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    Information in English:

    This drawing is serious but I need you to find out what is happening in my country, some may be misinformed by newscasts that cross out certain points.

    Since April 28, the national strike began in Colombia, in order to remove the tax reform to cover the financing of social plans by increasing taxes on income and basic products … (taxes are too expensive! And now they plan do the health reform !! That is a red flag!) We have been 1 month since the strike and we continue in the fight…

    But during this month the government has ordered the public force to kill each citizen who is protesting either peacefully … the police pose as civilians to damage the peaceful protests and thus get the excuse that it was the people who began … From now on .. Colombia is in the blood of young people who are looking for a good future .. and that their families live well..

    If in your country they showed news from Colombia saying that the “vandals began to destroy everything” … do not believe in these falsehoods … we are not vandals, we are human beings who really want to live … we will not continue to survive in a Colombia that does not respect the people..

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    Insert pun about dancing with death

    ANyWays Mononym belongs to @edgealiedoodles and Bernadetta belongs to @justanartdork!


    Oh look, some ponies doing a tango with their bosses! They clearly don't need help, it's fine! Look at how happy they are! XD

    Did I ever formally introduce this hoe??? I don't think so, or my brain is just that fucked-

    Anyway, this is a Dragon demon gal I waste too much time on-


    Name: Shakira (No, not that one-)

    Age: 16-17

    Height: 5'6"

    Gender: Female

    Species: Dragon demon, somehow-

    Sexual Orientation: Pansexual, she loves everyone-

    Cause Of Death: Got caught in a hose fire and burned alive

    Abilities: Well, since she's a goddamn dragon, she can quite obviously fly, turn into an actual dragon (Albeit only the size of a Liger) and breathe fire from her mouth, up to about ten yards. She can also heat up her hands and arms to temperatures hot enough to leave a nasty ass burn. But, it has it's drawbacks, like breathing fire too much will strain her throat and she probably won't speak for a few days at most. Now, despite being pretty fucking powerful by sinner standards, her powers are pretty limited seeing as she's actually just pretty pathetic for a Dragon. She rarely ever uses her abilities, and when she does, it's often not for anything useful, Ex: Using her body heating for frying bacon and eggs on her arms. But, when she does use it for something useful, like fighting, she can probably some serious dragon damage-

    Personality: She's kind of a dummy. Well, less of a dummy, and more of just way too optimistic about a lot of things. She's the type to say things will get better while everything's being fucking ripped to shreds in the background. Another thing is that she's pretty dependent on others, and is 100% a devoted. If someone she trusted told her to jumb off a cliff and not even attempt to save herself, she'd probably do it in a heartbeat, until they cross a personal line.

    Likes: Flying, Culinary, dancing, pancakes, her family, her siblings, stories, music, churros, warm blankets, swimming, sweater dresses, collecting things, cleaning

    Dislikes: Her dad, Cold ass things, heat exhaustion, sadness, being yelled at, dissapointing her family, secrets, being alone, loneliness, don't leave her alone, she has sone serious autophobia, circuses, popcorn

    Background: Once upon a time, she was born in Louisiana in the late 90s, And her childhood was fairly normal, if you take away her asshole dad. And, here's around the time her life just about goes to shit. To make a long story short, her dad gets shot, she helps burn the body, her mom dies a year later from a disease, she burned down one of her bully's houses with them in it out of grief, and then her own house catches on fire with her in it, and she died. Upon entering hell, and a bunch of shit involving a crazy circus later, she gets adopted by an overlord and is now living her best afterlife.

    Any other information: Sheeeeeee can be a bit of a fucking hoarder. Once she sees something she likes, she keeps it and refuses to get rid of it for years on end.

    Well, that was a fucking essay full of this dummy-

    Have a swell time folks, I'm gonna go sob in a corner now-


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    Good day or evening

    My name isn't important, what's important is what I'm about to say to those who got hurt by a specific person I'm about to mention, I've come to expose someone that hurt a person very dear to me, I will not mention thier name for thier protection, but I will say the name of the person responsible.

    With the help of several people, who I'll mention later, (and not mention for thier safety) I've gathered enough information to call the person who caused harmed to a lot of people, so thanks to them all.


    Or Bayonetta or people know him as Dante, along with his friend @thefreakyfader, both who done, said and acted extremely immaturly.

    Bayonetta or otherwise known as Dante by his Trans name, is an artist on social media, a webtoon comic writer and the owner of the skeleton Island >3B group on discord with over 95 with the exception of the bots

    But that is not the case right now, the main thing is that Dante is responsible for letting bad things happen like, being offensive to some people, letting the people in his group to share inappropriate porn art and content with underage children by the ages of 15 and younger from other social media that won't be mentioned for thier protection, and the list goes on, and I'll list them all one by one with all the proves here.

    1- opened nsfw channels for everyone.

    I'll start with the obvious, Some discord users know this number one rule, not to share any sort of nsfw content with underage people, no matter what, the only way to keep those who are young from the channels is to lock it, and it's very important so minors by the ages of 15, 14, 13 or younger don't look at the adult content we adult share together, cause some of you all know sharing nsfw content with children is considered a crime and could lead to jail.

    In Dante's group, the channel wasn't locked since 2020 or perhaps since it was created, he didn't care if minors went there and watched what people been posting there, otherwise he would have locked it and let only those who are adults to enter and post thier content.

    Another thing is that when adults started to post nsfw of the fictional main characters from my hero academia, who just to let you know are minors by the ages of 16 and younger, this is his response to those who questioned the group's actions.

    And yet the channel still open for everyone to see to this very day, the screenshot of the opened nsfw channel is recent, taken a few weeks ago.

    a lot of nsfw content including minor characters from my hero academia plus another anime based on a game called Danganronpa could be found as well, not a shocking surprise to those who knows about this because most of the users are a fan of that anime/game posted those disgusting pictures.

    And even when the group has its nsfw channel, some people still post them on the general chat, right in the open, which is something Dante knew about but let it slide off during his vc chat with his friends.

    2- attacking his former friends for ridiculously stupid reasons

    Dante is the type of man who criticize people and doesn't take will for any type of criticism, by what I heard from the artist known as @tobithetea he kept criticizing his comic for not gaining much view, mocking the main character of his comic and calling him a female despite being a Trans-male and being offensive by judging the character's appearances, calling him a female when he's identified as a male, above all that Dante created a Trans male character after mocking and insulting Tobi's original character, but tobi wasn't the only one

    Another person who's called @dreamer-from-elm-street was a very close friend with Dante, thier friendship ended when Dante talked badly behind the woman's back, and before they stopped being together as friends, Dante was using old twits from ms Drea's account to taunt her with it later, keep in mind, by what I heard from ms Drea, Dante did it when they were both friends.

    When people sometimes calling him out for using these kind of methods, he uses the guilty card and say that people attacked when he's the one that attacks people for criticizing his work when he's the one that won't stop criticizing thiers out of jealousy

    3- Fader was also into the whole thing

    Along with Dante, Fader was also part of the whole thing happened, talking behind people's back and doing the same thing as those people in the group.

    Fader who was also a mod in the group acted exactly like Dante in the group, he still talk behind people's back and he hurt others in the process, kept doing that for the past few years with the delusional bastard.

    Both fader and Dante hurt a lot of people in thier groups, both of them talked behind people's back, both let minors go to the nsfw channels and both were responsible for hurting a very dear friend of mine

    This post is for them, for my friend that they hurt, for the people they hurt, for the toxicity they have spread

    I don't want it to continue because it might go further than this, and I won't delete this post or the blog so people see what he did to others.

    this is for what you did to my friend, you son of a bitch

    This post will stay for what you did

    And this blog won't be deleted no matter what happens



    Finally got karma for the shit they pulled



    I'm not really equipped to talk about this.


    Dante. Fader. If you see this.

    Serioisly, please fucking CORRECT yourselves. Real fucking hard. Damn y'all. This isn't fucking cool, and I hope you both know that.

    See ya.