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    “I think it is time for new generations, like mine or younger, to have means of communication that show them expressions of equality and educate them about the differences that make each of us beautiful. When I saw Yalitza Aparicio on the cover of Vogue, it was also a sign and now I know that I could be that sign for more girls if I keep working hard and being grateful.” 

    <>— Karen Vega by Dorian Ulises López Macías for Vogue Mexico (July 2<>020), the first Oaxacan Indigenous model to appear on the cover of the magazine

    do you remember when middle school started and all the white kids started going through their “racist phase?” when i started using swear words, white kids started using racial slurs. when i started referencing memes, white kids started making nazi jokes. 

    everyone likes to joke about how horrible middle school is, but no one is willing to acknowledge how traumatic it is for kids of color. we understand what racism is from the time we are little kids,–i knew what racism was before i understood what race and ethnicity were–and we understand how it feels to experience, <>but when white kids start to find out about racism, it’s a joke to them. 

    i didn’t know any white kids in middle school who weren’t racist. the ones who didn’t use slurs or make racist jokes or find nazis and nazi propaganda funny hung out with those kids. they segregated their friend groups to the point where even white kids who were friends with kids of color wouldn’t have black friends or dark skinned friends. i experienced tokenization and microagressions and outright being called slurs and mocked for not being white the whole time i was in middle school from both other students and the school’s faculty.

    i need to clarify here that <>i did not grow up in the south. i did not grow up in a conservative place. i did not grow up in a predominantly white place. i grew up in a racially diverse and liberal city in southern california. racism still existed there. i heard the same horrifically racist slurs and jokes and preachings as kids of color who grow up in texas do. the kids saying this shit had democrats for parents and teachers, but they were not told they were wrong for being racist. any time a teacher overheard a kid being racist,–even when a white gentile wrote an ode to hitler for our poetry unit–the kids who suffered because of their racism were told that these racists in the making would grow out of it. we had to forgive them. the authority figures were just as racist as our classmates even though our principal wasn’t white and we lived in a progressive area.

    the most painful part of this experience was that i didn’t have the words to explain what was happening to me. i didn’t know it was a collective experience that other kids of color were having. i didn’t know what was so wrong with me that i was being made fun of for not looking white or for acknowledging my culture. it wasn’t until i was in the 8th grade that i finally felt seen by anyone else when i got seated with a bunch of other kids of color in algebra and they would comment on the racism they experienced and noticed in our school. that was the first time in this whole experience–in my whole life even–that i felt like i wasn’t crazy. i was right. none of us had the vocabulary that we all must have now to explain what we were experiencing, but we were all experiencing the same thing.

    the white kids i was friends with back then are all around 19 now. i see some of them post about racial injustices in the world. i see some of them wear maga hats. none of them have ever apologized to me or any of the other people of color they hurt with their racism. their activism is performative at best and nonexistent at worst. what’s the point of this post? racism isn’t a phase. racism isn’t a character flaw. racism infects every aspect of our lives. racism exists everyw<>here. i want the white people i grew up with to understand that the internet didn’t radicalize me, you did. i was not radicalized by learning what racism is when i was 17 or by learning that racism still exists when trump was elected. i was radicalized by growing up a girl of color.

    white people read this and evaluate your behavior as a kid and how it affects your behavior now but do not use this or me as a way to absolve your guilt. i do not care if you are sad that you were a racist kid.

    tumblr is making it harder and harder for content creators to post on their platform, between destroying gif quality and showing no respect to content creators who made their platform, i’m not surprised the creator scene is dying. on top of that with the new trend of not reblogging content and only liking it, it’s making it even harder for creators to have their works seen by anyone. that being said, just a reminder to support your favorite content creator by literally just reblogging, liking or sending them a nice ask to encourage them. many content creators are losing motivation, quitting and leaving the platform, and as someone who loves making content, it’s draining and sad to see

    Hey since the Hannibal fandom seems to be kicking off again let me remind y’all that the show’s use of “w-nd-go” is incredibly racist and appropriative. Stop using that term for your urls, fics, art, and aesthetics. It’s not a cryptid like Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster, it’s a figure from Algonquian beliefs. Using it outside of its original context and treating it like a fantasy creature is incredibly racist.

    Saw someone post “W-nd-go Hannibal” art today so I guess y’all didn’t pass this around enough

    Clarifications and back up plans-

    Hi DashCon Attendees! 

    It’s been a crazy weekend this weekend, and we literally cannot apologize enough for all of crazy things that have happened. With regards to today and Welcome to Night Vale, we don’t want to get into it, but we want to officially say that wedid have the money for Night Vale, and a large majority of it was in cash. The remainder was available via PayPal, but unfortunately PayPal was malfunctioning and they were unwilling to wait. 

    For those of you who had reserved seats, we are giving you guys an extra hour with the ball pit, as well as an entry each into a raffle where we will be giving away a framed Stan Lee Autograph, a framed Richard Armitage Autograph, a framed Walking Dead photo with the full cast autographs, a signed Martin Freeman autograph, and more! So many cool prizes!! Additionally, you’ll be allowed first come first serve places at the Time Crash concert tonight for what extra room we have. For those who bought just daily tickets to see Night Vale, you’re welcome to a free Sunday daily badge. 

    Please accept this as our apology for the cancellation, it was very very last minute, and I assure you we did all we could. 

    ~DashCon Staff 

    date of origin: 12th of july, 2014.


    Do you design a lot of characters living in not-modern eras and you’re tired of combing through google for the perfect outfit references? Well I got good news for you kiddo<>, this website has you covered! Originally @modmad made a post about it, but her link stopped working and I managed to fix it, so here’s a new post. Basically, this is a costume rental website for plays and stage shows and what not, they have outfits for several different decades from medieval to the 1980s. LOOK AT THIS SELECTION:


    There’s a lot of really specific stuff in here, I design a lot of 1930s characters for my ask blog and with more chapters on the way for the game it belongs to I’m gonna be designing more, and this website is going to be an invaluable reference. I hope this can be useful to my other fellow artists as well! :)

    holy shit


    <>HELL YEAH !!!


    Natural Black Hair Tutorial! Usually Black hair is excluded in the hair tutorials which I have seen so I have gone through it in depth because it’s really not enough to tell someone simply, “Black hair is really curly, draw it really curly.“ 

    The next part of Black Hair In Depth will feature styles and ideas for designing characters and I will release it around February. If you would like to see certain styles, please shoot me a message!


    People will accept eugenics so long as it proves them valid in some way. Like "if scientists prove there's a gay/trans gene or something we'll finally be recognized as legitimate by all" like nah dude that's fucking eugenics bud that'd be used to get rid of us

    Or mom's being like "I can't wait till one day when we can find the autism gene and stop autism once and for all" like bitch that's eugenics is your kid having a sensitivity to touch and not wanting to be hugged such a big deal to you that you want to get rid of all autistic people? That's so incredibly selfish and terrible.

    Eugenics isn't a morally gray area. It's all bad. All of it. "We can stop families from suffering :(" suffering what? A unique individual? Fuck off.

    People do everything they can to hide their weight, physically and number-wise, to the point that it's considered rude to ask how much someone weighs and especially so to ask that of a woman, but then somehow fatphobia doesn't exist? If fatphobia isn't real, then why is your height something that easily slips off the tongue at the simplest ask yet your weight is information forever locked away out of shame? Why are you afraid for others to know your weight? Is it because...you'll be judged? Huh, that sounds like we might live in a society where your weight is considered as part of your value as a person. If I wasn't careful, I'd even say that creates a world where fatphobia is a form of common oppression!

    <>✨Commission time!
    So here’s how we <><>roll:
    will draw- fanart/ocs/nudity/just<> ask!
    wont draw- hateful ideology/sexual situations

    <> shoot me an email<> at anonbeadrawss@gmail<>.com with a brief description of what you want, including descriptions/images references and commission type. I’ll draw mostly anything, don’t be afraid t<>o ask!
    🔸 I can also offer a char<>acter sheet for your simple/detailed commissions  for a<>n additional £10! I’ll need all the additional info to do so, so if that’s what you want, don’t forget to send me it!
    🔸i do payment up-front<> as an invoice and via Squareup, in Pounds Sterling (GDP) and i start working when i’m paid (commissio<>n price does not<> include Squareup fees).
    🔸 Estimated finish time for pieces is about 2 weeks and i’ll send you the finished commission via email <>as an A4 piece in PNG format.
    🔸 I’ll post up the finished work here o<>n my blog unless you ask otherwise.
    I retain the right to refuse a commission, and this is not commercial work but strictly for private use, not for
    further profit or outside projects-

    <>✨reblogs are always appreciated!✨