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2019-09-16 22:29:39

    This will be my 1st post in a while and the marking of my Tumblr going in a different direction they're still be a little bill fun stuff like it used to be but I think the main part is using this is a place to vent and collect my thoughts as in the recent past I'd say last couple months or So I've been thinking a lot about where want my life to be And the main thing of figured out is that life isn't about having everything it's it's about having a few things that make you happiest Lake for me mostly it would probly be going on shooting with friends or for real in around with the having a good time I wanna recording studio at some point so I can make music I wanna get a bigger anything just to make the music to say to do it at something android. So I guess I'm trying to say is I'm a pretty new foot forward and starts driving towards the important things the few things the things I'm passionate about and hope we get to somewhere really wanna be