Ugh, I hope she likes this

I snapped a quick picture of my outfit - skirt, doubled-up diapers and and all, and sent it to Jess. She was out with her date, and she’d asked me to get dressed up and send some pics - no doubt she wanted to make sure to show me to her new ‘friend’, whether or not they went further and whether or not they ended up in her (or if she’s feeling especially cruel, my…) bed tonight. I wanted to get it right, I had chores to do and playing dress-up for Jess to humilaite me from afar was seriously digging into my schedule.

Within a few minutes she responded - 

“You look lovely, babydoll. Can hardly tell you’re a big boy, lol. Should I show this to my date? He keeps grabbing my ass at the bar…I dunno if I’m gonna make
it back tonight ;)” 

My response was servile as ever:

“Thanks Mommy! I know…I really like the pink :c it’s up to you if you want to show him, it’s embarrassing yeah but I just want you to feel good and enjoy yourself tongiht :)”

I sighed and sucked on my pacifier - it was pathetic how that last phrase had made my little dick twitch in its chastity cageshe’d be enjoying herself with his dick, for sure. I couldn’t help but dribble some pre-cum into my padding…

Another text: 

“Oh, Mommy’s going to feel great tonight, I think ;) hope you’re staying nice and dry and not rubbing your pampers too much…if you manage to keep yourself from wetting so much that you leak like last timeI might give you a special reward. 

btw, he thought it was your Halloween costume at first…he can’t believe that’s what I come home to…I told him most women would be jealous ;)
Mommy loves you, my Pretty Little Princess. talk to you soon”

Ugh, of course she showed him the pic. Hopefully it’s nobody I know all that well…