Daddy's Lessons part 1

    “Dad, can I drive the car to school today?” Abby asks, elbows on the counter, a sweet smile on her face. Mateo glances at her, pouring his coffee. He has his work truck, so the car usually sits in the driveway during the day, but now that Abigail has just turned sixteen with an official driver’s license, she sees no reason why it has to sit.

    “You only turned sixteen last week,” he says.

    “And now I’m a legal driver. You wouldn’t be breaking any rules,” she tries to sway him. Abby looks up at him with her big blue eyes, light brown hair curled in big waves today, trying to look the adult she feels like. Mat can’t help but smile a little.

    “And you’ll be careful?”

    “Of course,” she promises. He sighs.

    “Alright, I guess.” Abby smiles her all white teeth, neat in her mouth from the braces she used to have.

    “Thank you daddy,” she squeals, rounding the corner to give him a hug.

    He watches her back out of the driveway, smiling all the while. Abigail has always been a good kid. From the day she was born to two loving parents, she hardly ever cried. She's a good listener, and isn’t one to talk back. She’s a happy person, despite all the unfortunate circumstances she’s lived through. She lost her father when she was very young. Her mother didn’t love again for a long time, until years later when she found Mateo. He was the most honest, kindest person she’d met since her husband passed.

    Abby had a happy family again, until her mother, Mat’s lovely wife, died in a car accident. Abby was only thirteen, but experienced the biggest heartbreak of her life. Both Mat and Abby were distraught, moved away from the big city and all its traffic, and found a smaller town to live in. Now it is just the two of them in the house Mat bought; a cozy home on the edge of town, buried behind the trees. He loves Abigail like his own, met her when she was nine, and helped raise her since then. They’ve always gotten along. Even when she became a teenager, she was much more respectful than her peers, keeping their relationship strong.

    Abby is a smart girl, yet because Mat is so protective, she hasn’t learned very much in the way of street smarts. She gets good grades and hangs out with her friends, but Mat maintains her curfew, not letting her run wild like some of the teenagers in town. She is too beautiful to be putting herself in those situations. Mat tries to teach her that she has value, telling her not to give away her affection to just anyone. Abby knows she’s still young and that he means well, so she listens to her dad. Being the good girl she is, she doesn’t like to make him unhappy. She knows he loves her. But she is beginning to get curious.

    Some of the boys are looking at her now, and when she hangs out with her friends, they’re always talking about sex. She doesn’t know specifics, and she’s always too bashful to ask them questions. Abby is starting to get horny, too. The other night she laid in her bed, and her hand slowly trailed down between her legs. She touched herself for the first time, gasping when her fingers brushed sensitive skin. It felt good, but nothing spectacular happened like her friends said it would. She’s even begun looking at her dad differently.

    Mateo is her father, but not biologically, so every now and then when he walks around the house shirtless, she takes peeks of him. He is part Colombian, his skin bronze, his chest large, arms muscular. His black hair matches his dark eyes, and sometimes when she watches him make dinner, his strong hands chopping vegetables, she gets excited and doesn’t know why. He is a good looking man and she knows it. Some of the women in town hit on him, but he never goes on dates. She thinks it’s because he still misses her mom. Mat is a gentleman, and his only priority right now is taking care of Abby. She likes being the only girl in his life, but lately she wonders if he gets lonely. If he touches himself the way she heard guys always like to do.

    Thinking about that makes her blush, but it also makes her wet between the legs for some reason. Every day that passes, she can tell she is getting more sexually frustrated, and she doesn’t know how to relieve herself.

    One night after dinner, Abby and Mat are sitting on the couch together, watching a movie. Abby ponders without actually paying attention to the show, wondering if she should ask her dad about it.

    “You’re quiet tonight,” Mat says, interrupting her reverie. Her head snaps his direction, her face flushed as if he could hear what she’s thinking. Mat raises an eyebrow.

    “Are you ok?”

    “Yeah, just… have some stuff on my mind.”

    “Do you want to tell me?” he asks. She blushes harder.

    “I don’t know…” Worried about her, Mat opens his arms and tells her to come here. She scoots toward him, cuddling against his chest.p

    “You can tell me anything, you know,” he says, kissing the top of her head. Being so close to him, his body heat, his masculinity encompassing her, she tries to control her breathing.

    “It’s just about….you know.”

    “I’m afraid you'll have to be a bit more explicit than that,” he says, and they both chuckle.

    “It's just about… I'm getting… I'm just,” she doesn't know how to say it. Mat puts a hand under her chin and lifts her face.

    “What is it?” She almost wishes he could read her mind so she wouldn’t have to say it out loud. His dark eyes stare into hers, and she bites her lip.

    “It's about… sex.” Mat pauses, understanding dawning on him. After a moment, he nods.

    “Come here,” he says, getting up and pulling her to the kitchen with him. Trying to prepare himself for her inquiries, he makes them both a hot drink and sits at the table with her. “Ok. What do you want to know?” Abby takes a sip from her mug, her face as hot as her tea.

    “I don't know…”

    “What do you already know?” he asks, not sure if he wants the answer. The thought of his little girl having sex with relentless boys makes him angry.

    “Not much,” she confesses.

    “Then tell me what’s on your mind.

    Abby steels herself. If she doesn’t ask, she won’t get any answers.

    “I think I’m getting horny,” she says, meeting her dad's dark eyes. Hearing her say those words in her soft voice makes Mat simply stares at her a moment.

    “Ok,” is all he can say.

    “And I don’t know how to… you know.”

    “What have you tried?” he asks before thinking. Her face heats up again.

    “I’ve only used my hand…”

    “So you haven’t done anything else… with anyone else?” She shakes her head, and he can’t deny his relief. “Well, there’s a lot of different ways you can masturbate,” he says, not feeling as awkward as he thought he would. If she’s curious, he wants to help her. He would prefer she come to him anyway, rather than the teenagers who are undoubtedly attracted to her right now, the ones concerned with their own pleasure and not hers.

    “Really? Would you show me?” Abby blurts. “I mean, just tell me what to do. Make sure I do it right. I don’t think I’m very good at it…” she says, embarrassed

    Mat doesn’t know what to say.

    This isn’t something dads and daughters should do. He’s never considered doing anything remotely intimate with Abby, though he’d be lying to himself if he said he wasn't thinking about it now. He has noticed her body changing, that she’s gorgeous and, albeit, sexy, but those are thoughts he’s locked away in the deepest part of his brain. Of course he thinks Abby’s beautiful, she’s his daughter. But if he doesn’t show her these things, she’ll go to someone else, and all he wants is to protect her.

    “Alright, I’ll show you what to do, but I won’t touch you.”

    “Ok,” she agrees, and Mat has to shake his head at how innocent she is right now. She may be smart, but she can be naive sometimes. He doesn’t want anyone taking advantage of her.

    Mat leads the way to his room, his king sized bed seeming bigger at the moment. He clears his throat and tells her to get comfortable. Abby climbs up and sits in the center of the bed. He sits on the edge.

    “Show me what you usually do,” Mat says, and Abby leans back, laying down and opening her legs. Eyes on her dad, Abby moves her hand between her legs and starts rubbing herself. Her breath is already erratic, even though she’s still wearing clothes.

    “Does that feel good?” he asks, trying to keep his voice even. Abby nods. “But you can’t get off this way?”

    “I haven’t yet,” she says quietly.

    “Are you rubbing the right spot?”

    “What’s the right spot?” she asks, hand still moving.

    “Your clit,” he answers in his deep voice. He can tell she’s confused by the look on her face. “It’s at the top, the small bump that’s the most sensitive.” Her hand tries to find it.

    “This might be easier without my shorts,” she whispers, and Mat is guilty when his dick begins to get hard.

    “You’re probably right,” he says, though that’s all he says. After a moment of debate, Abby hooks her thumbs in her waistband and slips off her cotton bottoms. Now she's in nothing but her tight gray t-shirt and pink bikini underwear. Mat swallows hard.

    “How's that?” he asks when she starts again.

    “Good,” she breathes, touching the tender bundle of nerves she found.

    “The faster you go, the better it will be.” She goes faster. Mat doesn't know if she plans on orgasming in front of him, or if he's just showing her pointers. She said she wanted to make sure she was doing it right, though the only way to know is if she cums.

    “If that doesn't work, you can always try touching your g-spot,” he adds. She should know where that is. Some of the best orgasms happen that way, like squirting.

    “Where's that?” she asks, honestly clueless. If she squirts, he's gonna lose it.

    “It's inside you.”

    “I haven't done that yet,” she replies, sounding nervous. God, why is this so hot? Mat chastises himself, trying to push aside his thoughts and continue for her sake.

    “There's nothing to be worried about, it won't hurt. It'll feel really good. Just slide a finger inside you, then stroke upward, as if you're trying to touch your stomach from the inside.”

    Abby moves her hand down the front of her little pink panties, Mat watching, and she cautiously feels for her hole. She rubs around it first, trying to prepare herself. She doesn't even use tampons, nothing has ever been inside her before. Knowing her daddy is watching makes her insanely wet. She is just as guilty for feeling so aroused.

    Pushing her finger inside, her jaw drops on a silent moan. Wow, why did she never try this before? Searching for the ‘g-spot’ her dad said was there, Abby feels around inside herself.

    “Did you find it?” he asks.

    “I'm not sure…

    “Trust me, you'll know when you do,” he promises. She keeps trying. “Maybe reach in a little father,” Mat suggests. “Imagine it being right behind your clit.” An entire minute passes with Mat watching his daughter finger herself, breathing hard and squirming beneath her own touch. Mat’s lust has taken over, and he wants to be the one touching her right now. He doesn't think she's found it, and he wants to see her cum. Time to suggest a last resort.

    “Grab a pillow, baby,” Mat says. Abby, drunk on her own lust, does what he says without question. She reaches behind her, grabs her dads dark blue pillow, and looks back at him for instruction.

    “Hump that pillow until you cum,” he says. His deep voice sounds so sure, so aroused, so commanding, Abby gets impossibly more turned on.

    Like the good girl she is, Abby does what she's told and straddles her father's pillow, hands and knees on the bed, and starts humping. Mat knows how firm that pillow is, how good it will feel between her legs. If this doesn't work, he doesn't know what the fuck he'll do.

    Abby starts quietly moaning, Mat watching her tight, round, teenage ass covered in pink bikini panties move back and forth. Her hips grind on it, her whole body rocking forward and back. They stare at each other, and they both know the other is enjoying it. Their eyes don't lie. Mat is fucking turned on, and Abby loves when her dad looks at her this way; wanting her, aroused by her. She humps it harder, imagining it's him, and he wants nothing more than to be that pillow right now.

    Hard as a rock in his pants, Mat’s own breathing gets heavier, watching his beautiful daughter masturbate in front of him. He can't fucking believe this.

    Abby's eyebrows go up, her motion becoming frantic.

    “Something’s happening,” she pants.

    “You're gonna cum, baby,” Mat tells her, and she does. The first orgasm of her life is amazing, like her womb is a firework, exploding ecstacy inside her, coursing through her veins. She moans loudly, uncontrollably humping the mound against her, and Mat loves every second. Abby starts shaking with the feeling of her inexhaustible climax, unaware that her body was capable of something so fantastic. She doesn't stop for another minute, trying to ride out this wondrous, exquisite feeling. After a small eternity when the electricity inside her has dwindled to a tingling current, she turns and drops on the bed.

    “Holy shit,” she pants, hair strewn about her shoulders, staring up at the ceiling.

    “I think you did it,” Mat jokes darkly.

    “I think so too,” Abby replies, and they both smile.

    “Alright, time for you to go to bed.” Mat needs a minute alone.

    “Get some sleep baby,” he says, kisses her head, and leaves. Before Abby drifts off, sated with her climax, she wonders if her dad is going to touch himself tonight as well. As if he could do anything else right now. Mat goes straight to his bed, grabs the pillow Abby just used, and smells her delicious scent, stroking himself until he cums the biggest load he's had in… he can't even remember.

    “I can't move,” she says, heart still pounding. Mat chuckles. He grabs Abby’s lonely shorts, rounds the bed, and picks up his daughter. She closes her eyes, resting her head against his chest as he carries her to her room. Once there, he lays her on her bed.

    “Fuck,” he whispers to himself when he's done. What has he gotten himself into?


    I want to confess about the time I was only 15 and slept over my mates place on his couch. His divorced mum who was around her late 30s I think at the time. Came and got me pulling me into her room saying that couch was uncomfortable and i could sleep with her in her bed if I kept it between us and that at 6 in the morning I'd have to return to the couch. I agreed and thanked her jumping into her bed. She told me that it was too hot with what i was wearing and if i would be more comfortable sleeping in less that would be fine. So i stripped down to my jocks and she slid her robe off revealing two gorgeous breasts and just a g-string on. She asked me if its ok if she slept like that being it was how she felt comfortable and always slept in the heat. I said it was fine. I then noticed her eyes on my now semi erect cock in my jocks as it grew and when her eyes met mine again she gave me a cheeky smile. Once in bed it was dark and I was so horny I started tugging my cock while she slept I even started to pretend to move and accidentally touch her breast. When she didnt wake i thought fuck it and I licked and sucked her nipple. Eventually I felt her move her legs apart and I took the opportunity to get inbetween them sliding her panties to the side and eat her pussy. At this point i knew she was awake but she pretended to keep sleeping. After eating g for a good 20 mins I removed her panties and slid my cock inside her, slowly fucking her until I withdrew and blew all over her slimy cunt. She pretended to sleep through the whole thing.


    I love confessions.


    I took your advice and decided to take it slow with my stepsister. I started to flirt back and she loves it, about a few weeks, we decided to go further. Coming home from work at night, she walks out and hugs me as she leads me into her room. Pausing for a moment, we just talk on her bed about my job. She tells me to relax and starts undoing my pants before taking her shirt off. I just lay there as she sucks me off while playing with my balls in her hand, helping me forget about my day.

    Seems like you both wanted it. Glad to hear it worked out.

    A mother’s curiosity

    I was about 21 when this happened, I know it’ll sound completely unreal and if I hadn’t been there myself I would’ve said the same thing… So i has just gotten out of a long and honestly rocky relationship. After several months of getting my shit together and healing myself up some I jumped out there on the dating wagon. I was not looking for a serious relationship then, just some great fucks. I’d sit down at the Starbucks and other small shops to have a frappe (fruity ones were my favorite) and I’d talk to a few quite women here and there and most were just fun conversations. Though it was late in June when I went to this small cafe downtown. No more than a week old it was new and crowded. I sat down with my book and to my surprise this beautiful young looking woman with long black hair and green eyes and D cup breasts (at minimum) walls up to me. “Is this seat taken?” She asked. “Absolutely not. It’s all yours.” I said. She sat down and sipped her chai latte and we just stared at each other for a good long time. “Is that a good book?” she asked. “Yeah it’s not too bad.” “What’s it about?” She asked. It was a book about one woman exploring her sexuality with five different guys. “It’s an erotic novel.” I said. She leaned in and smiled. “I love those.” This took me by surprise and we started talking deeper. She explained that she had two daughters both were in high school. She had just gotten out of a relationship that went bad. We talked for two hours straight and she got up and asked; “would you like to continue this conversation elsewhere?” So I followed her to her house which was a two level, four bedroom and two bathroom house. Make yourself comfortable she said and she disappeared into a hallway for a time and as I admired the pictures-(her oldest daughter Tanya was 17 and had short brown hair and green eyes, larger breasts, c-cup at best. Ella her second child 15, had light brown hair and blue green eyes, smaller breasts B-cup for sure.)-Chelsey walked out in a long silver silk and cotton lace robe that went down to her thighs. She took me by the hand and led me down the hall where she set me on the bed. She walked over to the closet and opened the walk in closet and to my excited surprise she had bins full of sex toys. Straps, dildos, plugs, flogs, whips and lots more. I was drooling puddles in my mind. “Do you think we can continue that conversation?” She said wittily and I stood up and grabbed her by the waist and threw her into the bed. We made out for a long time. Just making out had gotten me hard and she knew it. I pulled away and looked down at her and she knew what I was thinking. “Don’t hesitate. Don’t think. Don’t worry. I’m not your ex, and I’ll let you know if and when something is too far.” She said. Without a single word I went to the closet and rummaged around and found ankle straps and wrist straps and I tied Chelsey to the bed. Naked and sexy she was a sexual dream come true…but then… “Mom! We’re home!” I went into panic mode. I had her mother tied up naked and I was still clothed and the closet full of toys was open. I took a few deep breaths and looked to Chelsey nervously who smiled and arched an eyebrow. “Girls I’m in here.” Chelsey shouted. My eyes went wide and my heart sank to my stomach as Tanya and Ella walked in. “Oh. Hey mom.” Tanya said nonchalantly as if seeing her mom tied up was no big deal. “Can I join you?” Ella asked excitedly. Chelsey looked to me questioningly. “Do you care if she is part of this?” I had no idea what to think and I just shrugged. “Tanya?” Chelsey asked. “I’ll pass. I’ve got too much homework to do. Maybe next time.” She said and walked out. Ella dropped her backpack. Took off her dress and shirt and sat on the cushioned chair next to the bed. I was still frozen in place. “Don’t be worried. I give you full permission to do whatever you want to my daughter.” This was really happening I thought to myself and I snapped out of it and grabbed another pair of straps and tied Ella to the chair. My lips met hers and they were so soft and so sweet. Oozing with young hormones that I could taste. I noticed Chelsey was breathing heavily as she watched me kiss her daughter. I started to make out harder with her daughter and rubbed her 15 year old pussy which was wet and unfurling. I pulled off my pants and shirt and boxers and stood naked. With an full seven inches and a fit body I was feeling confident and sadist like. I went down between Chelsey’s legs and started eating out her pussy. My tongue slipped in and out and up against her clitoris and she moaned. Ella was moving in her chair anxiously. With fingers and tongue I worked Chelsey through the first orgasm of the day. I moved to Ella and leaning her hips down I slowly and tenderly ate her pink pussy. She moaned loudly as my tongue and fingers massaged her pussy and clitoris and within half the time of her mother Ella came in my mouth. A sweet smooth cum that I licked up. I was really starting to feel this and they were too and my sadist side came out. I moved Chelsey onto her stomach and with the black flogger started flogging her ass and back. Chelsey whines louder and louder as I flogged harder and harder leaving thick red marks. Chelsey pushed her ass into the air revealing the strings of cum dripping down from her pussy. I moved to Ella and positioned her and started flogging her ass too. Ella moaned with each stroke of the flogger. “Please…fuck me.” Ella begged and at that moment I really wanted too. I went to the closet and grabbed the green vibrator and Chelsey was quick to react as the vibrator slammed into her clitoris and she arched up and screamed as I turned the vibrations up and she came again. Cum dripping down the vibrator. “Oh god your such a tease!” Chelsey moaned. I moved to Ella and turned the vibrator down and Ella was even quicker to react and as I turned the vibration up she came. I turned the chair around so that she faced her mother and without hesitation I slid my cock into Ella’s pussy. So tight and young and wet. I pushed my cock halfway in and enjoyed Her moans. I pulled back and took her small nipples in my fingers and squeezed hard as I pushed in again. It was tighter the deeper I got. My cock reached the tip of her cervix and she screamed and came a river onto my cock. Her pussy tightened around my cock so hard I thought it might lose circulation. I watched Chelsey the whole time as she enjoyed seeing her daughter cum. I flipped Chelsey over and sank my cock deep into her pussy sparing no time to adjust to my size. I couldn’t help it. My cock pounded her pussy. She moaned and screamed with pleasure as she tried to pull against the cuffs. Using the vibrator against her clitoris while pounding her pussy she came. “Oh god! I’m cumming! Oh fuck!” She screamed and convulsed. I looked at Ella who was ready to climax just by watching us fuck. My cock was ready to explode. Chelsey knew it too. “I want you to unload in my daughter. Don’t hold any back.” She said and I went to Ella and took off the cuff and as I made out with Ella I lead her to the bed and repositioned her so that she was on her knees face to face with her mother. My cock slammed into her pussy and I held nothing back as I pushed all the way into her. She screamed in a mix of pain and pleasure. I could see Chelsey was enjoying it. I pounded harder and harder and Ella came on my cock her pussy so tight it made me thrust harder and faster and deeper and in no time at all she came again and i felt my cock harden and at that moment I had an idea. I turned Ella around with Chelsey beneath my balls she watched as my cock fucked her daughter’s pussy hard. Strings of her daughter’s cum dropped down into her face. My cock slipped into her cervix and I couldn’t hold it back any longer and I unloaded. My cum came out in heavy large loads filling up her pussy and oozing out the sides. I pulled out and with my cock covered in cum I slid it into Ella’s mouth. “Push my cum out baby. Let your mom eat my cum from your pussy.” I said. Ella pushed as she drank the last of my cum from my cock. Chelsey took in my white thick cum as it fell from her daughter’s pussy. An amazing experience!

    Fan submission story

    I was like 13 and she was 17. My parents were out i forgot why but i thought to jack off to porn. Then my sister walked in and i kinda freaked out and stopped. Then she just laid on my bed and she told me that she was watching me for a while. I was confused at first why she did and then she took the blanket off and my dick was out. She first wanted to see the porn i was watching and it was girl on girl porn. She said to keep watching but i was little weirded put at first and then she just went down and starting sucking my dick. At like the first second i tried stopping but then it started to feel really good and she kept going, but i didnt continue watching porn i just watched her. I didnt really know what i should do at the time but i just decided to start grabbing her boobs and playing with them as she kept sucking me off. I then realized she started to take off her clothes and i touched her pussy and felt that it was wet. She stopped and just looked at me while jerking my dick, and she slowly climbed on top of me and slid my dick inside her. Im not gonna lie that was when i lost my virginity. She started riding me and her soft moans sounded so hot i coudlnt help but grab on her ass and push her down on my dick to ride me harder so i can hear her moan louder. She bent over to whisper in my ear and she said that ill never need to watch porn or jack off again and that i can just use her whenever i wanted. She kept riding me and she told me it was ok for me to cum while still inside her. Im sure shes on birth control cause she never got pregnant. She pulled my head on her nipples for me to suck on as she rides me. She kept going until i started to cum harder than i ever did all inside her. She then sucked on it and squeezed out the rest of my cum out of my dick and told me to let her know the next time i got horny and hard... we fucked again 30 minutes later... we fucked 3 times that day and still do today. Love my sister