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    While I was checking out some of the IPhone’s and Laptops , I saw something at the corner of my eye . It was a 15 year old kid taking pics of my mom’ ass . I gave him a mean stare as a warning to tell him to fuck off but he didn’t listen . Instead , he just went up to my mom and chatted with her . I couldn’t make out what they were saying but I could’ve sworn I saw the kid pat my mom on the ass before walking out with a piece of paper that looked like her phone number …


    An hour later your mom gets a phone call. After the call was done, she told you she has to run some errands and will be right back. She left so quick and left you alone in the mall. Minutes later you realize the mall is about to close and realize you have no ride back home. You call your mom but she won’t pick up, you start getting very frustrated and scared. You have no choice but to walk a very long way home. Out of no where it also starts raining, your day just keeps getting worse and worse. By the time you reach home you hear some weird sounds. You open the door.

    You open the door to see your mom’s big ass getting fucked in the asshole by that very kid you saw in the mall earlier. You were disgusted and punched the kid multiple times but he didn’t care and just continued to fuck your mom in front of you.

    You tell your mom, “why aren’t you helping me what the fuck?” She stays quiet and pretend to not hear you and continue to take his cock up her big ass.