Hope everyone is ok x They haven’t totally locked us all down in the UK yet. I hope we’ll still be allowed to go out for walks in spring. Life is grinding to a halt here and just like everywhere in the world, everyone is worried about becoming infected and passing it on to someone weak before we even know that we’re ill. The dilemma of whether to start isolating to protect the weaker people that we love verses ruining all the business we’ve all worked so hard to build. It’s an obvious choice but in my case that will mean needing to move back in with weaker parents and becoming a further risk to them. Every avenue of thought seems to entail a dead end until a vaccine is created. My work involves a fair amount of contact so I’m quite worried. I almost want to have somewhere to go where I can be infected in isolation and get it done so I’m not a risk to anyone around me anymore. 

I found this a few weeks ago before the real doom began here. It was from May last year. I have these trousers in two sizes as high waists come in quite handy if you have to drive. I have to say a bluebell walk is the sort of distraction and escapism I could use right now, Stay safe and lots of love x