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    heads up!


    Never ever say yes before you identify who is on the other line. Some phrases you can use

  • Hello
  • This is xyz
  • I am here
  • How are you
  • Who is this
  • What’s up
  • How can I help you
  • What god do you serve
  • Who is your master
  • Speak now or forever hold your peace
  • What do you want
  • You have reached a life model decoy of [your name] please leave a message. And if its urgent, leave it urgently. Beep. Then hang up
  • What’s bracken bro, how you livin
  • My names Chelsea, what’s your favorite dinner food
  • You have reached Mistress Elena’s Dungenous Deeds how may I be of pleasure to you today
  • To talk to a customer, please press one
  • I’m gay
  • Just start singing
  • Try to sell them something. That will throw them for a loop
  • Pretend the line is breaking up by making static sounds with your mouth
  • Speak
  • State your purpose
  • What you want, baby I got it. What you need? You know I’m askin
  • Error 404 phone set to self destruct in 5… 4… 3…
  • *Liam Neeson voice* Whoever you are, I will find you and I will kill you
  • Answer with a lewd moan
  • Answer crying
  • I have done all of these.

    Endless list of favourite K/S scenes in TOS

    And The Children Shall Lead

    One of my favourite episodes when it comes to K/S is“And the Children shall lead”, S3E4. The episode is pretty famous because of the turbolift scene above, which is something we really need to talk about. 

    KIRK: I’m losing command. I’m losing the Enterprise. The ship is sailing on and on. I’m alone. Alone. Alone. I’m losing command. SPOCK: Captain. KIRK: I’ve lost command. I’ve lost the Enterprise. SPOCK: Jim. KIRK: I’ve got command. I’ve got command. I’ve got command. SPOCK: Correct, Captain.

    The most heartbreaking thing here is probably that Jim believes he’d be alone in the universe as soon as he loses his command, which tells us a lot about his character development throughout the series. When people flirt with him he usually shuts them down with the knockout argument that the Enterprise is his only mistress. And it’s true that he lacks a social life because of his demanding post. 

    But it’s quite telling that he thinks no one will stand by his side as soon as he loses his title or his ship. 

    ENTER Spock. 

    Spock who recognized Jim’s rapidly approaching panic-attack and pulled him into the privacy of the turbolift in the first place. 

    Spock, who tries again and again to pull Jim back, to calm him down. He calls him captain over and over to remind Jim that the panic-attack is unfounded, that the aliens on the ship induce them in everyone except Spock himself (the lucky Vulcan). But Jim continues to panic, Spock seems unable to reach him in this state.

    And than Spock calls him “Jim”, something he usually only does when he is emotionally compromised or feels especially affectionate towards Jim. And it works like a charm. 

    Being reminded that Spock is more than his first officer, that Spock is his friend is what pulls Jim finally out of his state of panic. Because, as it is evident in Star Trek III later, Jim loves his ship and his command, but more than that he values Spock in whatever capacity one chooses to interpret their relationship. And he knows he is not alone as long as Spock stands by his side. For all his ship and his job can give him they can do nothing to take away his greatest fear: dying alone

    But Spock is there with him and he can.

    And there’s even more in this episode worthy of addressing. Because after they left the turbolift and tried to fix engineering there is this little scene that wouldn’t be remarkable (apart from Spock voluntarily touching Jim to reassure him) if it weren’t for the lighting. Directing a TV-show is a very delicate affair, especially when the budget is as limited as it was in TOS. So to get great effect one has to use whatever is at hand. In this case: the lighting of the scene. I absolutely refuse to believe that the shadows of Jim and Spock move the way they do by happenstance. 


    There is a connection between our two heroes that is in it’s very essence something hidden, something subtle. Something one needs to take a closer look at to see. Shadows have ever since been used as tools to show hidden agendas, desires (there are quite a few disney moves that come to mind, just as an example) and, yes, also feelings. 

    This episode is in the third season, Jim and Spock already survived Spock’s pon farr, they traveled back in time together, they were both accused of mutiny and treason, they risked their lives countless times for each other up to the point of endangering the entire crew for each other and they made it this far.

     Bones already spoke with Jim about his “affection for Spock” (Operation Annihilate) and the good doctor witnessed Spock basically admitting a “genuine, warm, decent feeling” (Bread and Circuses) for their captain. And now THIS^ happens and I’m supposed to believe that it’s an accident? I don’t think so.


    I cant sleep so I'm gonna ramble about crap that doesnt matter....

    I'm taking a psychology class because I took one last semester and I needed to do something with my life and I found the concepts were pretty intuitive to me and I liked this particular teacher. Dont know if I'm gonna want to do anything with these classes or if there just gonna be there in my records as grades and that's it. But anyway.

    There's a lot of..... talk. That bothers me. From the other students when we're discussing stuff, about "faking/attention seeking/using disorders/diagnoses as an excuse." And I know WHY it bothers me but I cant think of how to Express it without sounding like I'm whining? Maybe I'm just projecting here because that's always been the thing with me. My headaches? Making them up to get out of class. Depression? Just need to get out there and I'll feel better. Anxiety? Just DO it, I'll see it's not so bad. Problems focusing? Well no one wants to do boring stuff. Not to mention the insistence that anyone who isnt cis and/or het just wants to feel special right?

    So... I get used to shutting up about my issues sometimes to the point where I can't even tell my therapist shit sometimes, because god forbid I sound like I'm making something up for attention, or making excuses cause I'm sorry I'd rather NOT have a panic attack trying to buy food again or kill myself in a car accident.

    I just... I dunno. You can tell it's from the kids who think they know everything and therefore could solve Everything if everyone just did things their way (also the "everything is over diagnosed and over medicated" crowd 🙄) it's just... I want to say something when that shit comes up but not like I really have a coherent thought and even if I could I can't even answer roll call without my voice fuckin failing on me so. There's that.


    First of all, I’m very sorry you have to deal with a situation like this.  It is astoundingly difficult to manage without wanting to tear your hair out.  I can relate.

    Second, if I may offer some humble advice, that you are completely welcome to disregard and ignore: seeing as how this is a philosophy class, intended to make people think, I suggest the next time it happens to point out that it’s easy to sit in judgment and offer ways to solve everything from a vacuum (ie, the classroom), but that has little functional application in the real world.  And that their position comes from a perspective of privilege.  Anyone who feels like they can solve all the world’s problems has never had to suffer any of them.  Privileged people don’t know what it is to be marginalized, to have half their brain tied behind their back, to struggle.  And to live with that, day in and day out.  Their opinions on these issues are colored by their lack of firsthand experience, since all opinion is based upon personal bias, either way it exists.

    And yes, I understand fully that doing this is terrifying, and puts you in a position to be looked at and scrutinized with ‘well what do you know about it?’, but that can be countered with ‘my experience is not the topic at hand’ if you are not comfortable with telling strangers your life story, which is a nicer way to say ‘none of your damn business’.  You don’t owe it to them, you’re just trying to make them think deeper about perspectives that are not their own.  It’s akin to the answer to ‘why be kind’ being ‘why wouldn’t I be?’.

    I make no guarantee that it will work, that it will get through thick skulls pre-determined that their way is the best way.  Generally speaking, people who think they have all the answers have precisely none, but will refuse to accept that because that means they aren’t ‘worth’ anything, they aren’t contributing anything.  And they will consistently bolster each other up as long as no one points out that they’re full of bullshit and don’t know anything about things they don’t experience.

    And yeah, you wrote this when you were tired and feeling incoherent, and might not even feel the same way in the light of day, but I wanted you to know that you’re not alone in this frustration, it does matter and that you are valid.


    I love when apparently Deep questions turn out to have clear empirical answers.




    I always liked the Pratchett take on the tree one:

    One of the recurring philosophical questions is: ‘Does a falling tree in the forest make a sound when there is no one to hear?’ Which says something about the nature of philosophers , because there is always someone in a forest. It may only be a badger, wondering what that cracking noise was, or a squirrel a bit puzzled by all the scenery going upwards, but someone.


    I feel like there are certain “Earthisms” you can get away with in sci-fi and fantasy because you’re a Terran writing a story in a Terran language to be read by other Terrans……. but other things seem disconcertingly specific and out of place because they imply some very specific cultural history. 


    Just put in the “Lord of the Rings” translation clause and you’re good to go


    yeah but like

    even if “menu” is an English translation of a word from a Middle Earth language

    where are Uruk-hai encountering situations where they get to choose what food to order from a list of options?


    Presumably the entire phrase “back on the menu” is an inexact translation of another phrase indicating the return of plenty, but which would be awkward in English. To say that meat is “back in season” would sound odd to us, because we think of seasonality as referring only to plants with specific harvest periods. However, for the Uruk-hai, whose meat consumption depends on the tides of war, which often pause in winter in pre-industrial societies, the pithy phrase communicates their situation quite well. Indeed, the untranslated phrase may even be one used more widely in Middle Earth referring to game migration patterns, the well-fattened period of animals preparing to enter winter fasts or hibernation, or other vicissitudes of availability.


    Ok like I’m here for the whole “if it doesn’t make you happy, don’t do it” movement but like, be smart, yeah? Don’t just quit your job out of the blue, even if it is soul sucking, get another job first. Don’t just kick your roommate out because you aren’t getting along, talk to them first. And don’t say absolutely everything that pops into your mind, because discretion will save your ass on occasion. I’m not saying you can’t live authentically, but be smart.


    And while we’re at it, rudeness and honesty are not the same thing. “I’m just being honest” is not an excuse to be nasty to someone for no reason, and “that’s just how I am” is not an excuse not to change your behavior.