Permanently Dripping

NSFW | 23 | bi | Hi, I'm Laura, a small, horny and permanently denied studying girl from germany | Still training and trying to orgasm from anal... any tips? | Last vaginal orgasm: 28th July 2021

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2021-11-15 10:22:38

    I am really into edging and orgasm denial. I am (21 f). Currently single and into bdsm. I am submissive. I have no issues finding partners for rough sex and cnc role play. Or any other kinds of fun kinks. But I can’t seem to genuinely find a partner who loves denying orgasms and teasing. Sure they’ll do a little here and there. But I want a Dom who loves it! One who will do things like tie me up and leave a vibrator on me on the lowest setting enough to keep me aroused, wet and aching to cum. While he walks around the house and does whatever he wants as if I’m not there. One that wants to keep me horny and stupid for him. I want him to do random things like play with my breasts touch my ass or finger me get me so hot for him only to walk away as if nothing happened or to get him off and then to keep teasing me with no hope of cumming insight.

    I want him to make me feel like my pussy is in control of me. Then randomly he’ll maybe give me one orgasm or ruin it half way, maybe randomly force me to cum until i can’t anymore before denying me and teasing me again. I want to be so eager in pleasuring him. Mostly because i love it but also in hopes that he’ll let me cum knowing that he doesn’t plan on making me cum any time soon. I want him to randomly stick his fingers in my pussy and taunt me about how wet i am as if he doesn’t tease me and control my orgasms all the time.

    I want him to make me wear vibrating panties discreetly in public. To finger me in the car right before I have to get out and do errands. I want to be told I can’t wear bra and panties so that he can tease me whenever he pleases. I crave to be someones dazed and confused little cum bucket! I want to cry because I’m so horny and to have him chuckle at my misery before he hugs me and kisses me but still turns me down.

    Xoxo 💋

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    I would love a little just like this. Know that she will be constantly wet, aching to cum. Daddy would have so much fun with a little like this.


    Mmmh this is sooo me besides the owned state 😍🤤


    girls should never cum unless they're told. Here's why:

    1. Edging makes you perma-horny which makes your body always wet and ready for cock. 2. female orgasms belong to Men, not to the female themselves. 3. female orgasms should happen for MALE pleasure, ego or enjoyment rather than for female pleasure. 4. It’s rude to cum when you’re not told to. 5. It teaches self control. 6. It keeps you humble. 7. Denial makes you appreciate release. 8. The focus of sex should always be Male pleasure. 9. Deciding if/when you cum brings Him enjoyment and shows Him He’s in total control. 10. Only orgasming when commanded to demonstrates respect. 11. Because He said so.


    I have several other reasons in my dirty mind 😂😍


    My first nipple orgasm ✨

    I did it! I really did it. I didn't think it would work... well, actually I did, but every time I tried, I lost a little bit of hope.

    I used to not play with my nipples at all. Over the time I began to enjoy hurting them with clamps or rubber bands or just by pinching and flicking them. But I didn't think I could get real pleasure from them until my dom told me that my clit was off limits for the day and that I should play with my nipples instead.

    I find it so so hard to not touch my clit when I'm wet and aroused. Playing with my nipples was... unsatisfying, felt useless and stupid.

    I started watching porn and suddenly... suddenly I was dripping. My pussy was clenching. I felt something... from just playing with my nipples.

    That was the point when I got obsessed with it. I begged my dom to let me play with my nipples instead of my clit more often than you would think. Of course I didn't need explicit permission to touch my nipples, but I liked being forbidden to touch my clit for some time so I could imagine that my nipples were my only source of pleasure.

    I began to get closer and closer, I used vibes on my nipples, played with them while they were clamped, used different methods of rubbing them (the amount of pleasure is strangely dependent on how I hold my fingers?).

    I think... and I don't know for sure because Sir won't tell me, he had the plan to not let me cum until I achieved a nipple orgasm.

    It frustrated me a little because I got so close but just wasn't able to push myself over the edge countless of times.

    I watched so many nipple orgasm videos and gave my nipples so much attention... so much time which I could've spent rubbing my clit, feeling real pleasure!

    But it was all worth it. Yesterday morning I had some time to myself and edged myself crazy for hours. Eventually I stopped and told myself that I wouldn't touch my clit again. I was naked, already leaking, desperate... I rubbed my nipples and felt so close and ugh. It was useless. I gave up eventually and went to do some work. I was leaking into my panties the whole day.

    Later Sir texted me, asking if I wanted to play a game with my followers... I did, so the cumshot game was born. I received 27 pictures, videos, texts. You have no idea how much they turned me on. I was texting with so many nice people, a few of them able to cum freely, a few of them denied... it was amazing.

    I begged Sir to let me edge more after the edges to the cumshots were done, but he said No. "Touch your nipples if you're horny" he told me. IF? Please Sir, you KNOW that I'm horny. I began to rub my nipples, still texting and imagining the hottest things. I was in the middle of a conversation with another girl who was edging (if you see this... you're lovely) and I felt so close and then... it just happened.

    I swear I wasn't looking at any pics or videos. It was just me, turned on, knowing that I was not allowed to touch my clit... maybe fantasizing about not being allowed to touch myself anymore as soon as I could cum from my nipples only. I felt it coming. I knew I was close and I was so ready to give it up since it didn't work the last twenty times, so why would I be able to do it now?

    I closed my eyes and rubbed my nipples (actually just the right nipple, I was still holding my phone in the left hand) and I felt something building, my legs were shaking a little, I tried to imagine getting fucked... and then I came. I didn't even think "oh, I'm cumming" or anything, I just suddenly felt my pussy clench and my clit twitch. It was like a ruined orgasm, really. Maybe it would've felt more satisfying if I didn't stop rubbing my nipples, but I was honestly surprised! First I wasn't even sure if it was a real orgasm or just a very hard edge, but my pussy clenches so strongly when I cum... it was an orgasm. I kept staring at my pussy for what felt like forever because I couldn't believe it. It was satisfying for maybe... ten seconds. Like a ruin. The horniness came back immediately. I made the "I just did it" post even before telling Sir.

    He was impressed, and OF COURSE he said something like "wow, now we don't need to touch your clit ever again" which just turned me on more. I was squirming and honestly... I was glad that I didn't get to touch much anymore. I'm sure I would've accidentally cum and I really wouldn't have been able to take another ruin.

    I was blissed out, kinda proud, very exhausted...

    But I did it and I'm really looking forward to doing it again! Might even try to film it once :)

    What do you think?


    Soo hot and what am achievement. I would love to do the same 😳🤤