owning




    gentle violation…property…His




    guiding…commanding…whispered domination…intimacy


    stretching…moulding. With a few slow, easy steps the boy has been transported to sub-space, that place where it is most comfortable, obedient, passive, humble…..ready…eager to serve. 


    All of this! 🤤


    A good slow taking charge is usually more effective than all the ‘blow me, faggot’ bullshit that Alphas supposedly use

    Got cum fucked this morning. Didn’t mean to.

    Dude pounds me up against the window while I get a wonderful 5th floor view of the sunrise. Goes rough on my ass until accidentally pulling out - he says the condom broke so he peels it off and starts jacking off on my hole. Running the bare shaft on my crack, poking the tip against my hole, teasing me until the rubbing turns into penetrating. He shoves the tip in, then goes a little deeper, then again a little harder, and then until he’s full-out pounding my ass again full of raw cock. Pulls out, starts shooting a huge load straight in my hole, I push back and he shoves the cummy stick deep and keeps fucking. I’m delirious.

    “Coach… I can’t take much more of this,” Dustin panted. He’d never worked out this hard in his life. Once Coach found out he’d been making fun of some of his players, he was going to make sure Dustin understood what it was like to be in their shoes. He commanded the smaller guy to start doing a workout. At first Dustin thought it was some kind of joke. But then he found his body doing the exercises. It didn’t matter what it was. He just kept going. Exercises he didn’t even know existed, he was doing it like a pro. Every chance he got to look himself in the mirror he did, as his body just kept growing before his eyes. The super hero t shirt he wore sagged off his body and turned into something far more athletic. Something to show off his entire upper body. “Coach please,” he begged as sweat dripped from every part of him. 

    “Do 3 sets of 15 lat pull downs,” Coach ordered. Dustin got up and started doing the exercise. “You’re almost there. Just a little more and you’ll be perfect.” Coach smiled. He’d known Dustin had already gotten to that point hours ago, now he was just making sure the boy knew his place.