Moving On From Tumblr

    As you’re all well aware, Tumblr made a dumb decision and now we need an alternative to this site. I have been advertising my Patreon account on this site for quite some time. I post at least twice a week there for just $5 a month and it is the best place to go to keep up with my caption stories. (  

    I have begun a twitter account ( as well as a reddit account ( Both accounts will post free Sissy captions in much the same way as I did on Tumblr. I hope to see all of you in those places, as I am going to continue making captions just like normal. 

    I love you all and hope to see you on any of those sites.

    Love you all and Fuck Tumblr,



    In no time at all we have smashed my $100 goal on Patreon. I seriously didn’t expect it to take off like that. This makes me feel incredible. Getting home after a long hard week and seeing that swell of support was really cool.  Honestly, Thank you everyone.

    More captions are on the way over at Patreon! Head over there and support me to see more captions.

    What’s Happening?

    You’ve probably noticed I’m posting less often lately. I still want to make captions, but I have been having to work extra and so I’ve decided to put myself in your loving hands.

    Starting in June I will be posting stories on Patreon. Don’t Worry! I will still put some content up here, but if you want extra feel free to support me there. The more support the more I can focus on making captions.

    Please support me here