Calling All Near Eastern FFXIV Characters!

The Zodiac Age Discord Server welcomes all Near Eastern characters - from Hannish, Thavnairian, Dalmascan, and Corvosi - and all those who have interest in meeting and interacting with these sorts of characters! We encourage RP amongst our members, and offer up a place where you can share your stories, screenshots, and art, and engage in discussions pertaining to everything Near East!

Also included:

  • A platform for you to share your character and make connections
  • A community focused on celebrating all things Near East, especially going into the 6.0
  • An area to showcase your events, as well as server events in the future
  • We are all here to relax, write, network, and build stories together. This discord is tailored specifically for, is actively looking for, and provides the best overall experience for Near Eastern characters with strong ties to the area, characters abroad with strong ties to the area, and anyone looking to explore/develop plots and events in regards to the areas and culture.  

    If this sounds like a good fit for you and your character, please CLICK HERE to join us!