MD - 23 : Theater&Literature.

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2021-01-23 07:04:00

    💌  #HappySungjinDay - Happy birthday to our dearest leader our favorite bear. I know this last year has been rough for you so i wish you all the best in this new one. You deserve the best. You are the most caring leader, you’re always here for the members, in the quiet of your usual self, you’re always here for us too. For once, this year, we were here for you. It was only fair. Now, i hope you’re feeling a lot better. You should know that we’re proud of you, that we love you and we always will. My days are by your side. You don’t have to handle all this alone. Thank you for being so strong, passionate, talented, caring, kind, precious. Thank you for all your beautiful words. Thank you for taking care of the others. Thank you for everything you do for the world. It is a better place with you in it. Happy birthday Sungjin. I hope you have the best one, with your members, with your friends, with your family and with us. We love you more thant anything else in this world. You’ll always have a family with us. 🖤