On you way to your new life of being useful and giving pleasure. You know you’re secretly excited about it because your cunt is starting to drip when you think about giving pleasure to a stranger.


    i’m terrified what will happen next but even more terrified of how much i’ll love it


    That last comment is you isn’t it p.


    It’s not but it’s spot on



    *heels locked on…lots of short steps to keep up with Daddy on our walk*


    An hour on the treadmill each day, until she no longer has any issues walking, doing her chores, or otherwise having them on 24/7.


    I just want everything locked on with the keys around your neck Miss


    Part of your morning routine is putting everything on, including the locks. You know that I’ll unlock them when I feel like it. You might not even see me for half the day, but you’re just stuck in everything because you put it on.



    I like the locks.


    For every day use?



    Living the dream.

    My Sir is a wonderfully powerful man. He’s strong, intelligent beyond words, funny, handsome, and commands a room just by walking in. He’s also a person, flawed, and fallible, just like myself.

    Though he may see me as beautiful and smart, I don’t always think of myself that way. Then I’m reminded that I must be to have earned the affection of someone so admirable.

    He’s not a god and I’m certainly no angel. And neither expects perfection all the time from the other.

    But just because he’s a strong dominant man doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t take his emotions into consideration. More often than not there is a misconception that Doms/Sirs/Masters, whatever title you chose, are hard asses that bark orders and need nothing more than blowjobs, sex, and a submissives pleas to thrive. It takes more than that, at least for us anyway.

    As much as he takes care of me by making decisions, looking out for my best interests, and guiding me through difficult times, I too, take care of him. I give him the space to be himself, to be the natural leader he is.

    It’s difficult for a Dom to be dominant if if he doesn’t have a submissive.

    We meet each other where we need to and each are grateful for the other. It doesn’t matter what you call them in the bedroom or what rules you have in place, if a mutual give and take isn’t there, it’s not a relationship. At least not a healthy one. Yes, a submissive can be made to service their Dom’s, through manipulation or fear but I don’t believe that’s dominance. If the submissive gets nothing other than used and hurt, physically and emotionally in the process, it’s no longer a caring relationship. It’s abuse. And likewise, there can be inexperienced Doms that hurt themselves and their relationship with their sub by trying to be a hard ass all the time. Being emotionless and cold doesn’t make you more of a Dom. It just makes you an asshole. Saying “yes , Sir” and throwing on lingerie doesn’t make me a submissive. Listening to his words and following his leadership, in and out of the bedroom makes me his submissive.

    And that folks, is how Sir and I take it from the bedroom to real life. We follow a set of guidelines and rules we’ve both agreed on and have respect for each other’s roles and each other as people.

    He’s a good man and I am a well loved woman.

    Thank you Sir.


    “He is a good man and I am a well loved woman.”

    The essence of my D/s marriage starts and ends here 💖♾


    Strive For This


    🥰💞 Mutual give and take!!!