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    My hypothesis is that in like 10 years gen z is gonna have a big cult boom the way the boomers did in the 70s


    It’s already happening on tik tok. There’s a fun new thing going round that’s citing common symptoms of depression and anxiety as signs you’re about to have your awakening and that you are actually an alien and the reason you don’t feel right is because you’re home sick for your own galaxy. So that’s fun.


    agreed, and i don’t mean this in a “haha gen z is so dumb they’re gonna join a tiktok cult lmao” i mean that conditions are perfect for the formation of cults right now.

  • high unemployment and a lot of underpaying, pointless jobs = people are looking for things to do with their life, a purpose
  • skyrocketing cost of living = most young people will not be able to live on their own, meaning some will end up in a group living situation with people interested in recruiting them
  • it’s a time of great cultural and political upheaval, nothing feels real, people are desperate for meaning and human connection. cults promise that
  • there is a new wave of acceptance and understanding for ways of life outside the norm, which is great! …except for when cult leaders tell you abusive and controlling practices are just their culture, their religion, their lifestyle, their beliefs, their tradition, and if you disrespect it you are the problem
  • social media influencers have already shown us how easy it is to build a cult of personality and attract people from anywhere in the world who are interested in the exact brand you are selling
  • spirtuality is having a boom, as are things like astrology, crystals, tarot, meditation, energy… those things aren’t bad on their own but they are often used as tools of cult spaces
  • wellness. i think a lot of people are already in wellness cults. you can make people do a lot of things in the name of “wellness” and a big factor of maintaining a cult is keeping members in a state of decreased cognition….. like say, with regular fasting
  • i think people are just unaware in general of how cults function, especially because the satanic panic was a big stupid false alarm that convinced the youths that dungeons and dragons or doom were gateways to cults, which are scary evil child murdering, satan-worshipping gangs. people don’t know how to spot them in real life.
  • (Actors AU I guess ?) The things you can see on the set of the SMP are :

    Techno and Dream talking during Techno's makeup, because they're good friend and they know it doesn't bother the staff. Plus Techno face paint takes hours and he has to put on contacts, he deserves some slack.

    Fundy somehow always finding a way to do something that shouldn't be possible. He was once found T-posing in the air thanks to those things that help making people fly and are cut off in post prod. Ranboo has joined him and they're impossible to stop now.

    Tubbo and Tommy being clingy as fuck. Tommy claims it's Tubbo but as soon as the camera stopped recording the scene where Tubbo thinks Tommy is Dead, Tommy lunched himself at Tubbo and refused to let him go for at least half an hour.

    Dream and Tommy talking to each other and being friends after the scenes at Logestire. Because they find it important to remind each other they're still friends, have a lot of respect and affection for each other and like each other company.

    George sleeping on set, almost always next to Sapnap or Dream. Once it was next to Quackity and Dream acted like a jealous boyfriend after that. It's still going and Quackity finds it funny, so he just spend time with George because he likes the guy /p and because it makes Dream angry.

    Wilbur creating cursed lore on the spot is a game of "What bullshit will be accepted today ?" For him. So far, he's still proud that nobody told anything about Phil's wife being a Samsung Smart Fridge. (Well, Momza was "angry" but it was funny)

    Eret is always with the sunglasses on and there's pictures of her on the internet where she's taller than Ranboo because of the heels she was wearing at that time. He tries to make the costume department accept his idea of King Eret costume having big ass heels because he has no problem walking in it, but they still refuse for now.

    Momza is just part of the staff without being one and her and Phil just adopted everyone on set without asking them. Techno still claims it never happened but everyone see through the lies.

    The day where Phil, Fundy and Eret where meant to film the adoption scene, nobody told Eret it was that day and they couldn't come for personal reasons. Fundy still jokes about it to make a little fun of her.

    Ghostbur's makeup is one of the longest, especially with horns. Schlatt sometimes comes to visit after his death and once Wilbur was wearing the horns, he just yelled about how Wil stole his look.

    Sam helps a lot, because he himself worked as staff on productions before and is loved by absolutely everyone.

    Bad and Skeppy are that "old married couple" that everyone jokes about. There's bet on how many times they'll bicker today each day. Vurb and Spifey are not even on the SMP but they win each fucking time. How.

    Drista just comes here to cause chaos here. When Dream tried to restrain her once, she used Tommy's advice and attacked him with a fork. The two are feared by everyone.

    They were so many jokes about dating on the set, nobody knows who's with who anymore. It's just.... Too confusing.

    Feel free to react in tags please I crave interactions and reactions to what I imagine