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    Pool days


    It's really boring in our neighborhood. It's just me and my son mostly. My husband is out of town. We don't have any neighbors nearby, so it gets lonely. My son wanted to make things fun and suggested skinny dipping in the pool, since there's no one around. It was all innocent at first. But then I started getting this feeling, of getting him hard to tease him. I would jump around making my tits bounce, try to catch him and throw him in the water, and snuggle with him in the jacuzzi. I loved it. He would get so embarrassed. I started to get bolder and would hug him in the pool, accidentally touch his cock and sometimes give him a light grind with my ass. Suddenly, playing in the pool became the most exciting thing for me and my son. He would try his utmost best to not get hard. While I would chase him around, and do anything to get his cock hard. One of those days, while swimming around. I held onto him with my hands on his shoulders. I had him right where I wanted him and could feel him grow on my thighs. I raised my legs and locked onto his hips. He just stood there in defeat. We were both waiting for him to get fully erect. I decided to get a bit more naughty and started bouncing up and down, grinding my ass on his cock. I laughed as he got uncomfortable and turned red. But then I slipped a bit and ended up impaling myself with this semi erect cock. I realised my mistake and desperately tried to get it out as my son loudly said "Mom" with a look of surprise. I put pressure on his shoulders and thought I got him out, and let myself down again. But I was wrong and impaled myself again with his cock. I could feel him get fully erect now inside me. And we just stood there. For what seemed like moments. My son had a funny look on his face, and then I felt him bending down a little. And thrust up again. Down and thrust. Down and trust. My son was fucking me. And I, I started fucking back. We were fucking wildly for what seemed like forever. Before my son started screaming "I'm gonna cum mom". And I just kept going harder. Fucking his huge cock into me. And then finally, he grabbed me. Biting my nipples. Holding the edges of the pool. After that, we got out and started fucking again, so much fucking. And sucking. We continued playing my tease game every day, which my son would lose eventually and give me my reward. Hours of hot incest, ass, pussy, titty fucking sex.