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    Friendly reminder: Bakugou’s sweat is NOT nitroglycerin, it’s “nitroglycerin-like”. Who knows how similar or dissimilar the compositions of these two compounds are? Meaning, no, unfortunately, it’s not canon that Bakugou smells like caramel.

    It’s an entirely plausible headcanon that I actually quite like! And I love it when people talk about it on tumblr or reference it in fics. But until Horikoshi says so, stop saying it’s canon!



    First lets look at Masaru’s quirk which is Oxidizing Sweat. The description for this quirk says his sweat is acidic and was explosive properties which can make small explosions. Then Mitsuki’s quirk is Glycerin is simple enough she secretes glycerin from her skin.

    Lets get this out of the way first, Katsuki does not have nitroglycerin sweat. The description for his quirk is nitroglycerin-like. If his quirk actually did have him sweat nitroglycerin that means two things. One is his father’s quirk can’t be oxidizing sweat because nitrogen is not the same as oxygen. But nitroglycerin does have oxygen in it so I understand the common misconception. And two his body would actually explode because even slight jolts disrupting stable nitroglycerin would cause it to explode, and sense sweat is stored before it is secreted he would legit blow up the second he moves fast.

    So now we have to find a way to mix these quirks without legit killing off my baby boy.

    Lets revisit Masuru’s quirk because we never fully identified what it is. Sweat itself is acidic, it also has high levels of potassium. Combine potassium and oxygen (plus a few other chemicals from sweat and the outside air) you get Potassium Permanganate. Its a very far stretch and someone correct me if my work was off a little but I think i found a rough estimate as to what Oxidizing Sweat is made of.

    And then what happens when we combine Potassium Permanganate with Glycerin? We get explosions. Potassium when combined with oxygen and hydrogen creates powerful explosions because when potassium comes in contact with these chemicals it releases hydroxide and hydrogen gas which can explode, plus the added power of glycerin being unstable you get even more explosion power.

    AND THAT LADIES AND GENTLEMEN is how Katsuki’s quirk works.

    Oh and to answer the question, based on this research I think the chemical composition is KMnO7C3H8.

    I’m open to anyone correcting my work so please go ahead if you found anything wrong with it!


    Ah, oxidising doesn’t mean oxygen! It’s just that O2 was the first identified oxidising agent, so the process is named after it. Oxidising agents do often have oxygen in them, though! So do tons of nitrates!

    Oxydisation is the loss of electrons, or the increase in oxidation state of a molecule, atom, or ion!

    The opposite thing is reduction, which is the gain or electrons, or a decrease in the oxidation state of a molecule, atom or ion!

    Now, Masaru’s quirk is an acidic oxidising agent, right? Acids make sense as these because they tend to have an abundance of H+ ions - that’s what makes them acidic - and these H+ ions attract electrons, taking them away from whatever they’d be oxidising.

    So, are there any common oxidising agents that are acids? Well! Yep!

  • Sulphuric acid (H2SO4)
  • Nitric acid (HNO3)
  • This is interesting, because the industrial process of making nitroglycerin tends to involve three main ingredients:

  • Glycerol
  • Sulphuric acid
  • Nitric acid
  • So! It’s not out of the realm of possibility that these compounds can mix to produce nitroglycerin.

    HOWEVER! There are 2 factors that sugest something else might be going on:

    1. Masaru’s acidic substance explodes

    2. Bakugou’s nitroglycerin-like sweat creates smoke when it detonates.

    For point 1, the only explosive acid I know of is Picric acid ((O2N)3C6H2OH). I’m not sure about its status as an oxidising agent but, well, it’s nitrated so it’s likely to be one.

    You could probably get explosions with any acid if you mixed it with any of the earth or rare earth metals - so, potassium, sodium, and some of the other ions found in regular sweat.

    For 2 - nitroglycerin is known for exploding mostly smokelessly! It’s hard to tell if the smoke that comes from Bakugou’s explosions is just due to Cool Factor or if it’s legitimately there to suggest that his sweat isn’t straight-up nitroglycerin!

    Conclusion: it’s quite likely that at least some of the stuff he sweats could be nitroglycerin, but there are a few details that dont quite add up - these may be down to aesthetic choices.

    The most likely thing is that some of what Bakugou sweats is nitroglycerin, and some of it is something else, and the two form a mixture, possibly one that renders the substance less prone to shock-detonation?


    this is great meta and i mean no disrespect to the work you did by adding in my two cents.

    except, his father makes nitric acid from his hands and his mother can produce glycerin whenever she wants. Katsuki has a combination of both of his parents quirks, so its not that he has nitro stored in his sweat pores ready to go off like the unstable substance that it is, he “sweats nitro” because he really nitric acid and it mixes with the glycerin his skin also makes. 

    in reguards to the smoke, as an audiance we cant expect a world where someone can set things on fire at will to be entirely scientifically accurate, and considering its a visual medium its probably thrown in there as a clue that he’s getting close to losing it.

    also not to be that guy but they literally tell us in canon that its nitroglycerin. and even if it wasnt, circling back to the whole he smells like caramelized sugar, he probably still would because of a side effect of his mothers quirk which his quirk is a fusion of. 


    In the official English translation, it says that it is “nitroglycerin-like”, and this is recognized in the wiki page.

    In fact, the Japanese says “nitroglycerin-like” as well.


    So no, they literally do not tell us in canon that it is nitroglycerin, unless they do elsewhere and it is an inconsistency in Horikoshi’s writing. What he does tell us is that it is something akin to nitroglycerin, meaning that there is something different about the compound but it has similar characteristics.

    Horikoshi isn’t a chemist anyways, so it would make sense for him to steer clear of real chemical compounds that would put him at risk of writing/drawing inaccuracies. Hence the “nitroglycerin-like” description.

    All I’m saying is that people need to stop saying that it’s canon that Bakugou sweats pure nitroglycerin when it’s not. Perhaps it is a mixture that includes nitroglycerin, but until Horikoshi confirms the exact nature of Bakugou’s sweat beyond “nitroglycerin-like”, then that is the canon we have to go on!

    This post is also not intended to get at people with the headcanon! I have the headcanon too! And I’m not trying to pick a bone with headcanons themselves either. It’s more about this thing that fans like to do of claiming that something is 100% canon and confirmed by the author when its not. It’s entitled fans who feel as though they are somehow authorized to decide what is canon and what isn’t that I have an issue with.

    With content that is more-or-less created by an individual just trying to get by, like manga usually is, saying that something even as small as how a character smells is basically canon until proven otherwise overrides the author’s intent and weakens the integrity of actual canon. It’s always safer and more respectful to authors and creators to assume that something is NOT canon until proven otherwise.

    Which is why headcanons exist in the first place! And why headcanons are not considered canon! It gives fans a way to interact with canon and insert their own ideas to spice it up — respectfully, without actually encroaching on the author’s creation.

    It was never about the sweat. I don’t care about an anime boys sweat. It’s about the principle.