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    Makeup for Beginners

    aka “I’m a 22 year old newb and needed to find some resources”. Here’s what I’ve found so far that has really helped me! Lots of these are youtube tutorials; I find it more helpful to see someone doing it rather than just reading about it.


  • Makeup Starter Kit Guide
  • How to Apply Makeup for Beginners
  • 18 Makeup Tips for Beginners
  • Easy Beginners Makeup - Drugstore
  • Simple Everyday Makeup Tutorial
  • Makeup for Beginners 101: Intro and Essential Items
  • Beginners Makeup Bag (with TONS are helpful links in video)
  • Makeup Mistakes We All Make
  • 10 Beauty Mistakes I Used to Make
  • Makeup Mistakes Black Women Commonly Make
  • 13 Beauty Hacks
  • Makeup Trends We’re Ditching in 2015 (hilarious)
  • Specific:


  • 9 Different Eyeliner Looks
  • How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger
  • Beginner Eye Makeup Tips and Tricks
  • Easy Ways to Use Liquid Eyeliner
  • Eye Shape x, x, x
  • Face:

  • How to Cover Acne & Scars
  • How to Apply Foundation
  • Best Foundations for Women of Color
  • How to Find Your Undertones
  • Blush for Face Shapes
  • Make Your Nose Look Smaller with Contouring
  • Lips:

  • How to Wear a Dark Lip/Finding Your Tone
  • Matte Lip Routine
  • Brows:

  • Eyebrow Tutorial
  • Perfect Eyebrow Tutorial
  • Tools:

  • Breakdown of Brushes
  • Youtube Channels:

  • TheMakeupChair
  • Chanel Boateng
  • Makeup Game On Point
  • Michelle Phan
  • Blogs:

  • Makeuploversunite
  • makeuptips-blog
  • makeupartistsofcolour (half makeup, half informational)
  • Cruelty Free Brands:

  • Hard Candy
  • N.Y.C.
  • e.l.f.
  • Lush
  • Wet n Wild
  • bh cosmetics
  • Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics
  • Impulse Cosmetics
  • Urban Decay
  • illamasqua
  • Melt Cosmetics
  • Sugarpill
  • Colourpop
  • Kat Von D
  • Anastasia
  • NARS
  • Smashbox
  • *Important Note: Some of these brands may or may not be sold in other countries that require animal testing by law in order for the products to be sold, but I don’t have the time to research animal testing laws outside the US as well as what brands sell in those countries. So I’m leaving this one up to you. 

    Okay, this has been in my drafts for at least 3 months now. Time to roll it out! Keep in mind, these are videos/bloggers that helped me specifically and there may be some videos/links that aren’t as useful to you. That’s okay! I recommend you get lost in the beauty blogger side of youtube at some point, it’s a lot of fun and you never know what you’ll find!

    And on a last note of disclaimer: I don’t follow the personal lives/twitter feed/rumors about anyone in these videos. I don’t know if someone is problematic or not, I am simply recommending the video.


    wonderful resource for nonbinary/trans people who have a desire to wear makeup, but were never taught because of gross gender roles 


    Oh joy! Just something to help anyone willing to read.


    Things transwomen should think about before they start transitioning - clothes edition!

    Okay, I'm a month into committing to transitioning, and one of the first things I've had to deal with is building a brand new wardrobe. I had a handful of feminine items, but nothing that was practical and nowhere NEAR enough to actually have something to wear every day! It's been really hit or miss so far - I do now have enough cute, wearable clothes that I could wear something different every day for a week, but that included buying at least as much stuff that didn't fit, was poorly made, or turned out to look terrible on me. I've had to entirely relearn how to shop for clothes and wade through a ton of confusing, contradictory information about sizes, fabrics, styles, and all of the things that make women's clothing so much more fun (and infuriating) than men's. These are a few of the key lessons I've learned that I wanted to share - hopefully someone will see this and not make at least some of the mistakes I made? 😏

  • Trying to build an entirely new woman's wardrobe all at once is f*cking expensive! Women's clothes cost more than men's in general, and bigger sizes cost more than smaller sizes - sometimes a LOT more, since often the sale prices you see online only apply to the smallest sizes. As a man I could walk into Old Navy or someplace like it and pick up a couple pairs of pants, 2-3 shirts, and some underwear for less than $75, but the equivalent women's basics at a will cost you anywhere from $100 to $200, even if you're shopping at a discount chain like Marshall's. You'll find better deals online, but still expect everyday clothes to cost you at least 25% more for even the most simple items, and don't even get me started on the cost of a really nice dress!
  • Set a budget and plan your purchases based on what you need, not just what you want. You need to start with basic FUNCTIONAL items like practical, wearable underwear (hose, panties, bras. etc.), season appropriate tops, leggings, skirts, dresses, and if winter's coming, don't forget sweaters and outerwear!
  • You really do need to know ALL of your measurements before trying to buy clothes - don't guess, you'll get it wrong! There are lots of online resources that tell you what and how to measure. Get yourself a measuring tape and write it all down! Oh, and good luck trying to figure out what a listed "bust" measurement means for a top or dress - does it mean underbust or chest or overbust or bust, because those are all different names for two different measurements 😒
  • You're going to want to throw out all of your boy clothes, but remember that some female things are just not going to fit you yet, no matter how badly you want them too. Pants are a good example, especially fitted jeans. Unless you're really lucky or you plan on wearing a padded girdle all the time, you probably don't have the butt or hips yet to make most women's jeans work. If you already have some men's slim-fit stretch jeans, for example, very few people will notice the difference from women's low waisted jeans (other than the fly going the wrong way) and they'll look better on you. Plus, some men's items can be repurposed to be worn in a more feminine way, so resist the urge to burn them all!
  • If you're only wearing your fem clothes at home you can afford to be a little impractical, but if you intend to start wearing them in public remember that you'll need practical stuff that you can wear to do mundane things like grocery shopping or going to work. Don't be that girl in the bodycon mini-dress and 6" platform heels in the produce section!
  • If there's someplace you feel comfortable going in person, you really should start by trying some things on in a store to get a sense of how things fit and what will work on your body vs what you WISH would work on your body. Online ordering is private and safe and awesome, but there's no telling if what you buy will fit or work for you. If you take the time to try on a bunch of things on for real first, at least you'll have a basic idea of what might work and what definitely won't.
  • Think about what you want your personal style to be, and try to be realistic about it. Much more than men's clothes, women's clothes are really designed for very specific body types, and no matter how much you wish you could pull off a look, you need to figure out what actually works for your body now. Are you thin enough or young enough to carry off that super cute ultra-stylish street and clubwear, or is it just going to make you look old and fat? Do you really have the hips and butt to pull off those booty shorts? Think about all the times you saw someone dressing inappropriately for their age or body type and cringed, and don't be that person. If your goal is to look good in those styles then figure out what you need to do for it to work for you, but don't waste all of your money buying things that don't look good now and won't fit when you achieve the body you're working toward. Patience, woman! You'll get there!
  • All that said, if you really feel great wearing things that aren't necessarily "right" for your body, then f*ck anyone who tries to judge you for it. You be you, girl!
  • Just because it says it's a size 12 doesn't mean it actually IS a size 12. Women's sizes vary a LOT depending on what brand you're buying or where you're buying it from, especially if they only use small/medium/large etc instead of numerical sizes. Find a store or brand that fits you consistently and use that as your gold standard. that way if you buy something from a different brand or store you can get a sense of whether their items are going to trend bigger or smaller.
  • Finally, a word about Someone suggested this site, which is basically the Chinese version of Amazon, as a place to get some stuff really inexpensively, but it is definitely a buyer beware situation. The prices are jaw droppingly low, it's true (seriously, you can find just about anything for under $5!), but it's REALLY hit or miss, like you should expect at least a third of what you buy to be unusable. The sizes are all over the map - some items don't list a size chart at all, and in general everything is a size or two smaller than you would expect it to be, except when it's not. Plus, a lot of the less expensive stuff they have is really poor quality, and their shipping times and costs are RIDICULOUS! I ordered a bunch of cute summery things and not only did the shipping cost more than the items, it's taken so long for them to get here that it's now too cold for me to wear them anywhere except around the apartment with the heat on full blast! I love the site and will probably keep using it (who could resist getting 3 dresses, two tops, two pairs of heels, 2 pairs of leggings, and a couple of cute bras and panties for under $100, even including the exorbitant shipping and the likelihood that at least 4 of those items will be unwearable?) but do your homework and at least read the product info and reviews before purchasing! And remember, it's really easy to get a refund on wish, and given that they only ask you to return items that cost more than $25, all that cheap stuff is basically free to try if you're willing to wait 4-8 weeks for it!
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    Some great advice! Katie


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    Something all us girlies need..especially the bum!!!! Oh my God I want one like that girl in the gray shorts !!!