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    "The research was conducted by the deVere Group, a leading financial advisory, asset management and fintech organizations, and it surveyed more than 750 clients under the age of 42 using the deVere Crypto app" (source)

    ok so they surveyed people that are already into crypto, meaning the whole thing is literally bogus


    A better headline would be: "Less than half of people actively invested in crypto would prefer part of their paycheck be in crypto."






    thats plectronoceras its the first 100% definite cephalopod in the fossil record, wizard friend :)


    this website is a hivemind but gotdamn it sure is a squizard


    pondering the orb (wiwaxia) ...


    500 million years ago, in the closing of the first dawn, there was a wizard.

    He was the most powerful and intelligent wizard in the land. All those who challenged him had remained defeated. For his love he drew power and soon they were to meet.

    On his journey to his love he came upon a creature. In this new age of complexities and otherworldly creativity, this animal had remained round and simple. As though it was an elder from age of dreaming, when forces of time and life had yet made their mark on the world. The wizard could not help but believe that through this animal, those ancient forces could listen to him. And so, with his silent might, he made a wish. "Make my lineage plentiful, cunning and beautiful. In return my kin will forever be in your servitude."

    The wizard was only partially correct. Though this animal could not hear the wizard, the forces of life and time were listening. They spoke in a slow tongue over a near eternity. "You have done well wizard, we will grant your wish. But your kind will not just be in servitude to us. Your kin will be beautiful, so as to attract the starving. Your kin will be plentiful so as to feed that hunger. Your kin will be intelligent and be able to speak in many colours. But never will they speak to their own children and see them in their splendour. Your children are cursed, but strong will they be in number, apprehension and attraction. Until I say the 'The end', so they shall be."

    But the wizard with his might and endless will could not hear the powers that flow through him.

    And so, he pondered the orb.



    (ʘ‿ʘ✿) “what you say ‘bout me”

    (ʘ‿ʘ)ノ✿ “hold my flower”


    ✿\(。-_-。) “Kick his ass, baby.  I got yo flower.”


    i found it

    the original post

    i found it


    this should have the opportunity to be on everyone’s blog. 


    *tour guide voice*

    and here on the left ladies and gentlemen, you see one of the posts before everyone went batshit crazy


    Everyone here is dead.