New second location

    I’m not removing anything from this blog if possible. Tumblr is obviously doing its worst on it though, but I was able to save a bunch of favorites and have been re-uploading them to bdsmlr. 

    You can find your favorites at if you can’t find them here. 

    Be patient with me getting through my stores, but I’m hoping that as the updates to that system keep coming, it’ll get better and easier to browse. At least I know my stuff won’t be deleted. Thanks for your loyal follows!


    Potential new sites

    Hi all,

    Thank you all for following me through this journey. I am going to look into both and to see if either platform appears workable. If so, I will likely try to show up as justcheating, for continuity sake. But check those sites, or, or Reddit. I’ll do my best to show up somewhere, just not sure where yet. Best luck to all of you cheating lovers! It’s been a great ride.


    If this is the end...’s been a great ride. I will not shut this site down myself, but if the powers that be decide to, then so be it. I have some GIFs in the queue that will continue to be posted between now and December 17th, but I will be spending my time between now and then pulling my favorite original GIFs back into my repository to hopefully save them for when a new (and hopefully way better) alternative pops up. Thank you to all of you that have joined me on this journey.