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    Please help. Our apartment caught fire. Donate to help us rebuild our lives everything we had is damaged. We are not allowed to stay in the apartment. We have nothing. I’ll get around to changing the details on my patreon page but please donate here, everything goes to our rebuilding of life https://www.patreon.com/glashiiema


    Please help! We are not allowed back into our apartment due to the smoke damage. The kitchen is gone. All of my cosplay is contaminated and the figures of my fiancé’s are in desperate need of aid. Our computers survived but our lives are gone. I don’t even have work clothing that is suitable to wear on the job for tomorrow. I work three jobs and will likely need a fourth to just survive.


    Hey everyone my dad and I are about to put on hazmat suits and see what we can salvage from the apartment. Wish us luck! I’ll post photos/video. Please please donate. My fiancé can’t get to work now and has little to no way to continue his art career without some sort of aid.


    Salvaging what we can. And it’s not a lot. The smoke got everything

    Phicen Demo Video

    Hey everybody!  I decided to make a video displaying the awesome quality of the Phicen 1/6 Scale Replica figures.

    For those who don’t already know.  There is a raffle currently being held, and the grand prize for said raffle is an amazing 1.6 scale figure of Red Sonja. With secondary prizes including a Play Arts Kai Quiet from MGS5. a Queens blade statue, and one mystery prize.  Along with a few comic/animation commissions.

    The figure displayed in the video isn’t the one for Raffle.  But is from same company and has the same body/quality.  Enjoy the video!

    Oh and in case you missed it or forgot, here is a link to the Raffle Blog post. https://joos3dart.tumblr.com/post/172923665436/call-to-arms-hey-everybody-first-off-id-like

    You can buy tickets for 10$ per ticket, to a maximum of 10.  Payments can be send to my paypal at kjharrup@hotmail.com.  Or you can visit my patreon and buy them via one of the donation tiers specified as Raffle Ticket.

    My Patreon is Here. https://www.patreon.com/Joos3dart

    Animation Vote Still Open!

    Hey everyone!  Just reminding everyone who hasn’t voted, or anyone who might have missed the post the first time (I know people who follow a lot of different artists can miss a post because it gets buried)

    Contestant #2: Ruby “Red” Solomon.

    Second in the string of preview animations is Ruby give everyone a ticket to the gun show! God her tits are so big and sexy!  They are real too!  (not really, but in the future implants are natural, they give you a special injection with makes them bigger using your bodies own cells.  They are perky because she works hard on her pecs.)

    Little bit about ruby:  Ruby is the Daughter of Rivella Drake, the current Queen of Silvar (Amazon home planet).  On Silvar there are no males.  The population of Silvar consists of approximately 10% Female and the other 90% are known as “Sires”. Sires take the place of males in almost every aspect of their society. They impregnate the females to keep the population up, and they act as the primary Military Force. (females are not allowed to be solider, because there are so few). Despite this, both Females and Sire on Silvar are physically astounding.  However Ruby was not born from a Sire.  Her father was a Soldier in Mars Special Forces(MSF). She always wanted to be a soldier, so she left with her father to join MSF. Ruby is a remarkable soldier.  Top marks coursework and gunplay, but her real talent was her unbeatable close quarters combat techniques.  To this day Jack has never won a sparring match with her.  Her time in MSF is where she met Jack Solomon.  They went through training together, were deployed together, and fell in love on the battlefield.  They have been together ever since.  And even though she is the rightful heir to the throne of SIlvar, she would rather spend her life drifting through space with Jack.

    Don’t forget to vote. Be heard!  600 followers and only 140 votes!  Cmon guys! 



    Hey everyone!  I reached 500 followers today!  So to say thank you I did a little animation of Lara touching herself.  It’s still low quality, but it IS rendered.  I just used lowest settings so I could get it finished today to post.  The loop doesnt really close together but it still looks good.  Thanks for everyone support!

    Ruby rubbing one out.

    Just another test animation of my favorite girl Ruby playing in the bathroom.  Ya know,  just making it a little dirtier.  So it’s not actually rendered.  This is the preview quality version.  (Would have taken all night to actually render)

    I wanted to start showing you guys the potential that a high poly figure animator has.  I’ll probably add a couple more test runs tonight (I pull all nighters, it’s kind of my thing).  Let me know what you guys think!

    SO the video isn’t working on Tumblr for some fucking reason.  So here is a download link instead.

    DOWNLOAD HERE: http://www.mediafire.com/file/n758gsool4ly103/Ruby%20Masturbation_x264.mp4

    My First SFM Animation

    **Sound Warning** Don’t watch at work haha!

    So I sat down this last weekend and learn how to use SFM a little bit.  I fiddled before but never sat down and really tried to learn it.  I’m still not satisfied with it overall, but I am pretty sure that animations is the way I want to go.

    So my content will be making some changes in the months to come.  I’m going to complete all current projects. But I really want to move forward with animations.

    That being said.  Enjoy the Smut!  I’ll have some commission releases and the Lara comic soon!

    Ooooh boy things are getting crazy around here.

    My first animation!  Lara can’t get enough BBOC (Big black ork cock).  So I granted her wish and put some life into that booty.  Hope you guys like it!

    Here is a download link in case you guys want to save it: http://www.mediafire.com/file/k4ffkw4c5xzxjem/Lara%20Roxelia%20Reverse%20Cowgirl%20Short%20Loop.mp4

    Check out my Patreon!