You mentioned a couple of times making an OF. Is that gonna happen?

    I’m really afraid for my privacy tbh I might do more stuffings thru Snapchat or sell faceless videos through snap or start an Instagram. Idk yet I’m a broke unemployed bitch in this pandemic lol


    Reblog this, say it to yourself, then reblog it again for someone else to fucking see.







    This stuff is happening more and more in this community and at this point it’s not enough to just not show your face. Tattoos, clothes, parts of a house... all of it is dangerous. People are really fucked up pieces of shit to stalk and expose and destroy the lives of people who post content for you to drool at. Invasive, and inhuman treatment of content creators in ANY field of sex work has to stop.


    For the people who ask why I don't post my face, this is why.

    A content creator got doxxed. That's the second woman that I know of in the past few months that has had their lives ruined; and I know of a guy who has been harassed in his personal life. Ruined by the people who most likely get off on their content.

    Even when I show certain people my face over DMs there's always a risk. Thankfully, all my friends I've met over DM have all been lovely! But there are risks.

    And this is a very good reminder. So to my friends who post their own content, please follow this advice. Do NOT post your face.

    (I purposefully blocked out her name to maintain future privacy in any reblogs)


    I hate to say it, but there’s a good reason why I’ve been hesitant about posting pics of myself. It’s also a BIG reason why so few here have actually seen my face. I wish I could say otherwise, believe me, I wish I could just say to hell with it but there are people out there who like to turn people’s lives into living hells just because they get off on it.

    Stay safe all. And for those applicable, stay hungry.


    Please click on this doc. You can see all vids and posts I need reported here. Please if you can’t support me with the big websites, help me take down individual posts.


    once again disgusted by some people in this community and the lengths they will go to harass who is producing content for you to enjoy

    I’m angry and scared and I wish people would come back to reality for a fucking second before they decide to destroy someone’s life.


    it’s not hard for you to RESPECT PEOPLE who are providing a service for you. ESPECIALLY if that service is FREE. is it really worthwhile and fulfilling to hurt people in this way? does it make you feel good for five minutes knowing you’ve potentially destroyed someone’s livelihood and reputation? the person you’ve been jerking it to now all of a sudden should be shamed for providing the content YOU ENJOY.

    just disgusted and furious and disappointed and horrified. fucking get over yourselves. We are REAL PEOPLE.


    Guys please go to YouTube, tumblr, Twitter, Instagram PLEASE report photos of me especially ones with my face guys please I’ve never asked for much from y’all. I have a family. A house. A job. Please HELP ME


    If you search "bbw ffafeed" on YouTube it brings up a lot of videos that we can report.


    Did this for my two youtube accounts. Big bump for this