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2021-02-25 10:18:31

    Oh no, this might be the final straw for me. Tumblrโ€™s โ€œshiny new post editorโ€ which is currently in beta, makes posting via a web browser emulate that of posting via the App. That is the photo post becomes a diminished thumbnail of about 500x750 pixels posted within a Text post. So you can load a high resolution photo of 2048x3072, but the post will show up as a 500x750 pixel thumbnail. You wonโ€™t be able to click on to expand it.

    If you care about picture quality, I urge you to give tumblr your feedback to dissuade them from releasing this.

    Hereโ€™s what I sent:

    Hi support - this is in regards to the ย new post editor that is currently in beta.

    Sorry, but this is a retrograde step. I have purposely always posted using a web browser because posting via the App makes posting a photo effectively a thumbnail image in a Text post. ie you can load a photo of up to 2048x3072 - but you would be able to see this resolution by clicking on the post and clicking again. This new post editor is emulating that App behaviour. ย 

    Adopting this new post editor will be the end of sharing decent high quality images - instead weโ€™ll be sharing diminished thumbnails of about 500x750 pixels.