From a recent walk, taken after bluebell meditation. Zero tanning so far this year but nice to have a little summer weather to dress down a little with. This was single pants, rolled up tights then normal tights under the shorts; reasonably well protected although driving caused a bit of leakage. I’ll do a bluebell post to explain a bit more but it was comfortable and didn’t cause any rashes unlike a recent walk that left my inside leg slightly scared. It was also about as close to perfect in terms of the sensation and desperation with very little cramping and high urgency that was just about manageable. It’s been a lovely spring for walks which has certainly helped me to stay positive during the pandemic.

I’m aiming to do a proper post from last year - one that was equally as epic as it was cringe and I’ve started looking back for snips from it. I seem to remember handbag cam caught some dialogue of people’s reactions that I’ll transcribe if I can find it. It was sooo witnessed but I was out of town so I’m reasonably ok with it. I hope everyone is ok and happy pooping x