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2021-04-01 00:09:59

    Mavis Dracula, TV version!

    Please check the imgur album below for the last gif of Mavis cumming into the goo girl, Tumblr wonโ€™t let me upload it for size limit reasons.


    Final gif in the above imgur link!

    Woo! I started this around Halloween, because originally I was going to draw Mavis as a halloween pic, but then did Twilight as a vampire.I drew a bunch of sketches of TV version Mavis (I like her in that better than in the movies), and put them in Flash for that clean tv look. But then I thought, since Iโ€™m in Flash anyway, might as well try animating them!

    Then it took forever. Animation is hard. Animating cum is really hard.

    When I come back after New Years, I want to try putting the BJ, anal, and goo-fucking animations into one swf, with a button for the cumshots.

    For now, please enjoy these big ass gifs!

    Goddamn it, Mavis getting fucked in the ass isnโ€™t animating! It works fine in the Imgur link, please check it out there!

    tumblr is such a piece of shitโ€ฆ