He was sitting in front of me on the leg press. I was catching my breath after doing some abs. I got really tired. I just stared into the nothing, thinking about what I should do after I’m at home. Then I saw some movement. He was sitting there and started to bounce his chest muscles. I saw his muscles stretching, then going limp. 

    Right… left… right… left… 

    My head started to spin as I followed the movement of his muscles. Actually I have no idea how could a male body mesmerise me so badly, but I couldn’t stop staring him. And then he started to flex his biceps. Muscles bumping again… 

    Up… down… up… down…

    I knew I should have continued what I started, but I was unable to stop watching him and his perfect muscles. I felt that he noticed I was watching him. I heard a chuckle from his direction when he started to bump both his chest and biceps.

    left biceps… left side of his chest… right side of his chest… right biceps… Going round and round. He stands up, but still continues bumping his muscles. My eyes are glued to him. Round and round… He started to walk towards me… The pace of bumping increased. I got dizzy. If I didn’t hold the bench I would have fallen down.

    He was standing right in front of me, he kept bouncing his muscles and leaned to me. Suddenly he stopped. By that time the world stopped to exist around me, only him and his muscles mattered to me. He seemed to be so strong and powerful and I felt so weak and small. He was irresistible. And when the bumping stopped, I could finally look into his eyes. 

    They were no ordinary eyes. They glowed in a green light. Taking me even further from the reality, deeper into relaxation to the point when I couldn’t understand what he was saying. All I felt was that my muscles working on their own, making me go to the steam room after him. I just followed him without any rational explanation. When we entered the steam room I started to kiss his biceps and lick his armpits. I wanted to worship every inch of his body. I wanted to please him so badly. I kissed his chest, his abs, down to his shorts getting hornier by each touch of his smooth skin, and by each sniff of his musk. 

    By the time I got to his crotch I lost total control. Or maybe the control existed but it wasn’t in my hands anymore? I’m not sure anymore. It doesn’t matter. The only thing mattered was his hardening cock in my hands that had to be sucked.

    You know you were in trouble. His presence was so powerful that you became totally compelled. You were just sitting there, mesmerised, unable to say a word, just looking at him. Those jaws. Those arms. Those trackies. Yes… Their shine caught your eyes in the moment he walked to the terrace. You’re unable to look away. You are completely focused on his pants, and at the moment he pulls off his t-shirt you are lost. Thoughts gone. Brain empty. Mouth drooling. He put you under without telling a word. He is strong. Powerful. You stand up. Aroused. Blank. Empty. Obedient. You walk to him, and sit on the ground next to him. His pants are so close. You touch it. As the silky fabric’s smoothness contacts with your skin you feel a wave of pleasure running through your whole body. The pleasure of obedience. The pleasure of submission. You look up at him. You cum. You are panting. He pulls your head and makes you kiss his shiny crotch. You are overwhelmed by the scent and the sensation. You cum again. He smirks. You try to gather all your power to speak while your head is buried into his crotch kissing his balls through the pants. All you could say was “I’m yours, Master”

    On request, offered to @master-villain

    “No boy. Don’t even think about getting away. Just take a deep breath and accept what’s happening. You can’t do anything about it anyways. That’s it. Just keep breathing. Keep inhaling the musk of my shorts and my crotch. Let it relax you. Let it get you rid of your worries. Let it help you empty your mind. You’re a good boy, Pete.”

    “But… But I’m not Pete. My name is John.

    “Shh. Keep inhaling. Let the raunchy musk cloud your mind. Supressing your conscious self. Come closer. Put your nose to my balls and enjoy the sensation. You love it. Now tell me.. Would John love the musk of my sweaty balls?

    "No, he wouldn’t.”

    “But you love it, do you? ”

    “Yes, I love it.”

    “Master. ”

    “Yes, Master, I love it. ”

    “Of course you do, Pete. You love my smell. You’re drawn to my musk and aroused by my raunch. Come even closer and answer my following questions as you sniff my fart. Who owns you?”

    “You own me, Master.”

    “What do you love the most about me?”

    “I love your raunch the most, Master.”

    “Especially my farts, right? As they sit on your mind as a cloud. Making you foggy. Dizzy. Aroused. Completely obedient. Completely mine. Now tell me your name. ”

    “I am Pete, your obedient slave, and I love you, Master.”

    You still don’t know why you stopped. You saw this muscular men next to the road, looked into his eyes and you just felt that you have to stop and ask him: “What can I do for you?” With a confident smile he only said you to take him to the woods where no one can see us. And he sat into your car right next to you. Half naked. Suntanned. Full of muscles and in beautiful red shorts. And you felt happy. And calm. You took glances of his body.. His bulge… And you still don’t understand why you do it… But it feels so good.

    You have arrived to the woods. You stop the engine, and you look at your passenger. Your movement is slow, almost robotic. You know that something changed in you. You look deep in his eyes. Your head is swirling. Your body is aroused. Your mind is blank.

    “Good boy. You might have noticed that the desire to serve me already grew in you. You can only think about me, you are obsessed. You want to obey. You want to worship me. We are going to condition this state. Kiss my chest… Go down on my abs. Love each touch of my skin. Feel as it arouses you. Feel as it’s becaming more and more addictive. Go lower to my shorts. Kiss my cock through it. Experience the joy of pleasing me. Feel my cock growing harder with each kiss. Feel as it get more powerfull as it gets harder. Feel your mind becoming weaker and weaker as my cock becomes powerful. You need to obey. You need to worship. You need to remain in this state forever. We can arrange it. Just start to suck my dick. Slowly. Up.. Abd down… Up and down. Repeat the movement. Let it pump your new personality in you. The personality of a slave. Inferior, obedient, submissive. I’m getting closer to cum. Work harder. Faster. Erase your previous personality. You won’t need it after all. It just bothers you in becoming my perfect slave. And when I ’ll cum… You feel feel the change ending. You will reach your final form, and my cum will cement it as you swallow. I know you want it. Swallow …”

    And you look up on him as your mouth is filled with your Masters cum. You love it’s taste. You look deep in his eyes as you swallow it little by little. Signing your contract as his property.

    “Good boy. Now you are mine. Here is an address. Go here and wait me at this house while I arrive home. The others will give you you uniform. Yes, thete are others like you. And I still need two more, so you should drop me off where you met me.”

    “As you wish, Master”

    “Haha keep licking, it’s gonna be a long ride”. My night starts out as normal as any. I finish work and make my way on the bus. I sit down and surprisingly I am the only one on the bus. I sit in silence for a bit before the bus stops again. A young boy came on and he looked around the bus. The first thing I noticed were his huge black boots. I couldn’t keep my eyes off them. At this point he did something I never expected. He sat down right across from me. Out of the entire bus why pick right across from me. Ignoring my annoyance I tried to make the best of it. I kept staring at his black boots. They looked so manly, so strong, so empowering. I wanted them near me and suddenly they were. He placed both his booted feet up on either side of me. “Uhh do you mind?” I say. “No you don’t have to move don’t worry”, he replies. He didn’t even care or consider how he invaded my space. He then started to rub the soles of his boots on my thighs. “Sorry man”, he starts, “I just really need the dirt cleaned off these boots they were expensive after all”. I look at him meekly and shrug looking away letting him use my legs as a doormat. “Actually, you know what would be better?”, he smirks at me, “how about I do this”. As he speaks he leans back and pushes his boots up planting them on my face. “What are you—” I try to say shocked but am cut off by “oh shut up I know you love it, you wouldn’t stop staring at these bad boys since I got on”. He rubs the boots up and down my face making faint stomping motions. Dirt is sticking and falling from my face. Overcome by my emotions I do something I never expected. I stick out my tongue and work my way through the grooves of the boot collecting the dirt on my tongue. “Awe fuck yeah slut make those boots sparkle”. I accept my task and lick all over his boots. His face lights up as I worship his boots. “This beats cleaning them at home like I normally do”. I smile as I’m proud I can be useful to this superior man. I can feel dirt getting stuck between my teeth but it’s dirt that he’s stepped in. That idea alone makes me want to have mouthfuls and mouthfuls of it. “Wow you did such a good job, maybe I should give you a reward”, he says confidently. He pulls his right boot back and takes it off. “Come here”, he says and I lean in he grabs the back of my head and pushes it into his dirty sweaty boot. I can feel the warmth and heat coming from it after wearing them for a long day. The smell causes my eyes to water but it is so musky and manly I’m addicted. He pulls it away and I whimper accidentally. “Wow you like it that much? You’re so pathetic oh my god”. He looks at me and pulls off his vans white sock. He grabs my head again tilting it up in the air. He delivers a big gob of spit directly to my face and uses his sock to wipe it off before shoving that sock into his mouth. I suck on the dirty white sock absorbing all the flavour that the foot of this alpha man produced. He takes his now bare sole and wipes the sweat all over my face. He pulls his foot back and sticks the finger at me “keep that sock in your mouth till you get home, consider it a gift from me”. I look at him worried about what other people will think. “You’re my slave now and you’re going to do whatever I want, and believe me you will be seeing me again”. As the bus stops he stands up and without a word he steps off the bus. As he disappears from sight I wondered if he really meant what he said. But he was right, I would see him again, eventually.

    go on bro you know you want to. you can smell the new leather, the slightly mothballed paper crinkling in the orange box your hands picking them up for the first time. stiff but pliable.

    “needing” them isnt necessary. you want them. you should have them. i see you hesitating. a little expensive. but you could afford it. and they call to you. the sweet siren song soothes and seduces your senses. stop stalling and submit. it’ll be so sudden when it happens bro, a new email, a notification, and you will swell with pride knowing they have been shipped to you

    slip the sneakers on over your socks. they subtly sigh as you do. they were made for you, as you were for them. let the laces hang loose for a second bro. take your first step. a little tingle in the soles. your brain feels funny, a little pressure in the sides of your skull. like a little hangover.

    look at yourself in the mirror. your reflection: dunks Nike Elite crew socks Nike baller shorts (blue) brotank Nike wristband (yellow) biceps flex grin

    the sibilant snicker of your camera’s phone app. selfie. a second selfie. flex.

    in your head, low at first then a sudden snapping imperious yelp


    sssnap, another selfie.

    that one you’ll upload.

    seconds later, you stride outside fitted cap screwed on your skull (backwards) the glare of the sun causes you to blink blink again blink again, is this you? this is. where are you going?

    the gym bro.


    nothing else matters.