Just a story I wrote. Tell me what you think, and if I should do a sequel

    The room in which Jen say in was very dim and damp, void of light the tile dull and lifeless yet clean somehow. The wooden bench that she sat upon was old and rickety, the room was nothing more than a depressing old locker room that hadn't seen any type of celebrating in years. Jen stood up and pulled closed her top to her red gi against her naked breasts and tightend her black belt firm around her waist, and once again sat down ,waited and started at her naked feet incased in her black flip flops. She stared at her toes that were recently painted black with just the tip highlighted in red, a suggestion of her boyfriend that she didnt like at the time but now somehow found rather sexy.

      Jens attention was broken by a knock at the door, a large man appeared in the frame and told her that the match was ending and to follow him to the fighting pit. As she stood up she instantly felt woozy and dizzy, she kept her composure tightend her ponytail and started to follow the large man into the hallway. The hallway felt as if it was 10 miles long, the silence was deafening the only sound was that of her flip flops smacking against her soft bare soles.  As she got closer to the double doors she begain to hear screaming cheers stomping, as the doors were opened she could see the arena was packed with hundreds of men and women all there to see two women fight to the death.

    Jen stared towards the center of the arena just below an old scoreboard which read the names Britney and Ariana the two fighters who were competing at the moment. The one woman was short maybe a few inches smaller than Jen, slim  frame a somewhat small chest and shoulder length black hair tied in the front with a red bandanna, wearing a white gi with a red belt and as Jen could see very small cute feet. Her opponent was about the same size of Jen, alittle chunky with amazing tits that looked like they wanted to rip from her blue gi with black belt, her longish blonde curls free flowing with every move she made. Jen found herself almost obsessively staring at this beautiful fighter, her makeup perfect and untouched much like her face, her body perfect with flawless skin and her feet, oh my God ! Perfect. 

    Jens attention was was broken by the thud of the young girl hitting the mat face down and laying motionless. The blonde walked over to her opponent reached down grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to her knees. Jen could see the poor girl was unconscious and completely helpless. The blonde raised her thumb in the air, the crowed cheered and booed, she turned her thumb down and the whole arena exploded with cheers and shouting. The blonde gave a little smirk towards Jen who she had noticed was watching her a few minutes eariler, she rested the head of her defeated opponent against her leg while she closed her gi more and tightened her black belt. She grabbed a fistful of the young girls hair and held her on her knees and was teasing the audience , almost how a child does a sibling.  Jen couldnt do anything but just stare, she found her self drawn to the soon to be dead girls feet and the feet of her victorious opponent, Jen could feel her crotch begin to become moist as she kept moving her gi top to make it rub against her nipples beneath it giving her pleasure both visually and physically. Jen watched as the blonde layed down infront of the unconscious girl and put her feet on her face keeping her elevated, the blonde then moved one foot to the side of her head and in one straight movement snapped the cute little girls neck and sent her body crashing to the mat face down. The audience roared as the blonde got to her feet walked over to the body sprawled out in front of her and placed one of her beautifully barefeet on the small of the girls body and raised her hands in victory. 

    The scoreboard above buzzed and erased the name Ariana and replaced it with Jens name, so now she knew the name the beautiful barefoot blonde, it was Britney.

    Jen walked towards a small ramp which would bring her to the same level and the fighting mats, and noticed that two men were bringing what almost looked like a steel bridge, as they got closer they threw it and it landed with a loud band on the mat not too far from where Britney was still celebrating her victory. The two men entered the mats turned the dead girl on her back and one grabbed her by her feet and the other by her hands and carried her off the battlefield.  Jen was instructed to make her way to the center, as jen began to walk she had noticed that there was a fairly large hole in the floor as she got closer and took off her flip flops and placed her barefoot on the cold steel she looked down in horror. Below her was a pit of spikes some still with bodies of fighters who had lost before,  the blood stains on the floor and spikes still somewhat fresh and new. Jen qucikly moved across the "brigde" and into the center of the mat. 

    Britney could smell the fear coming off of Jen, Britney eyed her up and down and said " You know I put half of those bitches down there, the other half I killed right where you're standing. I think I'll put you in the pit today,it's been awhile ". Jen clearly scared just looked at her beautiful face and put her arms to the side, Britney did the same , they bowed and took their fighting stance.

    Jen gently bounched on her toes, her fists in front of her, she watched Britneys every move, every step she took Jen kept an eye on her feet. With every bounch that Jen made her gi rubbed softly against her nipples feeding her lust for Britneys body. Britney aware that Jen was stalling the fight scalded at her "stop undressing me with your eyes and fight" she screamed. Jen snapped back to reality and threw a hard right punch, Britney seeing the attack coming grabbed her hand and twisted her arm backward making Jen bend and wince in pain. Britney unleashed three quick kicks two hitting Jen in the stomach and one in her soft breasts, Jens screams of pain and pleasure echoed throughout the arena as she fell to her knees holding on to her tits. Britney released her arm and spun around quickly delivering a strong kick t that sent a crack through the air like a fire cracker as her soft sole connected to Jens face. Jens body slammed hard to the rough canvas mat, all she could hear was the loud cheers her vision blurry she felt herslef slipping into unconsciousness.  As she lay ther she felt Britneys soft toes slide under her body grazing her now uncoverd breast and turning her over to her back. As her vision cleared she looked up and daw Britney smiling looking down at her.  "I knew killing you would be fun, but I didnt think it would be this easy" she said with delight in her voice. Jen stared blankly into Britneys eyes and saw that she was truly loving the pain she was inflicting on her. Britney raised her foot and quickly stomped Jen in her face twice. Jen moaned in both pleasure and agony as her cool moist foot connected to her face making her pussy explode with her juices.

    Jen was dazed and her mouth tasted of copper a sure sign that she was bleeding, as she lay there clutching her face she felt two skinny hands wrap around her bare ankles lifting her legs into the air.  With a loud "Hiiyaa" Britney smashed her foot into Jens crotch making her scream in agony. Britney felt Jens cum through her gi on her foot and dropped her legs allowing Jen to clutch her pussy and roll to her side.

    Jen crying in agony knew that she would be allowed to live for long, as she lay on her side she made eye contact with someone in the audience, it was her boy friend. Why was he there ?!? Her heart was fulled with saddness as she lay there partly naked and being slowly killed infront of him. She extended her hand, reacing out to him as a way of apologizing, but her hand was kicked away by Britney. Britney crouched down and looked towards the audience where hundreds of people were standing screaming and cheering as Jens life was coming to an end before their eyes, "Got a little boy toy in the audience do we?" Britney kicked Jen onto her back once again and placed her foot on her face and raised her arms in victory.

    Jen was somewhat conscious her pussy and face burned with pain as she lay there under Britneys cold sweaty foot, her eyes focused on her as she put her thumb up in the air. As she awaited the crowds decision of her fate Britney moved her foot from Jens face to her exposed tits, rubbing her nipples with her big toe, Jen moaning from both extacy and humiliation knew that the fight was over. She closed her eyes and waited for the enviable.

    Britney reached down and grabbed Jen by her pony tail lifting her to her knees, " Maybe I wont put you in the pit, maybe ill give your little boyfriend something to bury, or maybe ill show him what a real fighter and woman really is." Jens body knelt limp against Britneys leg same as the fighter before her, she knew that she wouldnt see her boyfriend again, this would be her first and last fight.

    Britney layed down infront of her victim and placed her feet on her face. Jen could feel every movement of her soft naked feet across her face, including a gentle little kick to her cheek that made her open her eyes. Britney put her foot infront of her mouth and told her to start licking. Jen began to do as she was told, as she moved her tounge along her soft pads and inbetween her toes she watched as Britney exposed her tits and began to rub her perky sweaty nipples in utter bliss. Jens pussy began to leak with absolute excitement as she reached for Britneys other foot and placed it against her own exposed breast. Britney began to rub her foot against her chest while Jen continued to bathe her foot with her tounge. Jen saw her opportunity  while Britney was destracted and bit down hard on her foot making her scream in pain and kick Jen hard in the chest. As Jen fell back she quickly scrambled on all fours and straddled Britneys belly and began delivering punch after punch to her face each one harder than the last. Jen stood up and delivered three stomps to Britneys exposed chest, her screams were music to Jens ears. Jen reached down and removed Britneys belt and wrapped it around her neck pulling tight, she yanked  her to her knees and stared in delight as she struggled to breathe trying to free herself. Jen walked behind her and placed her foot on her opponent's back and pulled tighter on her belt making her arch her body and throwing her naked chest out for all to see. Jen stared at the bottoms if her feet one last time. It was time to end this, she released the belt and Britney fell to the canvas coughing trying to catch her breath. Jen round house kicked her face sending her flying on her back, Jen stood above her placing her foot on her throat her hands wrapped around Jens ankle while her feet kicked trying to break free, Britneys eyes widened with fear stared into Jens. Jen smirked "i hope you enjoyed your foot worship because it was your last" Jen sharply turned her foot snapping Britneys neck, her hands fell to her sides her feet stopped kicking and her eyes closed. Britney was dead she had won. Jen placed her foot on her dead rivals bare chest and raised her arms in victory. The audience erupted in celebration, her boyfriend in tears. The familiar bang from the bridge sounded as the two men were entering the ring to retrieve the body of the fallen warrior. Jen watched as they carried her away, her pussy more moist then ever staring at her dangling feet and limbs. She placed her barefoot on the cold hard metal and walked across the makeshift bridge, slipping on her flips flops and headed back to the locker room.

                               THE END?