In my neighborhood, it has become the norm that any disrespectful husband gets a sound public spanking to teach him his lesson.


    if you are lucky, this might  happen in your neighborhood soon!




    Been there a few times, and boy did they tan my hide no mercy given when you get a few together . I think they try to out do each other lol. Oh, i was really a mess when done crying and blubbering for forgiveness to empty ears. … i loved it was in heaven afterwards.


    This would be good way to teach women not yet taking control the benefits of a FLR.


    Wish my neighborhood was like that.

    A pretty preacher's daughter is paddled right after the service ends. She's had this one coming for quite some time. Some of those in the congregation still milling around and visiting can overhear everything. It's a long and firm spanking, seemingly delivered upon bare skin. Before the punishment ends, there will be tears and begging and a lot of remorse. She's being made an example. The pastor practices what he preaches.

    Instead, Jane's plan backfired. 

    She did not go over his knee but ended up on her back, legs in the air, in the most embarrassing position she could imagine. She felt a firm grip tighten around her ankles and deep down some part of her instinctively knew that although things were bad, they could always get worse and so she might as well accept her fate and stop struggling.

    Jane's uncle raised the hairbrush back and through the tears it seemed to melt away entirely before it came crashing back down hard against her bare buttocks. The collision with her tender flesh produced a loud POP sound and a world of unexpected pain. It was so much worse than she could believe. She saw stars...

    Jane grit her teeth hard together but one long, low continuous whine escaped from  her mouth. She had very little choice in the matter. Her bottom reddened and rippled with every swat. The spanking itself seemed endless. She desperately wanted to remain stoic, to not give him any further satisfaction, but the begging and pleading were inevitable. 

    Rebel girl getting the rebellion spanked right out of her.

    Pants at her ankles, butt bare and waking up the whole house with her cries - it's a harsh wake-up call for a brat who thinks she can do whatever she wants. Those days are over, there's a new law of the land. The only uncertainty that remains is just how many nights of sleeping on her tummy will it take for her to get with the program.


    "You're gonna get a spanking! You're gonna get a SPAN-KING!"

    The sing-songy, mocking voices were ghosts from the past.  Zoe's siblings, neighbors, cousins - whoever happened to around. She could remember those long hours spent waiting for her father to get home, face pressed against the wall in the den, bottom bared, sick with nerves. Her face would burn in humiliation, her bare ass on display for anyone who wanted to peek. The exposure was part of the punishment. 

    It wasn't that she was the only one subject to spankings - her brother and sister endured the same bare corner time before their punishments and although the others may have had their own rituals in their houses, some form of corporal punishment was fairly common. But Zoe seemed to have the hardest time dealing with it. She cried easily and hard. She obsessed over her own spankings. She was endlessly curious and yet also horrified by the spanking of others.

    And now here she was, back against the wall in the den. Zoe was twenty-one now. The teasing voices were all gone, but her butt was still bare and tingling in anticipation of what was to come. It had been so long since her last spanking and yet it all still felt so familiar, so routine. Had she missed them? Had she missed this humiliating ritual? 

    "You're gonna get a spanking! You're gonna get a SPAN-KING!"

    It felt like a long time coming. It was her mother who first mentioned the possibility, months before. It had seemed almost like a joke, except no one was laughing. The truth was that Zoe was an absolute mess. She was wasting away at college with grades barely above passing. She had been busted for under-age drinking before turning 21 and then promptly lost her license for drinking and driving after her birthday. She was lazy and rude and constantly in a bad mood. She was also back living at home again because she couldn't afford an apartment and the dorms had banned her. The last straw was when she slipped onto academic probation. She was not going to graduate on time, if she even managed to remain a student at all.

    "You're getting a spanking," her mother had announced after the notice came from the school. "There's no two ways about it. Get in the den and wait for your father to get home."

    "You're gonna get a spanking! You're gonna get a SPAN-KING!"

    "But, Mom..." Zoe couldn't even put up a fight. "I'm too old," she tried without much conviction. 

    "If you want to be treated like an adult, then you need to start acting like one," her mother told her. Surprisingly, there was very little anger in her voice. Instead, she just sounded tired and kind of sad. 

    "You've been begging for a spanking for going on two years, young lady. Your father and I have been too easy on you. We should have driven down to that dorm and spanked your bottom a few times and maybe we wouldn't be in the mess we're in now. Get in the den before I get angry."

    Zoe was near tears as she entered the den, a room in the house she had largely tried to avoid most of her life. She knew the drill. She folded her skirt up at her waist and peeled her panties down low enough to reveal her entire bottom. Her skin broke out into goosebumps and a strange, unwanted thrill rushed through her body. Her bare skin felt cold, a stark contrast to how it would feel later. The clock ticked above her head, seeming almost deafening to her ears. The voices from years ago came back to her now. 

    "You're gonna get a spanking! You're gonna get a SPAN-KING!"

    She felt ashamed. It wouldn't be long now.